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  1. How To Download MyBot.run Clash of Clans Farming Bot Thank you for asking how to download MyBot.run!! Current official bot release and download links can always be found in Official Releases forum section. Having problems? If you have issues and the GitHub links in current release thread do not work for you, then you may have a local network or PC issue that needs to be fixed? 1) Have you used another CoC bot before finding MyBot.run? Oops. No problem! Some copy cat bots that steal MBR code, and offer it for sale will perform a HOSTS file HIJACK. This will block your PC from reaching GitHub (and sometimes MBR forums). Your favorite search engine can show you how to check and edit your HOSTS file for your Windows OS version, here is one example site. While very rare, some older web browsers can also be hijacked to block websites. To fix this you need to clear your entire browser history (only works after other CoC bot is removed from system). 2) Do you have internet filter or firewall at your location? Since GitHub is public site, and there can be any kind of software available for download (including hacking tools); Some countries and corporations will block GitHub. If you are trying to reach GitHub behind one of these firewalls, then either need to use VPN, or some other internet location to bypass the blocking filters. 3) Is download blocked by Anti-Virus (AV) program? The bot is not a virus. It is made with a scripting language named AutoIt, which is sometimes used by people to create malware. This causes antivirus programs to mark ALL AutoIt programs as viruses, even if they don't harm your system. The AutoIt code of the bot is freely available; you can look through it and compile it yourself if you are worried. Need more information? Read this from people who make AutoIt language used to create MBR: https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware If the bot is detected by your antivirus software: create new folder to store MBR download zip file, add the folder to your antivirus exception list/whitelist and download/extract the bot to that same folder. 4) Are files missing from your download? When visiting GitHub site to download MyBot.run and not using the .zip download links in our release thread, beware that you may not be downloading the proper branch of repository. Our master branch is only used to store version files to notify users for new releases. A zip file with latest release can always be found on releases page of GitHub. Another missing file issue can be your Anti-virus software removing files from zip file, or deleting them when extracted. Read #3 for more information regarding AV problems. General Information: MyBot.run uses GitHub software sharing site for all software releases with community. Our GitHub repository top level is here > https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot On this site, you find newest and all past releases by development team. Our repository even has a Wiki with installation, licensing, and History of MyBot.run. The Github repository is primarily used as our download library and is not open for public editing. All problems/issues/bug reports are only supported via this web forum. Thanks for supporting your community!
  2. Random Thoughts on Randomization of MyBot.run functions to reduce risk of latest SC "Fair Play" initiative: 1) Big Data is everywhere. SuperCell is using Amazon to host all games (except in China). Amazon is one of largest "Big Data" companies in world. Hence, must assume that SC has access to big data, and massive tool set to create/track player game style signatures. Only question(s) without answer is how much money is SC willing to spend to track actions of farming bots, and ban users. And what are "signatures" or key behavior that are considered Bot like that is used to to find bot users? Other games have had bot problems in past, and tools like Botwatch for Runscape are examples of what game developers can do to stop use of bots if they invest time/money to stop it. 2) "Fair Play" initiative is going to give more risk using a Bot than it has in past. We are entering into a new phase of Bot use for CoC! Users are likely to be banned for using MBR in higher numbers than past. I have worked with big data, and human behavioral statistics in real life. Honestly, there are several pieces of data available that identifies every user of farming bot running inside an emulator. I will not list them but with these data points, I could make a list of bases to use for a detailed check of suspicious activity. That is exactly how easy it is to find bots! So do not ever think you are safe! If you are not willing to be punished for using a farm bot, then DO NOT USE IT! 2) Individual humans are NOT random. Each person has a game playing style, that defines their thought process and actions inside game. Gamers tend to have consistent reactions to game events, and only a BOT will be completely random all time! MBR does not need total randomization, but needs individualized "personal signature" randomization to be more human like. Creating code that allows personalized game styles is as complex as creating humans! 