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      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.3.1!!   This release supports the May 22 SC game update & August 4th Graphic Update, and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.3.1 Release


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  1. Publish a Production/master Branch

    @venomx2008 HaHa... MBR use of GitHub is "non-standard". "Master" branch is for release of only version files used by bot to check for latest release, but does not store actual bot code. So it is mislabeled in classic git naming model. There is a "develop" branch on GitHub repo, and it should be updated with each version release - BUT Since public GitHub repo is only used for releases, the folks posting the new release branches do not always pull the latest release in develop branch to keep GitHub "develop" branch current. When this step is missed, automated external alerts for updates becomes broken. New branches must be created for each release as there are some quirks in GitHub regarding downloading zip files and version controls, without new branches users get confusing downloads. One solution: Since you can not capture alerts and auto pull from brand new release branches, best option is track the Develop and Master branch. And if you see an update to master branch without an updated develop alert, then some one missed the develop branch update again. Also when you start bot and it checks for latest version, if you latest develop pull is not current; then bot log will show there is new version that needs to be manually pulled. Best Luck.
  2. Change normal request, when shield going down.

    Nice idea. Old request. Implementation creates many complications: How quick will clan fill the CC for defense, or how far in advance before PB do you need to change the CC request? What do you do while you are waiting for CC to fill with defense troops? (reduce attacks/hour as you can not attack) What happens if break happens in middle of searching for attack, and there is not enough time for defense CC request or fill? What happens when you return from PB and no one attacked; what to do with defense CC troops? Use in attack, or teach bot bot to discard stuff not wanted and wait for another CC fill? There is time limit on how often you can request troops (which changes based on clan level), if only on PB for 5 min and CC empty - have to wait to request attack CC? There are many different opinions on how best to configure a offense/defense CC feature; do you add them all as options (make bot more complicated) or pick some defaults that make sense? I have been using bot to push trophy since 2015, and the above obfuscation is why this feature was always on my "Nice idea, but too much work for too little return" list. If MBR team decided to convert MBR from a farming bot to a trophy push bot; there is a long list of improvements one could consider: - Offense/Defense CC requesting - Random use of different attack scripts and armies to reduce bot like behavior. - Use of custom attack plans based on base layout detected (wall patterns), trophy level, or status of defending hero - Intelligent management of searching parameters (min trophy/loot/etc, or different number of searches (before reset and start over) based on time of day. (search times vary by time zone) - Active tracking of training idle time to allow for optimization of donation troops to maximize number of attacks per day. Sorry to rant. If only there were enough programmers with enough time to donate to complete everyone's wish list. Bot On!
  3. How to Change Emulator

    3 ways: 1: Easiest method to change used emulator is: close bot, delete the profile folder, and open the bot. As long as you only have one emulator installed, bot should find new one and use it. 2: If you have more than one emulator installed, or bot finds fragments from more than one emulator installation then: Delete the existing profile "MyVillage" folder (with bot closed). Then open the emulator you want to use, when emulator is open and ready, start bot and it should see which one is open and use it. This should also be save in config.ini file of that profile. 3: It is also possible to remove or edit the "emulator=" [BlueStacks, BlueStacks2, iTools, Memu, etc) entry in the config.ini file, and this will force bot to relearn or attempt to use different emulator, before checking for other installations. If you remove the value, and have more than one emulator installed; need to do same as step 2 (open emulator before bot) to get preferred emulator registered. Best Luck.
  4. MEMu version

    Is this a new problem? Might be helpful to debug this memory leak a little bit? There was a recent CoC app update: If you downgrade the CoC app does the memory leak stop? Can you task kill all Memu processes to release the memory without a reboot? (might need to wait 5-10 min before checking for OS to clean up heap space as it background process) Forget where I saw this: But someone reported that using dock mode was creating issues for some Memu versions. Your memory leak may be related. There have also have been several CoC app version updates that created new memory leaks or crashes inside different emulators for different reasons. My purpose for debug info is not blame the emulator version as the problem without some tests. In past we have seen the next CoC app update might make the problem magically disappear ( or get worse).
  5. Random delays?

