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      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.2.2!!   This release supports the May 22 SC game update, and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!      


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  1. Already Exists? Code/images for finding drill location and level has been same since v5? Image search returns the level of the drill building found, then the code makes assumptions regarding amount of DE available based on DE information available. There are as many opinions on how to optimize drill zap as there different types of attack armies, and each has pro/con. This guide might help:
  2. @lawllypop Your emoji needs to pull the trigger so maybe stop useless reply? @wilmy Using the clan mates filter is easy: Step 1: Enable "No filter, collect clan mate images" Step 2: Run the bot with donations enabled and collect images of of clan mates you wish to filter. Active clan might collect ALL clan mates images in less than a hour, might need to run for day or more. It all depends on how many people you want to Black/White list and when they make CC requests. [Hint: you can disable actually donating any troops but still collect images of names by selecting troop not trained in army, or using keyword that will never match any request for any enable troop(s).] Step 3: Stop bot. Press the button to open the clan mates folder in your active profile. Review the images; move the names to preferred Black/White List folder. Step 4: Change the donate filter to either "only white list", or "all except black list". Done. If you find the donation filter is not accurately donating to white/black list members; repeat steps 1-3 and attempt to collect new images to replace any that are not recognized. IMHO: Black listing clan members for donations is not good for clan, especially if used as a permanent solution to negatively reward poor clan mate behavior. Also note that black listing "Fair Play" clan members will not prevent them from viewing your base for activity (barracks glow during training, camp contents constantly change), and watching donation counts with repeated requests to determine if you online 24/7 via bot and simply trying to hide from them. So use the clan mate filter carefully. Best Luck
  3. Maybe, but it is really easy to obtain lost Windows OS passwords. If you do not have password recovery disk, or original installation CD (both methods easily found in WWW); it takes a little extra work to crack the password. There are many pages on Google that claim to offer Windows OS password cracking software, but there is only one open source version that is not hiding junk inside the "free" software = OPHCRACK It takes longer to download OPHCRACK and burn a disk, then it takes for to crack most home system passwords. Best Luck.
  4. There is ONE system DLL responsible for Windows Scripting Dictionary features that were used starting with V7 and I posted that information back in May? Repeat: Your issue is rare problem within AutoIt programs and very specific issue related Windows Scripting. Windows Scripting library is used by many programs. Something in your OS has disabled, unregistered, or corrupt regarding WSH. - There are some Windows Scripting files used by IE (like CScript.exe for command line access) to WSH that can be disabled in registry, and some over zealous personal protection programs have been know to disable them? - Older versions of VB used to install scripting DLL and remove the DLL when uninstalled? - Have you tried to run SFC /scannow from command line check for corrupt OS files? - Removing bugged versions of .NET libraries has been know to damage WSH. Have you tried to run the MS .NET fix-it tool?
  5. @Draconia Your errors are very unusual. I suspect the system with object error has problem with Windows Script Host, and issues are not related C++ or .NET dependencies. FYI - There are 2 types "object" references used on code. 1- WMI objects used for HTTP functions. These functions are used many places. Examples include check on GitHub repository for latest version, or are used by notify feature to send receive push messages from Telegram/PushBullet. These objects have been used in bot since v2 in 2015. 2- Scripting Dictionary objects (which are COM objects) used for storing dynamic data defining Android emulator(s) running, and database of building data returned by image find during attack process (TH, weak base, and CSV script features). The Scripting Dictionary object types were added starting in V7 as they are 10x+ faster accessing data versus using large multi-level array type data structures. Every PC using IE3 or higher (Vista+) should have the Windows Script support present in system, and should not need to any additional software loaded. If scrrun.dll file exists on PC experiencing errors, then maybe DLL is not properly registered in your system? If you have AutoIt installed, you can try running this example script from AutoIt forums to help test if any scripting objects are working on your system? The German AutoIt site also has a tutorial on Scripting objects that might help you track down the problem as well. PS - Regarding your Draconian view about best programming language for a cheat bot. 1. The AutoIt forums are anti-game automation thanks to lawyers and dangers of teaching script kiddies how to use AutoIt to create virus, worm, & Trojan code. If they openly supported any game bot discussions, the game software company lawyers would instantly sue them for supporting a means to cheat and/or violate game TOS. 2. Use of AutoIt allows almost any person with any basic programming knowledge to read/MOD code and creates a much larger open source community than if a more complicated OOP language was used. Best Luck.
