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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
    • monkeyhunter

      MyBot.run V7.2.2 RELEASED! Working with SC May 22 game update!   07/08/2017

      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.2.2!!   This release supports the May 22 SC game update, and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!      


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  1. Create a Screenshot of those Buttons with the Bots Photo Function and post it here! Will see if there are problems with detection
  2. fixed in next version. go to imgxml\imglocbuttons\ and place those two files in it: BoostOne_0_92.xml GEM_0_92.xml
  3. @Rizas, see both replies above FYI Cosote said he will fix it for next Version
  4. Can you explain it more and tell what the purpose of it is?
  5. EDIT: @MMHK took his time and fixed the not boosted clock towers
  6. Hi, thanks for reporting, thought @Boju fixed it for 7.2.2 but still appears to happen? First it seemed that .gitignore auto deleted it but maybe its source is somewhere else?
  7. Redownload 7.2.2 and try. should be fixed by now
  8. Redownload 7.2.2 and test. should be fixed now
  9. Hi, sorry guys for late response, been busy with life Will check and try to improve detection. had the plan to add a locate manually option if problems exist !
  10. Thanks @eightn for Info. May @rulesss and @kychera can help capturing them ? Need each upper and lower case cyrillic letter as 32 bpp .png file. If not it will take some time for me as I am currently working on something else and can only put it onto my todo for now If you want you could share a Screenshot of a ClanChat with each cyrillic letter on it ( upper case & lower case, may a space between each letter? )
  11. easiest solution for requests is to put your russian text in request and in bot you leave the request message empty. With an empty field in Bot GUI, it will not delete the last Message which got sent
  12. OCR is old and has only lower case Letters @TaskaM, as said we would need to recapture all images and add upper case letters aswell Ain't nobody got time for that, may someone else will have a look, otherwise I will do once I got spare time
  13. yea right, works even better, tested image with tolerance of 95 and it will match with 3 stones on the shore. but forgot that cosote made GetVillageSize() to search only a small spot near the reference village coordinates! Changed it to 95. Thanks