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    • Yes very god use bot discord control MBR via discord commands image bot
    • Telegram Problem Hello in fact I want to use Telegram I seized the Token but I do not get anything on my phone     http://prntscr.com/ntcr81
    • Not nonsense!   SC has several anti-bot detection methods.   1) Have routines inside the app that looks for known bot signatures. You gave the permission to look at your device files when you installed the app.  They always search for known bots running on device during start up.  The app also records suspicious activities involving rooted devices, and any changes to the app program files themselves.  If any bot is detected, or app is constantly manipulating CoC files, the server is notified.  If they only detect suspicious activity, app trips a flag inside routine data request messages sent during game play.  There have been documented events back when anti-bot started where SC updated the game app to include a bot scanner collecting data on all users game play devices for short time.  Then they  removed the scanner with next bug patch claiming to fix performance issues.  These temporary full scan bot detectors usually happen right after SC announces a new enforcement action on bot use.   2) SC has server side programs that monitor data from the app, and these are reviewed by anti-bot security staff.  A rooted device flag means nothing, but constantly changed encoded game files means you have a program manipulating the game, and they might take action.  There are many rumors and theories about how much data SC uses in this analysis, and if/when/why they take action against users.    3) While SC can't afford to store all game play data, and only keeps limited number detail of war/farming attacks; they do keep server communication log files for much longer.  Rumored they can usually go back and review 30+ days of data sent between server and user.  They have programs that can review this data and detect bot like patterns (same troop click locations, playing 24/7 forever, accounts shared by users in different countries, etc).  This process is very expensive from server resources cost stand point (SC leases servers from folks like AWS), and are only run when user is suspected of bot like behavior by security folks.    It would be my guess/assumption that SC is spending the extra money to analyze all the available data for any clan participating in the global events?   While the above is 2nd hand information,  it is based on discussions with people who worked for SC and it's affiliates back when anti-cheat enforcement was in CoC news every week almost 2 years ago.   SC can find every bot user in world (even MBR) if they choose to spend the money, Bot at your own peril.  
    • That's like pro players trying to install aimbot on his pc and asking will I get caught? Of course ...   But, if someone is smart enough and good enough to qualify for ESL, I just don't see the person being stupid enough to take his previously used bot account to Poland.   And again , you never know, there is weird people out there 
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