    Yes. Settings for Training Random Delay feature is located on Attack Plan >> Train Army >> Options tab.
  6. Empty out camp

    No. Bot is designed for continuous farming operation. It is not designed for: train army, attack once and quit. It is feasible to add? Would have to create a new "auto-empty-stop" option/feature into the existing Idle() while Train() functions to prevent training replacement army when full, then create new Halt mode in BotCommand() and/or RunBot() to stop further attacking. Best Luck.
  7. Hello

    There is an entire sub-section in these forums that has everything MBR knows about various supported emulators: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/94-emulator-discussion-support/ Read and learn....
  8. slow bot?

  9. [Fanart] New Bot UI!

    Sorry to share: Existing UI is coded using AutoIt implementation of standard WINAPI using GDI+ library. There are no "cool" looking UI hidden inside this OS default library; only standard OS look alike boxes, scroll bars, tabs, check boxes, buttons, etc. To code an alternate UI requires custom code library, and custom graphics defining the new display style. There are a couple of AutoIt UI design tools available, but most just offer more control over colors and fonts by hiding how they tweak hard to reach GDI+ values. In past (v2 and v4 saw this activity) a couple of community users attempted to add UI customization features to MBR using open source AutoIt modules, but due to complexity of existing UI, there was a significant display lag. The few that were released as MOD's, were quickly retired due to poor bot performance. The big problem with MBR UI is that feature/function increases since Jan 2015, without any major redesign in how UI code works; has made the UI very complex. MBR basically needs to reduce the display ram and GDI handles active at one time as any attempt at fancy customization is major burden to store in memory with a script based language like AutoIt. If today's UI were to be made from scratch, not many programmers would use AutoIt and all existing cumbersome GDI+ hooks for User Interface. FWIW - Back when I had time to develop code with team, there were several big discussions on UI improvement/simplification options. The discussions usually ended with agreement to leave it alone, or it needed something entirely new. Common "New UI" thread was that the UI needed to be separate program/process. Several thought it needed to be written in faster complied language with small dedicated style library using message passing to decouple farming bot code from display. Problem with this strategy is that using C# or any other complied language for UI reduces the communities ability to edit UI to include MOD's. This also meant there had to be MOD tabs created, and API created/documented for community to update the UI MOD tabs. This a scary amount of work for a small team donating time to a free bot? And with resources constantly dwindling on project due to reduced interest in CoC, a "better" UI never really happened, sort of? Earlier this year: @CodeSlinger69 started some work to create a UI module in C#, cloning the existing look and feel to let team validate the performance improvements (run ONE UI for all bot instances and allow later style customization without impacting farming bot performance). But without majority approval to use the new UI method, he decided to not waste his time on code that might not be used. Fan Art is cool, but maybe some day a new UI champion will arrive? Bot On!
  10. Bot stopped cannot open bluestacks, tried 3 times

