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  2. well thanks, but now include it in the latest release too. Ive had to create diffs from source with this file for a few months now, sometimes I forget to tidy the file before starting, resulting in me either having a 300kb diff file or me having to go back and removing every single one of about 30 blocks from it. I know its literally the biggest #1 world problem ever, but I just snapped yesterday. lmao
  3. Remote code execution bug lurked in BlueStacks Android emulator "Severe vulnerabilities have been publicly disclosed in the BlueStacks emulator which granted attackers a way to remotely execute code on vulnerable systems." https://www.zdnet.com/article/remote-code-execution-bug-lurked-in-bluestacks-android-emulator/ nice, maybe update bluestacks, yes? lmao
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  5. Training troops hello guys, sometimes it happens that the bot does not download all the troops, creating problems on the construction of the army for the next battagla, I was wondering if it was possible to add the option "Use quick train" - "Previous army" to prepare only the troops actually used and do not unbalance the preparations of the armies. It would be really welcome and useful. Thank you
  6. old-duffer

    New Update

    Hopefully someone familiar with MEmu will help --- I'm using Bluestacks.
  7. giovi1996

    Cerco clan

    Cerco clan Inutile allungarsi in chiacchere. Cerco un clan di bottatori estremi come me...
  8. jldbrito

    New Update

    I downloaded it, and you do not want to attack at all, what do I do? he gets this direct error! [01:32:56] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [01:33:00] MyBot.run is authenticated [01:33:24] Stopping MEmu.... [01:33:24] Please wait for full MEmu shutdown... [01:33:29] MEmu stopped successfully [01:33:41] Starting MEmu and Clash Of Clans [01:33:41] Please wait while MEmu and CoC start... [01:34:09] MEmu (MEmu) running in window mode please help me !
  9. I keep on getting a popup I keep on getting a random popup in memu 3.0 that says "Google is slowing down" in a grey box with white text and it causes mybot to restart COC. It might've said something different but I have no idea what it means or how I could fix it. Can anyone help?
  10. Sobre Atualização Quando sera feito uma nova Versão do bot?
  11. depends on who's in your clan. We have a strict policy in place and everyone helps around the clan.
  12. Here you go, @almdudler! MBR GUI Design Child Village - Donate.au3
  13. There is no ETA. This topic has been all over the forum, suggest to merge. Please dont make another post like this if the same topic already exist.
  14. Before June Update, these versions work well and it's pretty inconvenient to change the distributor because of the network issue.
  15. iToolsAVM in English https://mega.nz/#!FCQRwAxI!BMPDGiOI0X4f9_LpeJGrOi4O1KZpdyfZMT-7PD9YQBM Dont use Clone to Make New Instance! Compatible with OpenGL and Directx! Enjoy it! VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4dc115be2dd22a9c40f308ccca083e63f3496bdf8c82bb59c225fd7633b4aada/detection
  16. would be nice to be in a bot clan but kinda to risky at the same time ill think about it
  17. Yesterday
  18. HubOnline

    New Update

    I g Got it up and running thanks for the help!
  19. kraal teşekkür ederim kullanıyorum şu an iyiymiş bu da
  20. here are some fixes the update for bot wont be coming any time soon https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/39962-new-update/
  21. clash of clans updated clash of clans has been updated and bot is not working to start looking for villages, attack layout has been changed, when will it be resolved?
  22. not sure about that but i have no problems
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