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  2. Như tiêu đề ạ. Có clan nào auto bot không cho e vào với ạ. Có discord hay mess càng tốt. tkss
  3. sebyleon

    Problema bot

    Salve ragazzi, dopo tanto tempo torno a usare il bot ma non riesco ad avviarlo mi fa questo errore che ho allegato in foto, spero possiate aiutarmi. Grazie.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I tried the images and they are bad, I was going to warn you but I thought it was not necessary, since I used findmultiple.
  6. same here, but it happens to me in builder base, after few hours appears "cloud time" and nothing happens. till i restart the pc but again the same thing i moved to nox*, because i tend to happen more in memu but i got that issue in nox again.
  7. May i ask what you did to make it work? I have same not and same settings for 4 accounts, in one it mess up like this "Try secondary village measuring..." Then it snap to a mortar and get spasms and fail and search war maby once every 3-5h :S Tried remove the most recent obstacles i can see but idk.... It would be nice if we knew where it need to be clean :S
  8. 1) Does the bot see the both scattershot locations? Turn on CVS debug and check locations of buildings found. The CSV debug code will save pre-attack image and mark building locations found and other attack/drop information. FWIW - Image detection is not 100% accurate. Some buildings are detected more accurately (95-99%) than others (60-70%). Buildings that move are less accurately detected. Buildings that are low to ground have more issues too. They can be covered by taller buildings, or hero walking next to it, and never be detected. 2) Read the threa
  9. username: phin Sorry, I posted above but did not see that I needed to include username as well as a display name as a guest.
  10. Please activate my account, I have been trying for weeks with several emails.
  11. let me explain better; if I ask troops to the clan and nobody is donating in the clan the BOT never attacks unless I unchecked the option wait for troops. To overcome the problem, I have two accounts and always donate between the two my accounts. While, it should be possible to define the number of consecutive times that the bots ask the troops in the clan chat and if no body still donate, the Bot attack. I will try to make more simpler; I fix 3 as reference, BOT ask 3 consecutive times the troops in the clan chat but no body is donating... than the BOT at
  12. hello friend send photos what should I remove thanks
  13. I'm using memu and MyBot.run 7.8.7
  14. I did as we wrote but does not change steals the same vill these are the settings help thanks
  15. Set up donations, if it doesn't work let me know and I'll remove it in next version.
  16. Last week
  17. hi to me it does not work does not change acount only works with one profile does not change someone can show you how to do thanks
  18. check the other threads with similar issues and look what fits with your issue, has been posted a few in the last days.
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