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    Saldırı şeklin neydi öğrene bilir miyim?
  3. No , I It runs on BS v4.80 . I am running it . anyway . Assuming that U have installed nox and saver ur acc there . Follow these steps - 1.Go to the profile folder in ur mybot folder. 2.In the profile folder , U will see ur profiles for each individual acc . Go to each individual profiles. 3.In each profile , u will see a config.ini file . open it using notpad. 4. Here u can see the underlined emulator & instance . Change Bluestacks2 to Nox and instance Android to nox. save it and done. Do it for every profile u have. use the text document as reference.New Text Document.txt
  4. after update , and dosen't work for builder base attack can you help ?
  5. Today
  6. Can U make a lavaloon csv which decides to attack from one side in one base type and from 2 or 3 sides in other base types ? God Bless u I am not arguing over it . U can choose to use whichever u like . I am just saying is caz the members of my clan that got banned , all were using csv like lavaloon , giarch , e-drag etc as I spoke to them . So maybe SM prevented the ban . In the end its u who got the ban not me . I am not saying only but majority were csv users. So yeah!! Whatever>Regards
  7. Bot behaving weird ? Doesnt apply to me . It doesnt donate caz it doesnt seems to know whether its in clan chat or glodal chat, but apart from that I am getting no error.
  8. باید برای حل مشکل زبان را در تنظیمات تغییر دهید
  9. I think, that SC implemented several detecting Routines. These detecting Routines Set flags. One Day in a month SC scan with another code all account. Each account with x flags will be banned. I am sure, that SC ban accounts with more than one bot indication. They must Do this because each detecting Routine not works 100 percent. If they only Ban account with x different flags, they Do Not Ban account who Do Not use bot. I am botting with a clever csv File. This File scannen the base and decide, from which side the attack starts. Not all attacks are equal. I am not a friend of smartfarming. SC can collect to many Data from smartfarming because to many Player use this. More Data makes it easierer for SC to programm a effective detecting Routine. AT the end it is impossible to let the bot Run and SC can Not detect it. The bot can never Run human like enough. And if the bot Run only 2 hours per Day, for example, the bot makes no sence. I wonder why SC attack us farm Botter. The Botter who attack in war with the bot destroy the game. If These guys stop farming with the bot and only attack in wars, they can't detect.
  10. This is what i was saying when the new focus on fair play was announced. Just this alone would pick out all MBR users with basically 0 legitimate players caught up in the shuffle. Then just keep this list and anyone on the list who has been reported for botting gets auto-banned in the next wave. Or if they want to be more aggressive, flag people with > 500 attacks or whatever.
  11. MB will never support event troops. So go on and do normal farming
  12. Are you sure csv can't deside where to attack? I targeted DE storage and TH!
  13. Ok no worries. You guys are so awesome for making this bot. It really does make the game fun! Drew also thanks for the heads up. Sounds like you guys have it under control and we look forward to an update!
  14. Obviously guys its the new update that removed global chat thus removing the tabs and shifting everything up. Gotta give the devs time to fix it
  15. You're my hero! Thanks buddy!!!!!
  16. Yesterday
  17. mine is doing the same exact thing. help!!
  18. I've been playing on KOPLAYER the last few days, fresh no SCID connected or Google. Was at TH4. Then just used the bot to start COC instance on KOPLAYER, not do anything. Literally just open COC to the play screen. Then up comes the your banned permanently again... wtf. I think I've had enough...
  19. abandon donate problem when trying to donate, the bot opens clan chat, but when it scrolls or something. it opens the myclan page settings page..
  20. same problem. it opens the clan chat and then it opens the myclan page/settings... when trying to donate
  21. I use vanillabuddy (https://vanillabuddy.com) i use their fish bot since wow classic started (re-relesed). the are releasing a grinding but soon, atleast that is what they say on the forum.. so i give my approve on that :)
  22. You can not tell us your shitty theories. It's not interesting. If you are so scared just uninstall bot or don't botting.
  23. Alguem está conseguindo utilizar o bot depois da atualização de hoje? 16/10/19 Olá, alguem está conseguindo utilizar o bot hoje depois da atualização do jogo hoje?, estou utilizando o bluestacks na versão ( Corrigindo não está funcionando nessa versão do bluestacks acima citado! o Bluestacks fixado em dowloads está funcionando normalmente! obrigado
  24. SPY1


    Sadece ölü köylere saldırı yapıyordum. Ekstra bişey kullanmıyordum normal saldırı yapıyordum. 1800 2000 kupa arasında gidip geliyordum. Köyüm full olmak üzereydi 2 top kalmıştı sadece. Tavsiyem bundan sonra bota bağlamayın bu işin üzerine gitmeye başlamışlar galiba beni uyaran olsaydı bırakırdım botu. Son 1 ayda çok kişi banlanmış.
  25. this right here exactly my point. SC would never target a lower TH in lower leagues for account sharing. but they do for bots/mods like your test proved.
  26. yee the 24/7 troop donation spam like "crazy" is still running crazy
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