  6. @Ho Trong Hieu @cosote Can confirm v7.2.2 has strange issue(s) with Live Base search filter. Debug log data does not show any indications of why it has errors. Have seen many problems when I use max TH level filter. Have seen it waste 6M gold skipping many TH9 even with resource filters set to zero, TH9 max enabled. Have also seen it ignore the min resource values and attack live base with less loot. Suspect the issue is related to the min/max trophy filter? In my case, problems didn't start until I enabled the min/max trophy filter. Now even with trophy filter set to attack anything from 1-100, or even disabled; it still skips matching bases.
  7. Most emulator will not install or work properly unless OpenGL v2.0+ graphics drivers are loaded. OpenGL drivers are only available when you have GPU hardware installed, or are using HyperV GPU emulation with proper drivers. Can use free GLView program to check if your system has required OpenGL support. iTools offers support for DirectX graphics within OS, and might work on system that does not have OpenGL drivers? If you learn iTools works in system without OpenGL support, share your results.
  8. Hmm... Did you try changing the Deploy settings on attack tab? "Smart Attack: Near Red Line" has 2 "Drop Type" options: 1- Sides, then Troops (drops all troops of one type on all 4 sides in one wave, then changes troop type for each wave) Default and 2- Troops, then Sides. (drops each troop type in separate wave on ONE side, then repeats for each of other sides.) I think you are looking for deploy type #2?
  9. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/16849-things-that-look-like-bugs-but-arent/
  10. HD-Updater program records that update is available in Registry. To stop the update you must: 1- Quit BS. Make sure none of the HD-XXXXX processes or sevices are running. Kill tasks with task manager if any remain after quit. 2- Use Regedit: Change the BlueStacks\Updater\ManifestURL key value to (this will also stop any future updates) Remove/blank the values from all keys in Updater\Manifest entries 3- Remove the files downloaded by HD-Updater inside the %ProgramData% folders BS is evil program. BS knows that users attempt to bypass the update process and forced app downloads. The HD-Agent and HD-Frontend both have code that attempts to reset/restart update and app sync process if they find errors. If you have not changed the Web links inside the keys under the Bluestacks\Agent tree for app sync to same " " address, updater will use the cloud/app server address as back up to get updates. Even if registry keys are blank, if other programs find the new version installer is available, it will attempt to install new version. If the above registry edits and file removals do not work, then would assume that BS has added another backup to ensure updates are installed. Maybe another registry value change, or they quietly saved another file (.ini or .xml in %Program Data% folder) with the update information? If you can not find and remove the key/file; will need to reinstall BS v2.5 from forums that is attempting to update itself. Best Luck.
  11. Read notes here on use of spells from CC: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/16849-things-that-look-like-bugs-but-arent/
  12. Curious: Why do you need to switch distributors for a single profile? You can create different profiles for different bases and use different distributor for each one already? Background: Distributor of game app only defines the location of app download and who earns sharing revenue for your gem purchases. The game server hosting your game play is still same as they are region and language based. So using English in CoC game everywhere in world (except China) connect you to the Amazon Web Server cluster nearest your location with available capacity running English global chat. If using another language, then your app is routed to use the nearest regional server that supports that global chat language. When SC started authorizing 3rd party App Store support in China, there was only KunLun. Qihoo, and Huawei app distribution; AND they were all using same locally hosted game server (QiHoo?) to play game. @MMHK is developer most recently supporting plethora of Asia local distributor versions. If profiles are not using proper the app version, then he might be able to help?
  13. You can not "fix it". Dictionary is internal reference of all building data collected by weak base and image find code used for CSV attack scripts. If image search can not find eagle location, dictionary will not have object data, and will generate an error if code attempts to use missing location data. Only way to stop error is remove the code logging the error to overlook the problem, or improving building image find capability. Root cause of problem is that building find capability is not very reliable. Building detection issues have been around a very long time. Development of dictionary provided new log information that demonstrated bot is not able to find buildings up to 30% of time depending on building type. @trlopes was working on some image detection improvements and might be able to comment further? Different buildings have different challenges: - All of the "short" buildings (mortar, eagle, air defense) can be missed if tall building or hero is in front of the building. - "Empty" defense buildings on long idle bases get missed often as search tiles do not exist in some cases. - difficult to reliably find empty elixir storage building Detection rates for some building can be improved by adding more match tiles or larger tiles, but more/larger = slower search time or more time to filter out duplicates. Mortar requires 10+ tiles and will take 50 seconds on slow PC. Creation and testing of image matching requires 100x more time/energy than any other part of bot code, and one that gets most complaints. There is seldom any "quick" fix for image detection issues.