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  1. Unzip the Bot into a folder first and then you can run it without any issue @Krusty Krab
  2. Hello there @misterdoctor, thank you for your kind offer. You might be active more on forums or on our Chat so we can get to know you a little more and then we can look forward to work together improving the bot bot on!
  3. Sorry we can't help you without proper information. Please describe your issue as well as you can and provide debug logs thank you for your time
  4. minitouch is a different way to input clicks on android
  5. Please provide some more information like log files and images. thanks
  6. We could set the random from 5-10 instead of 1-10
  7. Hello @B100NL, please pm me if you can make a translation then we can surely add a dutch translation
  8. Thank you for your report. Can you please provide some logs so we can have a look?
  9. Guys please provide as much information as you can otherwise we can't help thank you
  10. Can you please provide logs and more information? thank you
  11. Please run the mybot.ru.au3 instead and post the error message here and please try to explain your problem better. thank you
  12. use the bots photo button in the bottom right corner and send us that please. thank you for your time
  13. Would be easier for us if you provide logs and screenshots please, thank you
  14. when does that happen? I need more information please
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