3) Only an entire population of game users is "pseudo" random. "pseudo" meaning the entire population will be constrained by game elements and will behave similar with similar game features. Hence, portions of game playing actions will be bot like or repeatable person to person even without using a bot. Challenge faced now is to learn which actions are constrained and being ignored (or not collected) for Big Data analysis used to find farm bot users. 4) Randomization of robot game play requires careful understanding of game and process used by people to play game. Cannot randomize code based on what is convenient for programming. Need to randomize events based on differences in human responses to game events. This is an area where need to collect data on different game playing styles to enable creation of personalized "random" game play so not all bot users look like same "bot" person playing game. MBR already has numerous settings to enable random variability, but users may not be thinking about creating random play style or using existing features to create play style similar to how they play game normally. More education may be required to help users understand how to set up MBR to match their game play style. There are many areas of existing bot code that could provide more randomization. One of popular examples last couple days: Waiting for creation of troops or What to do while waiting for troops to train? Here are some possible options: - Do nothing and let CoC time out? - hit screen every couple of minutes to keep alive and avoid "anyone there?" msg? - Make use of 5 minute grace timer, and log out or allow time out COC for less than 5 minutes? - Make use shield/guard, and log out or allow time out if protected till troops ready? - Open chat window and wait for donations ? - Maybe notify user for manual CHAT/donate time with clan? - open army overview and check creation status? - Close CoC and open another SC app? - all of above? Hmm: How long to wait for troop creation? - Exact time required to create army? - Wait till guard and/or shield expires? - Wait random time? I.E. random time normally controlled by real life So now that we have all these possible actions: How to choose which action, when to use each action, and how often to use? Randomization to create human like behavior is very complex and this is ONLY ONE FUNCTION! The purpose of this post is simple. Many users are making all kinds of wacky posts in forums trying make MBR more random and reduce ban risk. Hopefully this post shows that unless you consider ALL factors surrounding an action in game, your cool new idea may actually make bot action more predictable and easier to detect! Challenge moving forward is how to create new code that makes bot actions randomly adjustable, and allows for users to customize behavior to mimic his/her style. This kind of complex code is NOT created in a few hours and added to MBR quickly. This kind of randomness requires a complete rewrite of how bot works in some places! To make this work even more difficult, Randomizing some of the above variables is not really possible using AutoIt scripting language due single thread limitations. I encourage entire community to think about what human like game playing really means, and hundreds of game processes where Bot detection could be added if SC devotes time and money to track bot like behaviors. This new initiative is going to make bot life interesting in coming months. If you have code skills to help community create true human like code, then I look forward to seeing your MOD code posted. If you are creating code make functions wacky random, then might as well stop as it will not help. Thanks for reading my insanely long post & Bot ON! PS - This post is MY opinion, and may not represent opinion of entire development team. Do not blame entire team for my bleak view for complexities of future bot life. BOTTOMLINE: If you are not willing to be punished for using a farm bot, then DO NOT USE IT!
