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  1. Hecki


    MBR Chat does not have a single banned user , but we do have a couple protections for SQL Injection, Mass Requests, Proxy etc. If you attempt to do any of that, you will most likely get banned by the server. Please provide your username and someone will check the status.
  2. Hecki

    VPS problems

    Shared_prefs is needed after PB so the bot can log you back in, otherwise you will get stuck on the login screen and the bot won't know what to do. As far as your lag, I don't know what is that all about, but remember: you are connecting remotely to the VPS and the screen may be lagging for you, but on the server side is just fine. Run it and see what happens
  3. Hecki

    VPS problems

    The topic you found is the correct one, but you only have to do it for one account since you're not switching. You don't have to worry about CPU-virtualization in VPS and you don't have access to that anyway.
  4. Hecki

    VPS problems

    Yes, the solution is shared_prefs, and correct, I recommend 2.5.43 ..
  5. Hecki

    VPS problems

    BS 2.6 is actually BS3, so I don't even know how you running that on VPS, unless you have one with GPU. If the game is lagging, it does not matter how many cores or memory you have. Usually if the emulator/game is lagging it's due to outdated drivers.
  6. Hecki

    VPS problems

    It does not matter if your accounts are google or SC, shared_prefs will handle it ... If the game is laggy, sounds like you need a better VPS ...
  7. Hecki

    VPS problems

    Use shared_prefs instead ...
  8. Hecki

    Mybot 7.6.6. cannot LogIn Supercell ID.

    Pull shared prefs again after language change.
  9. Hecki


    First off , we do not tolerate that kind of language / attitude around here. And 2nd, i do not know if this is a bug or not, but as long as you keep creating bug topics with zero required information, the issue will never get fixed. Next time read before posting:
  10. Hecki

    anyone know when zoom out will be fixed??

    Next version .. (no eta)
  11. Hecki

    Lagging bs

    Because you have to use rdp over rdp. search the forums, there is a step by step guide how to do that.
  12. The following topic information is provided by the Developer team. They will answer some of the community important emulator questions. Why so many emulator issues lately? The latest MEmu versions doesn't accept _controlclicks/PostMessage/SendMessage without active window! Last 7.1 Android on Emulators is consuming more resources The renders mode [DirectX / OpenGL] are a problem, the emulators are changing a lot because necessity of last android games compatibility. And April/June MS update fixed the render detection [yes since last Oct 2017 the Win10 had an issue on renders] The android version , now we can have 4 android versions, 4.2 , 4.4 , 5.1.1 and 7.1 and ' Roboto was significantly redesigned for Android 5.0 "Lollipop" ' can be a problem for messages detection? The most significant changes are seen in the glyphs are: B (shrinking), R, P, a (expanding space), D, O, C, Q, e, g (curving), k, and numbers: 1, 5, 6, 7, and 9 Cosote in the past made some variations for this font issue , but is not only font is the coordinate! What ADB are we using inside our windows , yes , we can run MEmu but using Bluestacks adb if is installed!! Emulator part needs more time to test , Android version , Renders , stability and window handles etc Our opinion is: it's waste of time supporting all emulators and all versions, check the paid bot's and you will see the 'environment'! and they are paid bots! My Selection by experience on my minipc[Z8350] / desktop[AMD] and Laptop[i7] : Bluestacks - Last version is working 4.3.28 [android 7.1] , but my selection is 2.5.43.xx [BS2] and 2.56.75 [BS3] Nox - last version is very stable the default android version is 4.4.2 , maybe why is so stable with Clash of Clans MEmu - 5.2.3 working great with android 4.4.2 Guide for MEmu installation : LINK MEGA Android versions! definitely the bot will not get the message : Android 7.1 : Android 4.4.2 : Full credit for this topic goes to the MyBot Dev Team!
  13. MyBot Version: 7.4+ Feature Overview Account switch has been around MyBot Community for quite some time now and many users are familiar with it. Below is a list of new option added to account switch for better performance: Account Groups A more detailed explanation and FAQ about account groups is included below.. Account Groups What is account groups and why is needed? Note: The original account switch was limited to only 8 accounts. With account groups, you can achieve the following: Account groups allows you to run up to 64 accounts Each group can have 8 accounts There is a total of 8 groups The picture below is example of account groups setup. To have the exact same setup, you must have the following: You must have 24 google accounts added to emulator You must create profile for every account (in this case, 24 profiles) The account list must be in the same order as the profiles You must have 3 emulator/bot instances ready to use If everything is ready, let's start with the setup: The first 8 accounts/profiles you will create in Account Group 1 Create another 8 profiles (from 9 to 16) and add them to Account Group 2 Finish the process with creating the last 8 profiles (17 to 24) and add them to Account Group 3 Last but not least, for your 1st bot instance select the Group 1, 2nd Instance Group 2 and 3rd the Group 3 Start your instances and at this point, you should have 3 instances running 24 accounts The picture above is showing following process: Instance 1 is using Group 1 with first 8 accounts Instance 2 is using Group 2 with accounts 9 to 16 Instance 3 is using Group 3 with accounts 17 to 25 Example: MEmu_1 will use Group 1, MEmu_2 will use Group 2 and MEmu_3 will use Group 3 Account Groups FAQ Do I have to activate all groups in order to use the bot? No. You only need one group You can have 2 or up to 8 accounts in one instance Can I run multiple groups with one instance? No. You can create multiple groups in any bot instance, but you can only run one at the same time For example: You can use group 1 for X hours and switch manually to group 2 for the next X hours Remember: MyBot does not automatically switches the group, manual switch is required Can I manually create more groups? No. MyBot is designed to work with 8 groups and 64 accounts Note: Running different bot installations on the same computer is not recommended Can I have the same account in multiple active groups? As mentioned in the picture above, absolutely not Your first village will get disconnected due to "Another device is connecting to this village" Reason: Because two different instances are trying to connect to the same village