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  1. Hecki

    Lagging bs

    Because you have to use rdp over rdp. search the forums, there is a step by step guide how to do that.
  2. Because MyBot doesn’t support latest BS. Use recommended version. Everything you need is available on the forum, all you have to do is “read”. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/94-emulator-discussion-support/
  3. Hecki

    You are a Winner (What the hell)

    Sound like the defender, av deleted something ... Check all files and white list your bot directory ...
  4. Hecki

    Delete the force is slow

    A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
  5. Hecki

    unsupported any emulator

    And what versions you trying to use sir? MyBot does not support the latest emulators ..
  6. Hecki

    Botting server

    Check the 'How-To' forum section ... There is a couple dedicated VPS topics ..
  7. Hecki

    Army no ready ...why ?

    Logs? More Info? heroes ready? spells ready? CC ready?
  8. I think the message is clear ... Downgrade your BS ...
  9. Hecki

    Cannot open Army Overview window ?

    Clearly says BS 0.9 is not recommended ...
  10. Hecki

    Mods & Safety

    You asked the question, we answered the question. All of us around here have life, real jobs, families and very small amount of free time. We dedicade the free time to do whatever needs to be done around here for nothing in return. If you would like to dedicade few hours of your free time to test the codes every time when someone releases a mod, contact me via PM.
  11. Hecki

    Mods & Safety

    Because we trust our community and most moders have been around here for a long time. The main reason we don’t have to check is because of open source. Take a look yourself. The official dll’s are closed, but all calls to dll are open and you can see what is calling. If there is something weird going on with mods, someone would report it by now. Use it or don’t, simple as that ..
  12. Hecki

    Mods & Safety

    Mods are safe, but not controlled by MyBot developers or anyone else except the moder. Official developers do not know what was done/changed/added/removed in any mods.
  13. Hecki

    Another device is connecting configuration

    You can adjust the “2 minute” timer in settings ... To stop the bot completely , you can use telegram ..
  14. There is no *best* version. All depends what your PC handles the best. Version 3.6.9 is the most trusted version, but anything up to recommended works just fine.