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  3. Why are you having problems with this? Attack Plan / Train Army / Army / Custom Train :: choose appropriate machines. If you don't have machines selection there, you need to update profile. Simplest way is: Village / Misc / Normal Village :: Locate Manually :: press on TH then select it on village window. Then start bot, wait a while and stop it.
  4. Yok hocam ne kusuru, siz hesabınıza odaklanın ileri de tabiki sizi de aramızda görmek isteriz. İyi oyunlar, iyi forumlar.
  5. Just try to add a new profile.
  6. I'm having the same issue, i guess its probably the Window patch.
  7. I'm in the same situation. Yesterday I played with profiles and couldnt figure it out and ended up just downloading the bot again, which worked. Today I have the same problem and have tried what Chill suggested but no luck. I'll probably try to download the bot again later.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I havent used a VPN or anything just keept botting and until now i havent been banned on any of my 4 accounts (im running them at nights 10-12hours almost everyday) oh but i am using a customized script (not just one that everyone uses
  10. Unzip the Bot into a folder first and then you can run it without any issue @Krusty Krab
  11. Deniyorum umarım bot bu versiyonda çalışır çünkü ilk sayfadakinde çalıştıramadım.
  12. I think I will take a break for some days to see what happers
  13. it seems that the actual ban wave is over. and there are no messages from people who did this and got a ban. if more people use this and this protect our accounts, SC find a new way to detect the bot. it is a cat and mouse play. and SC has the better cards in this game.
  14. help please os =windows 10 8:30:02 PM] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [8:30:08 PM] Replaced BlueStacks ADB with MyBot.run version [8:30:09 PM] Changing Android Emulator config from BlueStacks to BlueStacks2 [8:30:09 PM] Android Emulator BlueStacks2 [8:30:10 PM] BlueStacks2 unsupported render mode 2 [8:30:10 PM] BlueStacks2 (Android) unsupported Graphics Engine / Render Mode, using DirectX/WinAPI [8:30:10 PM] BlueStacks version is but support version 0.8.x - 1.x not found [8:30:10 PM] Android support for BlueStacks2 is not available [8:30:10 PM] Unable to open BlueStacks2 instance 'Android' [8:30:10 PM] Please check emulator/installation [8:30:10 PM] To switch to another emualtor, please use bot with command line parameter [8:30:10 PM] Unable to continue........ [8:30:10 PM] Cannot start BlueStacks2, please check log [8:30:12 PM] ===================== Bot Stop ======================
  15. Use Bluestacks 2.4 / 2.5 from heckis post here...
  16. Inside Resources: Percentage to force attack in one side only. Outside Resources: Percentage to force attack in 4 sides. Debug Smart Farm: Output some debug info or files about Smart Farm.
  17. I recall that some bots had an ability to setup a scheduler or something like that to avoid 24/7 botting. I can't find it in this particular one :-( Did I overlooked it or there is something to help to start/stop game/emulator automagically? Thanks.
  18. Line 55106 Variable subscript badly formatted i am using mybot version 7.8.2 and i have this error: https://imgur.com/a/6Y7gLqL Thank you.
  19. Is it a thing now. Should I use this.
  20. emulator problem please help when i am starting to install the bluestack version 0.10 on my new windows 10 . it stuck at welcome screen and exit automatically . how can i run it or which version will be good ?
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