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  1. Close game to finish attacks faster

    Not everyone boost or using barch... Maybe mod as an option, but I don’t see it happening in official version.
  2. Close game to finish attacks faster

    And then when you get back to the village, the bot still has to wait for army to train or heroes to heal, so how does that make it faster farm? The extra minute is not gonna make any difference ...
  3. 7.5.3 False Auto Detect of Paid Bot

    Post a picture of the message here, thank you.
  4. [Solved]Microsoft visual c++ error

    You’re welcome … I will mark this topic solved ... Have a fun.
  5. [Solved]Microsoft visual c++ error

    Please try this installer: https://mega.nz/#!GAUnCK6B!sMHmZF-x9bsX6zpU7D37Qp6EFpUWZuOaAe7R6b0tO9I Let me know. Thank you.
  6. Aio++ Mod

    Ask in AIO topic please. This section is for official version only ... Thank you
  7. Taskbar issue

    That's not called programmer, it's called retard. Just remember , if you have problem with it, go to the topic. No official support will be provided. Since your problem has been fixed by using mod, I will lock this topic. Thank you.
  8. 7.5.3 - Laboratory location not found

    Hello there ... have you tried clicking cancel and then relocate it manually ?? thank you.
  9. Taskbar issue

    I think you missing the point. If you don't force them to move the taskbar, the bot won't work properly ... So, moving the taskbar is not an option, it's requirement ….
  10. AIO Vesrion Help

    This is official support sir. Please ask in aio topic. Thank you.
  11. Taskbar issue

    That's correct sir, the detection wasn't there before, but that's why so many people was having a problem with the bot. So, the developers added to warn you, hey your screen is too small, move the taskbar. It's there to help, not to be annoying ….
  12. Taskbar issue

    It's not all users sir, many of us is running the bot without any problems. Taskbar was the main reason why 95% of the community cannot run the bot properly …. It's nothing to with developers or the bot, your screen is too small and you will have nothing but problems. We help a lot of users on discord via TeamViewer and every time when we log on to their pc, it's taskbar issue. There is a screen requirement to use this bot. If you don't want to move the taskbar, please get a better pc/monitor with higher resolution. Thank you.
  13. Ask in AIO topic please ... thank you.
  14. Wizards not found when attacking

    You never know who is behind the name, so try not to be so disrespectful because he actually spared some free time and trying to help you …. And on the other note, no you are not doing what he is telling you … Stop for a sec, take a deep breath and look at the picture he posted and then look at your picture. I took a quick look and noticed instantly that you are not doing what he is telling you to do ... Chill, it's just a bot ….
  15. bug bot 5.2

    read this before reporting please.