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  1. +1 need to write new GUI code. Back in 2015, during v4/v5 (and Win7/8); the bot had support for custom themes. Due to how Autoit creates GUI, and that MBR uses a complex GUI with lots of icons/graphics and separate tabs; using a theme made GUI super slow. Was so bad, made GUI unusable as more features where added. Theme support was remove as part of a major redesign of GUI to improve speed, and reduce memory usage in v6. AutoIt programmers have not added Windoz 10 theme support to the library of GUI commands. Until they or some else makes theme access seaml
  2. Last I checked there were 4 different methods to click-drag inside Android. Not all of them work with every emulator or window inside Android OS. Hard part about testing mouse drag or click-drag code is that different emulators (and different versions of same emulator) support mouse/keyboard mapping differently. @cosote battled with various ways to make click-drag work reliably in all emulators and make it work in background mode. To bad he is not around anymore to comment. 😞 Bottom line: Will need to test this code change in ALL supported emulators to verify
  3. One minor challenge: Bot does not constantly look for buildings? It assumes you have previously located them once; and uses that location forever. If you change your base layout, as long as TH level has not changed; the bot still farms loot; which is primary purpose. They only thing bork'd by using different layout is upgrades? IME - Image detection is not FREE. Adding image detection for main base building locations adds 3-10 seconds trying to match your building level against a stack of images for each level; times the number of buildings. Most users wo
  4. As Momma used to say: Even a blind monkey finds a banana in tree eventually, as long as they keep looking. 🙂
  5. If bot can not find your handle, it is because you are flying off on it. 😝 It is your condescending and belligerent comments that chase away the kind folks that donate their free time to support this bot. Obviously your parents never taught you to be nice when folks give your something for FREE? 🤢 I retired from code development as I was tired of ungrateful demanding users like you. 😒 IMHO - You don't deserve any support!!! Without you sharing the full unadulterated log text from the profile folder showing all the OS/ADB messages starting up the emulato
  6. If you have a bug report it! Good data is always helpful. FWIW: Noticed a couple random reports of issues that involve scrolling, since the December 2020 game update? Most common issue has been SCID account switching with more than 4 accounts, as the bot can not reliably scroll down the window for more than 4 accounts now. Personally noticed a couple times in iTools when smart zap is not always scrolling the deployment bar to access CC spells. But it never happens when debug logging is enabled, so have not been able to document the event or make it repeatable?
  7. IDK Why? What I do know: Extended deployment bar is relatively new feature inside CoC app. MBR added deployment bar scrolling as solution to larger army count, long before extend bar was released. IMHO - Probability of extended deployment bar being supported is very low for several reasons: 1) Development team lacks resources. I do not have time to write code anymore, but they do let me beta test new versions. Best I can tell, the current development team consists of couple of newer part time programmers that support updates and bug fixes. When SC dr
  8. limit is 4 accounts due SC change in window scrolling back in v7.9 release.
  9. @DanyTPG 1) What you report is not a bug. As our resident dick head (PriapusCranium - look it up) commented; MBR was never intended to donate any and all troops. The bot was intentionally designed to make farming easier. PERIOD Any other features included are like a cookie with your lunch; nice but not required. Like it or not, it is a fact. Down voting, or arguing with folks in forums is not going to change the design intent. 2) Have two options: a- Post another suggestion (that will be ignored like previous ones) for MBR to be redesigned and r
  10. Dec Update: Bluestacks versions below v3.0 have known compatibility issues with latest Windows 10 and Windows Server 2017 OS updates. 2017 Windows 10 OS "creators" update that is finally being rolled out to most PC worldwide. This update force enables HyperV emulation, and this is not compatible with Bluestacks v1 or v2. Compatibility information is available on Microsoft or Bluestacks support web sites. If you disable the new HyperV setting in control panel (and prevent latest virtual desktop features from working), BS v2.5 can be used on some Windows 10 PC. If you can not
  11. This thread is for users to post information after receiving ban notice from SC for using 3rd party software in violation of TOS while using MyBot.run. Note : ANY post that does not meet requirements below will be removed and poster will receive a forum warning. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! This thread is NOT a discussion thread. Anyone asking questions, or discussing ban notices will be warned, and post removed!! 1) Must include screen shot of PC desktop showing full emulator window, and MyBot.run Window! - Suggest you use Windows "Snipping Tool" available on the "Accessories
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