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  1. Hecki

    Bot problem

    I removed the picture. Never post any village/clan information publicly ... The bot is looking for Leapdroid and your emulator is Bluestacks. Fix 1 Close everything, goto mybot directory and delete Profile folder Re-open the bot and new profile will be created for you Fix 2 Open config.ini inside of your Profile folder (probably MyVillage) Line 19 should be emulator=LeapDroid. Change that to emulator=Bluestacks2 Line 25 should be instance=vm1. Change that to instance=Android Have a fun!
  2. Hecki


    I said it before and I'll say it again, if SC want's to ban the bot users they can. The bot clicks on the exact same pixel every single time, 24/7 .. There is no human on planet earth that can do that over and over. I'm not gonna give out more ideas in public specially not for SC to collect, but there is hundred other things the bot does over and over and it's humanly impossible. Again, if they want to track this things, they can .. This software is already against SC TOS. The best you can do is to be smart about it. Stay away from them donate and leave mods or chat mods that keep posting the same thing in chat over and over again. Stop the bot sometime and attack manually. Take a day off. But, no matter what, the first time when you load the bot you have raised the red flag. We will never tell you 'The Bot Is Safe' ... Use it at your own risk ...
  3. Hecki


    The CSV you posted had 9 views and 9 reports … When something around here is reported 9 times in 9 minutes, that's a red flag. One thing we don't like to do around here is to steal other people work. If you edit CSV that belongs to someone else, there is a couple of things to follow. 1. Ask the member for permission 2. Give the member credit when creating a topic … If the member is banned/no longer around , at least give him/her a credit line …..
  4. Hecki


    Hello there .. I did a quick research and I will dig little bit more later today, but did you share something without author permission or anything like that? Maybe CSV or Mod?
  5. Hecki

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    Moved to archive. @Txmazing If you decide to continue with the project, let us know and we will move the topic back ..
  6. This question has been answered at least 1k times in the last 5 years, so we can give you any answer we want since nobody wants to use the search option. There is only two reasons the message would come up, 1. user is really out of hdd space and 2. user is dummy and opened the exe directly from zip without extracting/unzipping ... So,
  7. There is more thing to adjust / disable , but I cannot remember it for the life of me. i will tag @cosote , he is the master when comes to missing emulator graphics
  8. Registry, Sir ... https://www.wikihow.com/Increase-RAM-in-BlueStacks
  9. This usually happens due to outdated drivers or not enough memory. I would say for the start, give the emulator little bit more of memory juice, but don't go too crazy ... I was having the issue before if I give the emulator too much. Start with 768 and keep adjusting from there until you see the issue go away ...
  10. VPN or VPS? You got me confused there ... Connection lost 10 times a day for VPS is normal thing. There is nothing we can do about it. I have my own server running on 10GB connection and i get them more than 10 times a day. Has nothing to do with the connection speed. As far as the OpenTrainTab, looks like your graphic drivers are crap because you are missing lots of buttons there. The train button looks alright, but evrything else is not normal, so I'm sure it has something to do with that. I use Win Server 2012 R2 with BS 2.5.43 and the latest bot , 24/7 run without a single problem.
  11. Like we didn't try that already .. The emulator is probably number 1 on the worst emulator list. Let it run for a couple of hours, your CPU will start screaming. There is at least 10 more emulators available for use and the developers have tried every single one of them. If you don't see mybot support for it, it's because the devs don't like them due to 'most likely' poor performance ...
  12. Now you need to get the heck out of the clan asap. why would you post clan tag publicly? Asking for ban? I edited your first post ... Don’t post clan / name tags ..
  13. Hecki

    RocketChat group

    Rocket Chat has emotes also .. Even better because we can add our own custom emotes .. Rocket Chat has roles Rocket Chat has voice, video channels and many more other options that discord does not even have .. Rocket Chat has ability to let users create their own servers, channels, bots Overall, if you worked with both of them, you will know that Rocket Chat is 10 times better than discord. People got used to discord , but there is always better out there .. On top of that, all rocket chat mobile & desktop apps are completely open source and available to anyone. You can download them and make them the way you like. Pretty much, you can create your own app and publish it if you like.
  14. Hecki

    Bot stuck at Waiting for Main screen

    We only support the latest version. Please install 7.7.5 ... Create new topic if issues continues ..
  15. Funny how he thinks admin updates the mods ... Enough said right there lol ..