  3. This thread is for users to post information after receiving ban notice from SC for using 3rd party software in violation of TOS while using MyBot.run. Note : ANY post that does not meet requirements below will be removed and poster will receive a forum warning. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! This thread is NOT a discussion thread. Anyone asking questions, or discussing ban notices will be warned, and post removed!! 1) Must include screen shot of PC desktop showing full emulator window, and MyBot.run Window! - Suggest you use Windows "Snipping Tool" available on the "Accessories" folder of start menu, but you can use any screen capture tool to grab image - Can not post images directly to forums, so you must use a image hosting site like imgur.com to upload your image and post link in your post. Your desktop image should like something like this: (Your emulator/bot window may be different.) 2) Include in your post answers to following questions (can cut & paste text below, then add your answers) Date received Ban notice Which version(s) of the bot did you use in last few weeks prior to ban notice? (official release, or MOD, specify version please) [Update] Which Emulator are you using? (BlueStacks, Memu, Driod4x, Nox & Include version #!) [Update] Have you ever bought gems? [Update] Which version of Clash are you using? [Update] How many devices is your Clash account used on? Which devices are they? What army composition was used? (goblin, BARCH, GiBARCH, etc) What attack search type were you using? (Dead only, Live only, Dead/live, or Dead/Live/Bully/TH combo) If you were attacking live bases, which attack type did you use? (1, 2, 3, or 4 sided; DE Side, TH Side, or Milk Farm) Did you use Scripted Attack feature? (yes/no, please list name of CSV script used FF, 8F, GoWiPe, AQWalk, etc) Did you have smart attack enabled for conventional attack types? (yes/no) If so, were you using drop near collectors? (yes/no) What was your attack delay unit? (1-9, or random) What was your Wave delay (1-9, or random) [Update]How much time per day did you use bot (24/7, or how many hours?)[Before ''Fair play'' news and after ''Fair play'' news] How much time per day did you manually play game? Were you in a clan? (yes/no) Were you in a clan specifically known for bot use? (yes/no) Did you use modifications of CSV files or other game files for CoC app inside Android emulator? (yes/no, and list type: Low GFX, auto zoom out, show traps, etc) [Update] Do you have other game modifications or TOS violating software like xmod or imod installed on your device since Fair Play notice started? (yes/no, if yes which one?) ^^^^ Answer yes even if you did a regular uninstall of xmod. It leaves files even after an uninstall. Have you EVER posted a picture of your base (even with name/clan blurred out), an attack log, or the number of resources you had in clan chat, bot forums, reddit, SC forums, etc.? Does anyone who knows your base name/clan know that you're using the bot? (yes/no) If you have a SC forum account, does it use the same IP/email as your clash account and have you admitted to using the bot or been banned on it? (yes/no) Do you have any prior violations of the ToS (offensive language, offensive base design, etc.) THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD - DO NOT MAKE ANY POST THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN YOUR PERSONAL BAN NOTICE!!! Additional rules for this thread: - Do not post YOUR BAN notice unless you used MyBot.run farming software AFTER April 2016 "Fair Play" warning from SC. Bans are not supposed to be for retroactive bot use, so we do not care about any ban prior to April "Fair Play" news from SC. - Do not ask for more information from user posting ban notice! - Do not ask for settings data that may not be included by banned users! - Do not post asking community for settings that may lower risk of ban! Any post that is not a ban notice following guidelines in #1/#2 above from a MyBot.run user will be removed. Any User violating rules for this thread will receive a forum warning! Please follow guidelines above when posting. MBR Staff does not enjoy spending our time reading invalid posts, or giving warnings to users for not following rules. History: Due low past risk of using MBR we have created this thread to track if users are being targeted and to document our Bot use risk. Prior to April "Fair Play" notices from SC, there have been approximately 5-6 MBR users posting they received SC Ban in over one year of MBR available for download. All but one past user receiving a ban admitted to using other "high risk" bots, or discussing bots in clan chat. An example thread for previous ban information can be read here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/13535-just-got-31-day-ban-on-coc This past ban data translates into 6 out of 330000+ registered users, or less than 0.002% probability of getting banned (prior to April). In truth, Probability of ban was actually lower if allow for number of bases using bot software, as most users have bot working on more than 1 base. MyBot.run is considered a 3rd party program and violates SC CoC TOS. Any one using MBR software assumes all risk for using program. Your acknowledgement to accept this risk can be found on "About US" tab of Bot user interface. [Updated April 26 2016 23:30] Thank you for sharing your data on Bot use after receiving a SC ban. Following trends were found in data collected during initial wave of ban notices: Banned for "Using Game MOD's" = 27/29 [Includes xMod/iMod/CSV game file MOD] Banned for "Excessive CoC play time" = 2/29 [only unique data point was playing more than 12 hours per day in 24 hours prior to ban] Recommendations to avoid ban have been and will continue to be updated in "Fair Play" thread based on data collected. Bot responsibly and Clash On!
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