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  1. Be aware that any antivirus program can break the bot as it silently deletes files in the background which are needed for a proper working bot! Always check antivirus before posting new "bugs". Thanks
  2. Hello @vivaS4ever, can you provide me images of every single window for starting an attack? (Use Bot's Photo Button please). I wasn't in legends league since update yet and need some images thanks for your time
  3. try to delete the authentication file and try again. You can delete it by going into File Explorer and typing in %AppData% and delete the .mybot.run.authentication File
  4. Hello @tropaks & @vivaS4ever, i wasn't in legend league since the update yet and need some details like log files and debug images thanks for your report and time
  5. Can you explain a little more please, I wasn't in Legends League since the update yet and need some details aswell as Logs. What do you mean by Legend day? Is the "Legend Day" over when you reach 8 attacks or has it others regulations?
  6. Seems like your coc app restarted automatically and got back to the mainscreen. Can you try to catch the error and make a screenshot with bots photo button if possible? thanks
  7. You can try to follow the Tutorial which got posted by @captaintfe or by recreating your current profile. Profiles contain the Emulator aswell as the Instance and in some rare cases it does not detect the current one and sticks to the one saved in the Profile.ini
  8. What you need to run multiple Bots at the same Time BlueStacks, MEmu, Droid4X, Nox ,Leapdroid, KOPLAYER or iTools Mybot 2 or more Profiles Not the worst PC Included a Self Made Tool with AutoIt which lets you run Bots easily and let you save Pre Made Setups ( additional ) Guide Unzip your downloaded Mybot and put the folder where you wish it to be stored Hold shift and right click the bot folder, there should be an option to open a command prompt there. 3. Run the command prompt and the CMD window will be already directed to the bot's folder 4. Now you can type in: "mybot.run.exe MyVillage BlueStacks" to run the first bot 5. After you type in: "mybot.run.exe My2Village MEmu MEmu" to run the second bot 6. Now you have two different Mybot's running, one says Bluestacks in the title and the other MEmu 7. Just make sure your first opened Mybot got profile 1 selected and the other profile 2 8. Press start and both bots should start botting at the same time Basic Command to run any Bot on Droid4x, Bluestacks, MEmu, Nox, Leapdroid, Koplayer or iTools So this was the Basic on how to run two at the same time, lets go over to if you want more Bots, or different Emulators When you directed the CMD Window into your Bot Folder you can start typing: (Name of the Bots Exe File) (The Name of your Profile) (Emulator You want to start) (MEmu, Droid, Nox and Leapdroid got multi Instance Support so select yours ) at the End the Command should look something like this: e.g. mybot.run.exe MyProfile MEmu MEmu_1 mybot.run.exe MyProfile2 Droid4X Droid4X_2 mybot.run.exe MyProfile3 BlueStacks2 mybot.run.exe MyVillage MEmu MEmu_34 mybot.run.exe MyVillage3 Leapdroid vm1 mybot.run.exe MyTh7 iTools iToolsVM mybot.run.exe Village iTools iToolsVM_2 Bluestacks and BlueStacks2 doesn't support multiple Instances so no second Parameter needed. ( Leave last Parameter empty!) BlueStacks3 now support multiple Instances! You can choose between Instances like this: mybot.run.exe MyProfile BlueStacks2 Android mybot.run.exe MyProfile BlueStacks2 Android_ To create new Instances open MEmu's multiple Instance Manager Program and just press create ( each created one is a complete new android instance ) Tool to select which Emulator you want to run: I have made a program with the help of @zengzeng. Feel Free to use! Changes: Added Special Command Line Parameters V 3.8.3 Download: Download 3.8 Here (Apr/3rd/2017) Source Code is on the Github aswell! Short Video of How to: Feel free to ask if you got Problems
  9. Before running this bot, please visit our WIKI for instructions: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/wiki/Installation 1. Install BlueStacks or MEmu or Droid4x MEmu 2.8.3 Android Emulator Download Here or Download Here BlueStacks App Player Recommended Download Here (this is unrooted and need to stop app download spam with these instructions Here), OR MyBot also supports BlueStacks 2 versions listed Here Droid4X 0.10.3 Beta Android Emulator Download Here Nox 3.7.1 Android Emulator Download Here MEmu, Droid4X, Nox and future supported Android Emulators need a font file update to detect system messages Download Here Overview of supported Android Emulator versions can be found inside the bot downloaded folders in the "\COCBot\functions\Android\Android Status & Information.txt file. MyBot has issues with Bluestacks v0.9.30.x: Only install Recommended Version of BlueStacks if you ask for Help/Support. 2. Install necessary software Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) Download Here Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or latest version Download Here Win 10 includes v4.5 installed native. Users experiencing crash issues due corrupt v.4.5 files may need to install .NET v4.62 Download Here 3. Start Bot Install latest Version of AutoIt Download Here Download MyBot latest version Download Here Extract MyBot files using WinRar or 7zip (Right Click on .zip file and extract it) Open/run the bot from MyBot.Run.exe via account with Administrator privileges You can also directly run the bot from MyBot.Run.au3 file (if you have AutoIt3 installed) by right clicking on the .au3 file and selecting 'Run Script (x86)'. Always run as x86 regardless of Windows system (Recommended) Open/run BlueStacks as Administrator (Right-Click on BlueStacks icon then click Run as Administrator) Click Start Bot. If the bot prompts you to locate buildings, follow its directions. Enjoy Important Notices: This farming bot is designed for use on bases that are Town Hall level 6 and above For more information on this, read this topic: Notice to all Town Hall 1-6 Users -PLEASE READ FIRST! Don't move or leave your mouse cursor on Bluestacks while the bot is running. You must change your Sleep Settings to "Never Sleep" from Power Options. Why? The bot will not work while your computer is asleep. DPI scaling must be 100%. Here is a guide on how to change DPI. Aero must be Enabled for Background Mode to work. Read how to do that here: http://guidingtech.com/5195/aero-effects-back-from-basic-color-scheme-windows-7/ Must have at least Windows 7/8/8.1/10 MyBot doesn't support Windows XP anymore, please upgrade your Operating System. Windows Vista is supported, but some users have issues with .NET and C++ libraries that require complete removal of all old versions, and reinstall required versions. Quick Help Background Mode not working? Aero Theme must be enabled for Windows 7 http://guidingtech.com/5195/aero-effects-back-from-basic-color-scheme-windows-7/ Bot Stuck on waiting for Main Screen or Bot Stuck at setting Resolution? Scale Display Setting Go to Control Panel-> Click Display-> Let me choose one scaling level for all displays-> 100% Bot Stuck at setting Resolution? Memu may require manual setting resolution on 1366x768 displays, read this > https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/20706-fix-memu-resolution-issue/ Bluestacks v2+ running wrong internal DPI, read this > https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/22201-bot-cant-zoom-out-base/#comment-212932 Bot is not Working/Recognizing my base after few minutes? PC Power settings must be set to never sleep, no screen saver, or dim screen. For more info, see this image: I don't have any .exe file to run this bot, after I extract files? It's a false positive. Read here for more info https://autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware You have to put the .exe file in your anti virus exception list. (We recommend running the .au3 script instead. Right click on it and click 'Run Script (x86). The .exe file is included because of a lot of newbie demands, who are too lazy to install autoit) If you have other Problem or your problem is not solved? Read Common Mistakes Make a Thread in Help & Support Section with the require information (For Required info, read How to ask for Help from here) Also remember to use the search option on the forums before asking.
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