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  2. @Chilly-Chill We are waiting for the update Release time specified? Thank you for your efforts
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  4. its normally on the 14th and 28th of the month after a big update. I have a feeling its tmrw since there hasn't been a ban wave in a year.
  5. Donations to Mybot team please lol
  6. vay be foruma bak şaşırtıcı forumda 300-500 kişi online olurdu hayalet olmuş buralar başarılar herkese
  7. Agreed. Couple of notes on developer v7.91 release that might help others:
  8. Works for me too. Th14 😀👍 Some noise detected: *Not Detect TH14 (or any other Th14 buildings) **Use SmartTrain (Quick Train not tested) ***Use old Th13 profile I Think we can use it while wait for next Official uUpdate Regards
  9. Update: MBR v7.91 is working with TH14 upgrades, BUT: Building auto detect used with new profile generates an error. DO NOT start a new profile. DO NOT move your buildings and use the locate TH, CC, or Lab buttons on Normal Village tab. With TH14: basic farming, requests, donation, and manually located upgrades; all work with upgraded TH, CC, and Lab. Note for trophy push or legend league users: CSV attacking still works TH13 and below. BUT: CSV attacking a TH14 base may not work well. Bot does not have images for new building leve
  10. It works fine with old TH13 profiles (I assume manually editing THlv to 13 in building.ini works as well?)
  11. Yes, mybot is still working if you are not at TH14 yet. I will not upgrade to TH14 until I have finished all upgrades for TH13.
  12. Bot is working if you don't have TH14 yet
  13. Dude they JUST dropped TH14 goodness. Patients is a fleeting virtue.
  14. Reported by others already. V7.91 Bot can not detect new TH14 building levels with auto detect and fresh profile. No one has properly documented the error yet, which means no one knows what is bork'd either. Please follow the guidelines for reporting a bug, or you have to wait.
  15. I open the bot, I can not get away completely, I deleted it and reinstalled it because the problem is on my computer, but when I can find the town hall and the clan castle, it fails in the lab and turns off the bot emu remains open [url=https://hizliresim.com/dP4H8r][img]https://i.hizliresim.com/dP4H8r.png[/img][/url] Error code.
  16. Its a common error , occurs everytime, when new th arrives, I didn't encountered this error because I knew this might happen. I used th13 when locating th and then changed Id.
  17. It is an error of the previous version, soon to update the mod.
  18. No errors just continuously try’s to collect achievements when there are no more to collect
  19. My boy is getting stuck while trying to collect achievements!! Any help?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Have patience. MBRCHAT was not removed from service intentionally. MBRCHAT is hosted on a private owned server. When there is hardware failure, it can take awhile for admin/owner to procure new hardware and reload the server. Once we had major hardware failure on Friday, and chat was down for entire weekend waiting on parts. Patience. The Bot is mostly working after TH14 update. No one has posted any images or debug information that bot is not working in forums? It is expected that MBR will not recognize any of the new TH14 buildings, or leve
  22. no problem my old bot after TH14 manual zoom MyBot 7.8.9 r01 Light works
  23. Looks like you guys updated to TH14 with that error. This bot isn't supported on TH14 yet. It is working fine on my TH13s. You guys are going to have to wait for the devs to update the main bot first.
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