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    please let me know what forum name and I'll check it.
  2. there is no account connected to your name or email. Try making new forum acc and confirm by email.
  3. Brian, I dont have you on the user list, pending list..... Simply, I can't find you can you make a new accounts with correct email? Thanks! BR Mike
  4. I changed your PW to your forum account name. Please change it ASAP and send a DM to me when done.. you can not login using your username. you need to use your email address to login.. Enjoy!
  5. You need to get a forum account here, and download 7.9.4 release -> fixes your problem.
  6. If you face any issues with validation etc, please comment here. we will get back to you asap. Make sure you don't post your email here. We only need the Username.
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