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  1. Fliegerfaust

    OCR, Cyrillic font, regression

    Hi, what exactly happens again? Only fixed the two Characters being recognized wrong
  2. Fliegerfaust

    V7.6.6 Doesn't donate Haste Spell

    Please send a picture of the donation window with haste visible (use bots photo button)
  3. Should be fixed in 7.6.7! Stay tuned
  4. Fliegerfaust

    [FIXED IN 7.6.7]Bug in AttackBar Detection

    Thanks @Dippi, fixed in 7.6.7
  5. Fliegerfaust

    [FIXED IN 7.6.7]Bug in AttackBar Detection

    Hi @Dippi, can you make a photo of your Attackbar? (Photo taken with Bots Photo Button please)
  6. Fliegerfaust

    [FIXED IN 7.6.7]OCR, Cyrillic font

    Fixed in 7.6.7
  7. Fliegerfaust

    [FIXED IN 7.6.7]OCR, Cyrillic font

    Hi @OlegD, I'll take a look on the wrong/not detected letters and not sure if multi line requests are even supported as I did not touch that code quite some time now. I'll check it though
  8. Hi @jakex102, Can you please share a fullscreen picture of your builder base? (Picture made with Bots Photo Button and don't forget to hide name ) Thanks
  9. Fliegerfaust

    7.6.5 Weak Base options bug

    @Darkrider54 can you please provide mor informations like images, logs etc?
  10. Got fixed in v7.6.6!
  11. Fliegerfaust

    [FIXED IN 7.6.7]OCR, Cyrillic font

    Hi @OlegD, can you provide a photo made via Bots Photo Button of the Text? Need to check if the OCR needs a update! Thanks
  12. Fliegerfaust

    Cannot find army window

    Please make a photo with the Bots Photo Button and post it here (Make sure to hide the Village Name !)
  13. Fliegerfaust

    BOT Rearm Traps not working

    Was not updated properly but will be kept up in future. Do you still can make a Screenshot of your Rearm Buttons via the Bots Photo Button? Thanks
  14. Remove the Gem Mine away from the boat and if possible please send me a image of your builder base main screen via the Bot Photo Button! Thanks
  15. Official Bot does not support REMAIN Command!