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  6. The name is already validated and posting …
  7. I did not get a confirmation email. help me in validation of my account. Username: xCaRloS emil end with 49
  8. Guest

    please help me

    I didn't receive the confirmation email from 3 days ago. Please help me so I can confirm as soon as possible
  9. Should be good to go, try now …
  10. Hecki, I couldn't find a way to reply to my earlier post. Yes my email contains 2 x's in the end ****[email protected] Display name is z1nryx
  11. Guest

    No verification

    Hello! I can‘t get my account to be verified. Please help me Username: RoadJDK1
  12. The email was entered as gmali instead of gmail … I deleted the account … try again with the correct email.
  13. Your email has two X’s at the end?
  14. I did not get a confirmation email. Please help me in validation of my account. Thanks
  15. User ROD23 is already registered and verified (with different email address) ….
  16. We have no record for the username or email, sounds like you never completed the registration process. Try registering again with the same info.
  17. Guest


    Need verification. Name: CheeseWiz . email : [hidden]
  18. please help to validate my account i just created an account here sign up but i just waited for 2hrs already but there is no confirmation in my email account username:ROD23 emaild add: [hidden] thank you.
  19. I signed up with the name ezray Email verification wont work tho
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