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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
    • Fliegerfaust

      v6.5.3 Released [Fully working with December Update]   01/11/2017

      New Version which fully works with this years December Update can be found here:  

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  2. I dont know about the history of clash of clan but i have been informed that it was a copy cat of MBR. I can recommend you to download our bot and use it. Then you can compare our performance vis-a-vis *********. Then choice is yours. But i can assure you that you will forget about ********. Good luck.
  3. Arkadaşlar yokmu bir kimse bana biraz zaman ayırıp yardımcı olacak koyum 11 olucak 1 gun kaldı bana uyar mı bu bot uyarsa nasıl bi ayarlama yapmam lazım
  4. My bot vs. Clash farmer help Hey guys i have been using clash farmer (free version) for a long time but I read its a rip off from mybot? Can someone clear that up for me.Should I delete clash farmer and download my bot ?
  5. Army error drop Found dead grounds, mybot clan only use soldiers, other soldiers did not drop at all, look forward to help, thank you!
  6. bot saldırı ayarı banada lazım arkadaşlar yardımcı olun
  7. Yok
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  9. i don't know the exact cause but if there are more than 4 req in chat (or 3) b0t sometime don't donate. or if there is constant chat, like moving req upward, (this happens with me too)
  10. This mod is nearly perfect for me. There's only one thing I'm missing to be really perfect. Is it a big thing to implement the follwing: I use the smartupgrade. But i would prefer, if it checks first, if continous hero upgrade is activatet and if yes, it should first try to upgrade a hero. If no hero is aviable for an upgrade the smartupgrade can do his work.
  11. To further assist people, I've made a script that does work essentially every time (for those suffering from MeMu -> Windows Basic theme). There's a lot of custom setup to it though. This is the batch script: del /q %homepath%\Desktop\MyBot-MBR_6.5.1\Profiles del /q %homepath%\Desktop\MyBot-MBR_6.5.1\lib\ImgLocDebugData xcopy %homepath%\Desktop\MyBot-MBR_6.5.1\Profiles.bk %homepath%\Desktop\MyBot-MBR_6.5.1\Profiles start "C:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmu\MEmuConsole.exe" MEmu timeout /t 15 /nobreak net stop UxSms net start UxSms start /D "%homepath%\Desktop\MyBot-MBR_6.5.1" MyBot.run.exe exit Here's some rules you'll have to follow: You need a "Golden" set of preferences for the bot. Close the bot, Delete your "Profiles" folder, and start the bot again. Configure it how you like it, Close it, and rename the "Profiles" folder to "Profiles.bk" Your MBR folder must be on the desktop If you don't use 6.5.1, you must update the folder name to say the same version. You must have installed MEmu to the default location, if you didn't, you must update the script. If you find it's still in windows basic, you may have to extent the "timeout" line from 15 to 20/25/30, etc. Copy the above script and save it as a batch file, or download it from the links below: Mirror 1 Mirror 2 This will likely be my last attempt to workaround the issue as I have found it to be working incredibly well for well over a week now. Best of luck to all!
  12. enparanın kartı ile 5 tane açtık farklı zamanlarda sorun yaşamadık adresi açık ve net şekilde yazdığın sürece sorun yaşamazsın diye düşünüyorum gerekiyor enpara tercih etme sebebim o kestiği 1 dolarıda geri iade ediyor olması
  13. spell

    ok i got u what u were trying to say...ill come with another idea next time....which would be possible to make
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  15. Clash royale bot hakkında Clash royale botu var mı mybot'un
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  17. 90% isn't bad. Thank you, HAIL MBR
  18. Th: 9 Level: 127 Archers level: 6 Have War Base For FWA 24/7 Bot
  19. herkese bol gaimetler benim bir sorunum yok çok şükür o gün nasıl yaptıysak hala çalışıyor. işin garip tarafı üstünden bir sürü update geldi .ben hala o modda devam
  20. You can use the CC spells on CSV ... Example , you have 3 EQ and 1 on Castle .. - Deploy 3 EQ and than RECALC ( the bot will proceeds with an attack bar detection and detect the Castle Spell ) and deploy the Castle Spell ... Most of CSV are using it ...
  21. spell

    The problem is you clearly don't understand how this bot works or can work. As @TripleM mentioned bot atm can't detect anything moving or changing and I doubt it will. Bot detects the health bar in attack bar not on the field. Atm we have spells drop -tiles from red line and sometimes it's not so good, would like to see spell drop near DE or TH. with also adjustable -tiles. Bot will never drop spells like a human being.
  22. spell

    Health bar haves the same color as some other stuff on screen and is to small to make a pattern.
  23. Такой же бот но для другой игры Supercell Добрый день уважаемые, разработчики и администраторы, хотел бы к вам обратиться за помощью от сообщества игроков игры HayDay(Supercell). Посмотрев как прекрасно работает MyBotRun, хотелось бы узнать есть ли возможность сделать аналогичного бота для нашей игры HayDay. Цель бота, сажать растения, собирать собирать растения, выставлять продукты на производство, продавать товар гостям и отправлять грузовики с заказами, конечно в идеале еще и использовать 2 дополнительные локации с рыбалкой и город. The same bot but for another game of SuperCellHello dear developers and administrators, would like to you to ask for help from the community of players of the game hayday(SuperCell).Looked like works great MyBotRun, I would like to know is it possible to make a similar bot for our game hayday.Bot Goal to plant trees, to collect plants, to exhibit products to the trade, sell the item to the guests and to send the trucks with the orders, of course, ideally still and use 2 additional locations with fishing and city.
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