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  2. hocam 60-60-30 heroları görmedin galiba, ayrıca bu csv hem 11 de hem 12 de kullanılıyor ikisine de uygun. 10 binada kullanılma ihtimali de yok.
  3. when I did this, it just said "warning in debug mode!" no attack now button.
  4. sometimes see the base language of the nullifier the reading fails, some buttons change places even, maybe _MultiPixelSearch is the cure. -------- pd: Please, my other recommendation is to lower the resolution of the bot, it would be lighter and function in laptops; If you need help I went through some tests and I can help you, it is not necessary to change images.
  5. Similar issue as above, Keep getting message of “Error clicking on Army 1 -Pixel was 9xxxxx/ Please edit the Army 1 before starting the bot”.Can someone help shed some light on what that means and tell me fix to correct it. Thanks in advance
  6. i have this problem too, windows10 1803 up to 1809, 1803 didn't has this problem
  7. Yesterday
  8. ciro11


    pues si funciona ,gracias! aunque no entiendo porque el autor no lo edita ,yo le quite un giga y puse 1 lanzarroca mas . Otra pregunta los que usen Memu que version estan utilizando? yo intentando solucionar lo del csv actualize a la ultima 6.0.8 y me da bastantes fallos , creo q volvere a una antigua q iva de maravilla
  9. hmm, the SCID window should not popup out all... Try this: 1. resolve the SCID window for account 2. Under CoC setting disconnect any service like google play etc. 3. Logout/close CoC 4. Pull shared prefs from bot 5. repeat same for all accounts That should resolve it
  10. Do I need to have Bluestacks and MeMu both ?
  11. cosote

    HELP "Bug Error "

    Thx for reporting, will be fixed in next release. Was already reported and documented here as "Smart Farm debug error" Work-a-round described in topic above Cheers, cosote.
  12. Searching a Active FArming Botter clan Im TH 10 lvl 131 Loons: 6 hound: 3 Rage max BK: 16 AQ: 20 Disscord yes
  13. im intrested in joining im Th 10 lvl 131
  14. - Townhall Level : 10 - Hero Levels : BK 16 AQ 20 - Hours per day you bot: 12 or more - Do you war? (If you say yes, we expect you to be skilled and attack every war): Yes - Do you have Discord?: yes
  15. TownHall lvl : 10 Balloon lvl : 6 Heroes lvl (BK/AQ/GW) : 16/20/0 Hours per day botting [1-24] : 12 or more Clan Games participation [yes/no] : yes Clan War participation [yes/no] : yes Disscord: yes
  16. i Woul`d like to join your clan: TH 10 lvl 131 neraly 132 loons 6 Hound 3 Rage Max I Got disscord!
  17. paplikap

    Askerleri Tek Noktadan Bırakıyor

    Askerleri Tek Noktadan Bırakıyor Arkadaşlar okçu basıyorum onuda tek noktadan bırakıyor memu kullanıyorum herşey güncel ayarlar normal sorun nedir ya yardımcı olunuz lütfen kafayı sıyıracağım ne yaptıysam olmadı?
  18. AleBar

    Telegram ошибки

    Как настроить, чтобы скрины приходили? Что тут мешает отображать картинку?
  19. Hey, I'm in the process of updating the old clanhop from Mantasm which I edited back then to make it fit my needs. I need to update the position and the colors of some buttons and add a few buttons aswell and therefore need their position and color. Back then I just enabled the Android Overlay and used a windows colorpicker for that matter, but the android overlay does not seem to work on the Memu Version I am using right now. I'd like to ask if theres a proper way to get these informations of whether Id just have to get the overlay working again by using a different emulator or version.
  20. mitzu2250

    Bot Attacks TH10 when TH9 max is selected

    That in-game tick box only disables the snow storm, not the whole snow theme. (at least this is how it works for me). I don't see any snow storm in the screenshot he attached.
  21. MYBOT İÇİN GEREKLİ EMİLATÖR herkese mrb mybot 7-7 yükledim fakat buna uygun emülatör bulamadım hangi versiyonu yüklemem lazım?birde mybot rootlu versiyonu paylaşacak varmı
  22. mitzu2250

    Waiting for shared folder to get mounted...

    I have the same issue. I fixed it by starting nox manually, opening the game and then the bot. If it doesn't work the first time, do it again.
  23. Barbar Kral Seviyesi:44 Okçu Kraliçe Seviyesi:42 Büyük Koruyucu Seviyesi:20 Günde kaç saat bot çalıştırıyorsunuz:13-14 saat th:11 yaş:36 kupa:3488
  24. Waiting for shared folder to get mounted... the mybot is giving this message of the title and does not enter the game and after the error that the file does not exist. "File not found: C: \ Users \ User \ Nox_share \ E1F2968CCDDBA698C0C2D62326B918AF9CB13E38
  25. baronsavas

    ElectroLoon v3.2 Tüm Askerleri Bırakmama Sorunu

    indirdiğin csv senin köy seviyene uygun mu
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