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  1. yea maybe try to upload them on mega or somewhere and share them please, those images are coming pretty handy
  2. Ah new Maintenance Screen, do you have the same image made by the bots photo function in .png format?
  3. ScreenCoordinates.au3 goes into \COCBot\functions\Config\ RequestCC.au3 goes into \COCBot\functions\Village\ Don't forget to recompile or use the mybot.run.au3
  4. Hello everyone, who wants can try to replace the files i attached below with all that are inside \imgxml\village\NormalVillage . Test it if possible and report back 🙂 PS: Don't forget to use Au3 file or recompile 2treeMEmu-768-222-91,54780172_0_92.xml 2stoneMEmu-358-599-59,46427499_0_95.xml stoneMEmu-165-464-66,48308055_0_95.xml treeMEmu-588-99-79,93122043_0_95.xml
  5. Please do not share any details about you or about your clan public. Share it private, thanks ?
  6. Enable this group to quit coc while training your army
  7. This Section is only for the official bot version. Please post your issue under the mod creators topic and he will help you with your issue. thanks for your report
  8. Yes then please update first and report back if you still face any issues. thanks for your report ?
  9. Could you please share a zip file containing more log files and your profile settings? I couldn't reproduce your error myself. Worked exactly how it should with my setup
  10. Hello can you please specify a little bit more? I have checked code and saw that i gets resetted when the variable itself is true and all resources are above x (x is set in the Misc tab), so I see no issue here ?
  11. Can you please provide a more detailed description on this error like how often it happens, what you did?
  12. Please provide us some more Informations like Log Files and Debug Images. Thanks
  13. Please provide a proper debug log otherwise we cannot help you!
  14. Hello @GrumpyHog, i think your problem is that the $g_iTotalTrainSpaceSiege is only updated when you are using the normal gui. So I think to fix your issue is you need to remove 2 lines from 2 Files: \COCBot\functions\CreateArmy\TrainSiege.au3 -> Remove Line 21 \COCBot\functions\CreateArmy\getArmySiegeMachines\getArmySiegeMachines.au3 -> Remove Line 18 I didn't test those changes yet but I highly guess thats the issue. Please test and report back if it's working ?
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