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    • Fliegerfaust

      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
    • Leak1337

      Discord Server Closed   09/25/2018

      Hello,   Our discord server has been closed. I will deal with the Discord team to find a solution. There is NO official Mybot.run Discord server atm!   I'll keep you updated
    • monkeyhunter

      MyBot.run V7.6.3 RELEASED!   10/06/2018

      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.6.3!!   This release supports the June 2018 game update and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.6.3 Release

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  3. TH11 queen 40 king 40 warden 20 i want a farm+war clan but happy wherever

    TH11 Max archers GiArch almost all day plus like to play an hour or so too yes telegram
  5. lvl 11 Clan Looking For Members Air+Ground

    After a high donation clan can I join?
  6. TH12 Queen 20 King 20 Guardian 10 I want to get in a farm+war clan
  7. Best lavaloonion settings. Hi all, So I'm pretty new at using MBR.I have a TH12 and I currently have 3940 trophies. I've played around with my settings a little bit trying to attack using lavaloonion with rage and acceleration spells on live and dead bases with 200k+ resources. I'm still not getting any good results, does anyone have any setting tips for this army ? Or what army do you guys thing iso best at this point ? THX yall
  8. Thanks for your reply ive watched. Ow what the bot does. he open the chat, switch to global chat and select the text box so that he can write, but he wait then 7 seconds but don't write. He give the error 'text box is not opened'. i also tried to pause the bot in this 7 secound a and try to type manuell to see if my laptop eventually to slow to recognize any words. But if I Type manuell it works fast and without no problems. So the bot can't write anything - it seems that he don't click on the text bar/box:/ i use memu, 4gb ram and I only run the bot nothing else. and 1 instances do you know why? have a nice day ;-) regards
  9. Problem with three rage spells

    Can you turn on Attack CSV Debug and post the log folder here please. If you cannot find that check box, you need to create a new .txt file inside the folder where your mybot.run.au3/mybot.run.exe is located at name it. "EnableMBRDebug" then restart the bot. How it should look like:
  10. Cannot open Army Overview window

    Hi, Can you turn on message debug and post the log file please.
  11. figured it out. but why I run 3 bots... the third bot say waiting for bot slot.....?
  12. Town Hall: 9 King Level: 18 Queen Level: 20 Botting Hours (per day): 24/7 Manual Playing Hours (per day): Wars etc Ability to use discord? YES
  13. Bluestacks stuck on "Please Wait" "Loading Data" I had a problem with my Bluestacks version so i uninstalled and tried a new routed version. Now any new version i try to install get stuck loading engine. I get the "Please Wait" "Loading Data" indefinitely. I did a factory reboot and reinstalled windows 10 and still have the same problem. Is anyone familiar with this problem. I've looked at other message boards on Bluestacks and cant find any info. This is my original problem before i uninstalled.
  14. Yesterday
  15. lvl 11 Clan Looking For Members Air+Ground

    add me . join your clans.
  16. 7.Seviye KB Ganimet için Ne yapmalıyım ?

    Biraz daha açıklar mısın hocam tam bilmiyorum
  17. lvl 11 Clan Looking For Members Air+Ground

    10 th going 11 . 33 queen. 26 king. using lavaloon
  18. 7.Seviye KB Ganimet için Ne yapmalıyım ?

    dev ve okcu scripti ile ganimet kasıcaksın .
  19. Even better , you have a Smart Farm strategy , bot decides how and where to attack considering the resources.
  20. Edit button

    This Bot is amazing... every day I learn something new...
  21. 7.Seviye KB Ganimet için Ne yapmalıyım ? Kupa yerine ganimet kasmak istiyorum ne yapabilirim yeniyim yardımcı olur musunuz ?
  22. MyBot v7.6.1 Yayında! [11/08/2018]

    merhaba windows 10 kullanıyorum ve mybot kullanamıyorum botu indirip kuruyorum ve bluestack hatası veriyor windows 10 da kullanan bir arkadaş bana yardımcı olabilir mi lütfen çok ihtiyacım var.
  23. reis saldırının yapıldıgı köşenin tam tersinden atıyor kraliceyi çok kötü oluyor. savunmalar anında indiriyor kraliceyi 33 seviye. bence balonların atıldıgı köşeden atsa arkadan temizleyerek gelse daha çok iş görür
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