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    My forum name is "AriBo" Thanks ! Have a good evening.
  7. MikeD


    please let me know what forum name and I'll check it.
  8. Guest


    Hello, It has been a while since I used your bot. I recently tried to connect, but realized that I'm banned. I think that's because I made multiple account, without really waznting it, because I tend to often forget my password, or even the account I can create (I have multple mails) I know I broke the rules and I'm sorry, it wasn't something planned. Have a nice day !
  9. there is no account connected to your name or email. Try making new forum acc and confirm by email.
  10. Please try again, I removed the "ban"
  11. Please help me I cant view any content or post it said I am banned I don't know why I am banned because I created an account for the first time. Please tell me do I need to be whitelisted to view posts?
  12. Brian, I dont have you on the user list, pending list..... Simply, I can't find you can you make a new accounts with correct email? Thanks! BR Mike
  13. I don't even see the name in pending list ...
  14. Hey, umm is it possible for you guys to manually validate my email?, My username is RaffelTheManiac it would help as I have exhausted my internet and rn it's at 12kbp/s Also as my net is slow I dont know when this msg will reach you guys but right now its 3pm Ist
  15. I changed your PW to your forum account name. Please change it ASAP and send a DM to me when done.. you can not login using your username. you need to use your email address to login.. Enjoy!
  16. Hi. I cannot get the latest versions of the Bot. And i can not sign in using my normal e-mail. I have tried to reset password, but do not recieve any mail. When I want to create a new account the email is in use, so that is the correct adress. Now it seems as if my account has been banned.. Hope you can help. Best regards. Rune
  17. Looks like your account was flagged for spam. Try now ..
  18. My account was banned on the forums, but not sure why, would like to know or get a unban if that's possible. Name of my banned account "abigman"
  19. You need to get a forum account here, and download 7.9.4 release -> fixes your problem.
  20. I meant to add this to the post I am running 7.9.1 and keep on getting this AutoIt Error. Line 85733 MyBot.run.exe Error: Subscript used on non-accessible variable
  21. I am unable to see any forum post. Help Help Help. Thanks.
  22. Email was sent. Check the spam folder.
  23. Hey man, I tried but never got a confirmation email. Long time user.
  24. If you face any issues with validation etc, please comment here. we will get back to you asap. Make sure you don't post your email here. We only need the Username.
  25. Username? m7hm4d was validated 2 hours ago.
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