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  1. We tried to merge the logins (to login with forum username), but that didn't work well. So, you have to register separate/new name for the chat (for now).
  2. The top person was the first to request, maybe that's why the top person receives the donations first. Please tell me this was a joke question? Also wrong section, moved ....
  3. maybe here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/30238-mybot-v776-release-working-with-april-2019-update
  4. It has come to our attention that some shared files on the forum contain virus. I have personally checked a couple of them and files are extremely suspicious. Do not download everything you see unless the file is posted by someone 'trusted'. We cannot check every single file, so download it at your own risk. We know the forum is busy after the latest update, everyone is trying to get some kind of workarounds, but be careful. If you see anything suspicious, you can help us by reporting the post/topic. Thank you.
  5. Removed tag. Don’t post your name tag publicly.
  6. Did you use nox before and saved the profile? First thing first, I don't think the latest bluestacks is supported yet. Check COCBot\functions\Android\Android Status & Information.txt You can manually edit the config.ini file and change emulator=Nox to emulator=Bluestacks2 (yes, you still use 2 even if you're using version 4).. Also change instance=Nox to instance=Android ...
  7. We don’t know anything about mods here. So, please ask in mod topic:
  8. https://www.memuplay.com/blog/2016/03/01/how-to-solve-start-failure/ check the 99% section and see if that helps. I don’t know what did you upgrade on your pc, but reinstalling memu should help.
  9. https://www.mbrchat.com/channel/announcements
  10. Internal error as we posted in MBR Chat and Here
  11. I use MEmu 3.6.9 on Win 7 PC almost older than me ... As long as you optimize your pc and disable all crap you don’t really need, anything will run properly.
  12. Because you changed from BS to MEmu and using the same profiles. You can manually edit the config.ini and change emulator & instance to MEmu or create a new profiles.
  13. Like what does not work? I’m using 3.6.9 myself and running the bot 24/7. No issues at all.
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