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  1. What you need to run multiple Bots at the same Time BlueStacks, MEmu, Droid4X, Nox ,Leapdroid, KOPLAYER or iTools Mybot 2 or more Profiles Not the worst PC Included a Self Made Tool with AutoIt which lets you run Bots easily and let you save Pre Made Setups ( additional ) Guide Unzip your downloaded Mybot and put the folder where you wish it to be stored Hold shift and right click the bot folder, there should be an option to open a command prompt there. 3. Run the command prompt and the CMD window will b
  2. Have you waited at least 10 minutes to receive the email? If not, please do so before posting. If yes, then proceed. Have you checked your Spam folder for the validation email? If not, please do so before posting. If yes, then proceed. If you have completed the steps above: Reply to this post (Guests can post here) with your username that you signed up with so an Administrator can manually validate your account. It might take a little bit for an Administrator to complete this, please only post once. We will reply to your
  3. Before running this bot, please visit our WIKI for instructions: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/wiki/Installation 1. Install BlueStacks or MEmu or Droid4x MEmu 2.8.3 Android Emulator Download Here or Download Here BlueStacks App Player Recommended Download Here (this is unrooted and need to stop app download spam with these instructions Here), OR MyBot also supports BlueStacks 2 versions listed Here Droid4X 0.10.3 Beta Android Emulator Download Here Nox 3.7.1 Android Emulator Download Here
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