    Yes, occasionally. But I only experience problem on PC using Windows 10, and BS v2.4 or v2.5. When it happens, I have noticed that either MickeySoft has updated OS software in background or the AV software has updated more than new definitions. Manually starting BS also has really bad lag issues during start up (2-3X normal start time, and big delays rendering the window). Reboot usually fixes the problem, UNLESS - the OS update was a MAJOR version update. Major version update can require removal of BS, reboot, manually run OS update tool, reboot, and reinstall BS (v2.5 or higher if update was 2017 creators update)
  11. The problem has been documented in other threads? Sorry I can not find old posts at moment. Bottom line: If you are using Windows 10, and get updated to 2017 Creators Update (roll out is happening gradually all year), most older versions of BS will not work due changes made by MickeySoft in Hyper-V functions. When you try to use older BS versions, you will actually get compatibility warnings from Win10 OS telling you to upgrade. Once you receive the creators update, you must completely remove and reinstall BS as the old installation will be damaged. With 2017 creators update you must update BS to v2.4 or newer. If using any version prior to v3.0, you also need to disable internal Hyper-V virtual machine settings the creator update turns on by default (that was turned off in early versions, unless you enabled it or had a server OS). Recommended BS v2.5 is working for me on several upgraded Win10 PC. It has been reported in WWW that you can get unrooted BS v0.10.7 to run on Win10 creators update, but you must disable some of the active desktop switching features that use Hyper-V to create virtual desktop environments, and disable Hyper-V. For these instructions, need to ask Google or your favorite search engine. Have also had really good luck using iTools with 2017 creators update. When BS became damaged on two different PC a few months ago, iTools kept working with needing a re-installation. Best Luck.
  12. (v7.3) Live Base Search Filter not working? Not sure if bug, or part of logic design; but want to share an observation on Live Base village searching that bugs me: When using only Live base attack tab, the bot will skip any base that meets the Dead Base Collector Filter criteria, regardless if it satisfies the Live Base Search Filters! That is right, if base has full collectors based on the Collector filter settings, it will be skipped, and log will show "Not a Live Base". This has become very frustrating lately as there seem to be a large number of inactive dead bases in higher leagues lately, and after spending 5-10 minutes staring at clouds, want to cry when inactive base with full collectors and empty defenses is skipped when it meets the Live Base Loot, TH level & Trophy criteria. Is this way the MBR is supposed to work? All I know is this glitch has existed for awhile, starting back when "Disable Collector Filter" options was added to Dead Base Tab. Looking at code >> VillageSearch.au3 ~ line 253: ElseIf $match[$LB] And Not $dbBase Then SetLog($GetResourcesTXT, $COLOR_SUCCESS, "Lucida Console", 7.5) SetLog(" " & "Live Base Found!", $COLOR_SUCCESS, "Lucida Console", 7.5) $logwrited = True $g_iMatchMode = $LB ExitLoop This code specifically requires that $dbBase (dead base collector filter met flag) be False in order for Base to be attacked using Live Base Filters! Quick fix is to remove the "And Not $dbBase" conditional. But because the current code for "Disable Collector Filter" on Dead Base is using Live Base attack parameters, the "Disable Collector Filter" will never work after this patch. A proper fix requires some detailed review on meeting all combined search conditions, and likely reorder of the "Search Condition Met" exit loop conditional statements to ensure proper order of elimination process is followed that will let all search conditions work properly. See my other thread on the "Disable Collector Filter" glitch for more information. Hopefully someone with more time than I have available can investigate this behavior? Bot On! @cosote @Fliegerfaust
  13. (v7.3) Dead Base Search - "Disable Collector Filter" not working as described? Not sure if bug, or intentional design, but wanted to share an observation: When the dead base "disable collector filter" is enabled the bot never attacks a base using the actual Dead Base tab settings? Looking at code >> VillageSearch.au3 line 259 snip: ElseIf $match[$LB] And $g_bCollectorFilterDisable Then SetLog($GetResourcesTXT, $COLOR_SUCCESS, "Lucida Console", 7.5) SetLog(" " & "Live Base Found!*", $COLOR_SUCCESS, "Lucida Console", 7.5) $logwrited = True $g_iMatchMode = $LB ExitLoop Beyond using "$LB" (Live Base) search filters, bot uses the Live Base end battle settings due "$g_iMatchMode = $LB". Additionally, this mode results in logging of "Live Base Found!" which is identical to log when actual Live Base attack conditions are met? My quick code review also leads me believe that $match($LB) flag will not be set unless you also enable Live Base Attack tab? While most users disabling collector filter would probably enable Liver Base Attack creating 2 Live Base search filters as well, this added dependency is not documented. Call me confused. In order for this feature to actually create an additional Live Base set of search parameters via Dead Base Tab (as help text shows), it should be using Dead Base Attack tab parameters, am I right?? Or Did this monkey fall out of his tree a few too many times? Changing the above "$LB" references to "$DB" might fix the issue, but this fix needs more testing to ensure no propagated attack & end battle logic errors than I have time to accomplish now. The "Disable Collector Filter" operation is one of several 'glitches' in village search that I find confusing. Will create separate thread to discuss others. Bot On! @cosote @Fliegerfaust
  14. Question About Image Threads

    Settings for image threads is to allow optimization/control of the number of threads used by bot during image searching/analysis. Setting is primarily used by those running multiple instances on PC to prevent one instance from using all available threads, and creating lag for other instances. Higher the number: more threads each bot is allowed to open and faster it can process images - on a resource limited PC, or PC being used for other purposes while bot is running; having excess threads creates response lag (CPU utilization will jump to 100%). Using ONE image thread will reduce image search resources used by bot to bare minimum. But will also reduce search speed (& loot/hour), and if using too many filters (weak base) can result in bot taking more than 30 seconds to make the attack decision.
  15. how to drop trophy without using Heroes

    Problem is the contents of your army. Drop trophy is only configured to use of TIER ONE troops to minimize the wasted elixir when reducing trophy count. All high cost troops (such as balloons and any Dark Elixir troops) are considered too expensive to throw away reducing trophy counts. Add a few Barbarians, Archers, or Goblins (maybe even Giants? I forget) and it will drop trophy as desired.