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  3. disable close coc while training, so he not see that pop up
  4. Disable what ? 🤔
  5. then u can disable it
  6. Close training and then start again
  7. is that popup every time, or only when you use close on training?
  8. what memu version you use?
  9. Just the Memu comes too the front
  10. can you post screenshot?
  11. Memu comes too the front like watching YouTube then i see Memu when Memu starts again
  12. Hi i use close on training but everytime memu opens again it comes up and i need too click it away is there a way i can use it and it doesnt pop-up everytime?
  13. Just take look around or search
  14. That would be a HUGE nice thing, im hoping 🙂
  15. Hi, Please wait on next release (maybe on 7.9.0), I've heard it will support super troops
  16. Hi, Congratulations 🙂 Actually it the way dev team warn you that there is a mistake on your config, please check your spell capacity and the actual spell trained
  17. Hi, Can you post log portion on this? for best problem detection, please always put your log if want quick answer better if you can enable debug message first, you can enable it from bot --> debug --> check messages checkbox so anyone can help and lucky if dev team read on your post, they will answer with a quick solution and add it as fix on next release anyway, I'll try to guessing what was happen and maybe this will be your solution Find this line on MBR Global Variables.au3 this file are on bot folder --> COCBot
  18. Hi, You can try this way: Open your Bot Folder, RightClick on MyBot.run.exe --> send to --> desktop (create shortcut) On Desktop, you will find the shortcut created, Rightclick on it --> properties On target add village-name emulator and emulator instance Click OK to save, then u can start your bot from that shortcut Do it for every account you have
  19. Yesterday
  20. I searched this forum for "Super" but didnt find anything like this. 1. I Know you put down a LOT of time for this awsome bot, so im very humble in understanding if it is not easy. But i mean, when we get new "normal" troops you can implement them so im not sure why it should be impossible to add theese (?) I can understand if it adds complexity because their position maby is different depending if we activated multiple Supertroops... But maby that could be solved if we have checkboxes for what supertroops that are activated, to tell the bot how the training window will loo
  21. Thanks for the reply. As I stated, I could do this, but this is not my preference and thus not a solution. Perhaps a developer could shed some light on this matter.
  22. As a temporary solution you can try to pause the bot the first time it loads coc. I get this problem the very first time in a day that i start the bot, but after it restarts the loading of the account one time, second time it's in time.
  23. Local $iCount = 0 While 1 _ExtMsgBoxSet(1 + 64, $SS_CENTER, 0xE00000, 0xFFFF00, 12, "Comic Sans MS", 480) $sText = $sErrorText & @CRLF & GetTranslatedFileIni("MBR GUI Control Tab Search", "Func_chkSpellWaitError_MsgBox_01", "Click YES to close this warning message") & @CRLF $MsgBox1 = _ExtMsgBox(48, GetTranslatedFileIni("MBR GUI Control Tab Search", "Func_chkSpellWaitError_MsgBox_02", "YES, I Understand Warning|No"), GetTranslatedFileIni("MBR GUI Control Tab Search", "Func_chkSpellWaitError_MsgBox_03", "Wait for Spells Warning!"), $sText, 30, $g_
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