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  1. The following topic information is provided by the Developer team. They will answer some of the community important emulator questions. Why so many emulator issues lately? The latest MEmu versions doesn't accept _controlclicks/PostMessage/SendMessage without active window! Last 7.1 Android on Emulators is consuming more resources The renders mode [DirectX / OpenGL] are a problem, the emulators are changing a lot because necessity of last android games compatibility. And April/June MS update fixed the render detection [yes since last Oct 2017 the Win10 had an issue on renders] The android version , now we can have 4 android versions, 4.2 , 4.4 , 5.1.1 and 7.1 and ' Roboto was significantly redesigned for Android 5.0 "Lollipop" ' can be a problem for messages detection? The most significant changes are seen in the glyphs are: B (shrinking), R, P, a (expanding space), D, O, C, Q, e, g (curving), k, and numbers: 1, 5, 6, 7, and 9 Cosote in the past made some variations for this font issue , but is not only font is the coordinate! What ADB are we using inside our windows , yes , we can run MEmu but using Bluestacks adb if is installed!! Emulator part needs more time to test , Android version , Renders , stability and window handles etc Our opinion is: it's waste of time supporting all emulators and all versions, check the paid bot's and you will see the 'environment'! and they are paid bots! My Selection by experience on my minipc[Z8350] / desktop[AMD] and Laptop[i7] : Bluestacks - Last version is working 4.3.28 [android 7.1] , but my selection is 2.5.43.xx [BS2] and 2.56.75 [BS3] Nox - last version is very stable the default android version is 4.4.2 , maybe why is so stable with Clash of Clans MEmu - 5.2.3 working great with android 4.4.2 Guide for MEmu installation : LINK MEGA Android versions! definitely the bot will not get the message : Android 7.1 : Android 4.4.2 : Full credit for this topic goes to the MyBot Dev Team!
  2. plz help ^_^

    Removed your first picture ... Please hide the village/clan name when posting pictures ...
  3. Clash GameBot ... That’s how MyBot was called before and kimmo88 has been here forever, so he is stuck in past with the name
  4. Hello there. Have you try pulling shared_prefs and enabling PB option in settings?
  5. [Resolved] Bot is completely unstable for me

    Nice, you can never complain about that, there is a reason why I have the signature text I will mark this topic resolved, if you have any other issues, feel free to create another one. Clash On!
  6. [Resolved] Bot is completely unstable for me

    Sounds like the settings are not the only problem you have. With zero information about your setup, I can only recommend to get teamviewer or anydesk and have someone experienced help you out. Check out the discord support channel, someone is always there to help.
  7. Profiles

    The last time new profile was required was over a year ago and the last 7.6 version due to siege machines and new troops. You can use 7.6 profiles for 7.6.1 without any problems and probably won't need any new profiles until something new gets added to the game by SC. Yes, it's probably possible to do that with some extreme work, but devs do not have that kind of time. I'm sure we can help them by re-doing our profiles every a couple of years.
  8. DEBUG - Switch account issue

    If bot cannot read the message correctly , sounds like you did not apply the font properly. If you did, the bot would actually read village need break instead of unable to read. Also, you have to make sure the PB option is enabled in bot settings. But, I will check the log when I get back to my pc. You should use pastebin instead of mega.
  9. deleting win10 win defender

    There is a way, but honestly I won't recommend that. If defender is bothering you with bot files or messing around with anything else, I would create a whitelist folder and defender will leave it alone instead of completely disabling or removing the app. You can create a folder on the desktop and call it anything "LeaveMeAlone" for example and add it to defenders exclusions, whatever you save to the folder, defender will ignore it. Follow this steps: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-defender-antivirus
  10. My Bot will Always use Nox

    Because you changed the emulator and you're using same profiles ... You have two options, delete the profile folder and start over again or open Config.ini (inside of the profile folder) and change emulator=Nox to emulator=Bluestacks If you're using BS 1, you should change it to emulator=Bluestacks, if the version you're currently using is BS2+, you should change it emulator=Bluestacks2. Also, you have to change the instance=Nox to instance=Android. If you don't know how to do any of that, use this tool: https://hecki.app/MCE.zip Have a fun.
  11. I need help with BOT errors

    Clean your village sir, remove obstacles ...
  12. Need Of Guidance PLZ

    Pozdrav We need some of your pc specs in order to recommend the emulator ... If you can install and run MEmu 3.6.9, that would be all you need ... Clash On!
  13. Because it's not ready yet and there is no ETA ...
  14. [Fixed in 7.5.4] Tiny bug while TH upgrading

    Fixed in 7.5.4 ... Thank you.