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  2. Nah it was working until today so not mobile data problem. And I don't have any antivirus on computer too. As I said it stopped working today.
  3. Try using wireless, maybe your mobile data is low speed and doesn't allow pictures to load. I was talking about antivirus on your computer. It can prevent the picture to be uploaded to telegram.
  4. I'm using mobile data and I'm not using any antivirus on my mobile
  5. Seems to me like there is no error message but the picture is not loading on your device. Are you using mobile data or wireless ? Other things you can try is to disable antivirus if you have any.
  6. Screenshot Option not working for Telegram Notification. Please help! https://photos.app.goo.gl/3MRpREZYiVCde98X9
  7. Today
  8. TH - 10 Loons - 6 Hound - 2 rage - max haste - 2 lvl - 123 Crystal League 1 - 2428
  9. Magnuswlange

    How is this 100 % full?

    2x100 % full collectors mean the rest probably would be 50 %. If you did 4x50 % you would get less.
  10. mitzu

    How is this 100 % full?

    Why do you this it needs 2 100% full collectors to attack ? Can you please post the screenshots with your attack settings?
  11. Magnuswlange

    How is this 100 % full?

    How is this 100 % full? Needs 2 100 % full collectors to attack, sometimes attacks collectors that are not 100 % full like this: https://imgur.com/a/NzpCUgP Why, how, fix?
  12. mitzu

    Can anyone help mme, im not an PC expert.

    Hello, Can you please try moving the bot to a generic location like C:\ or D:\ ? I think there's an issue when the path contains spaces. In your case, your username "rondini filho".
  13. mitzu

    my bot keeps making archers

    So you're using Quick Train feature ? This is known to have some issue in training archers.
  14. Chilly-Chill

    How To Drop All Sieges Empty or Not

    @daun7 please include the image that you are trying to use as the replacement and I can help you troubleshoot.
  15. _Sephiroth_

    [GUÍA] Cambiar Cuentas Usando Shared_Prefs

    Para usar ahira como hago? No sale de la pantalla de cambiar ID
  16. hepary

    혹시 다중으로 킬수잇나요?

    다중 계정 설정하면 봇과 에물 하나만 켜놓고 멀티로 돌릴 수 있습니다. 프로필에 프로필 전환이 그 기능입니다. 멀티로 돌리는건 이전 구형 방식입니다.
  17. daun7

    How To Drop All Sieges Empty or Not

    i cant get the bot to drop the empty ww either. I have followed your steps but it does nothing. using the latest bot. Have tried all the settings but nothing works.
  18. my bot keeps making archers i have my bot set to lavaloon attack but lately its making archers only and thats not in my quick train...anyone else experience this?
  19. Use QuickMis(); Maybe you find it easier.
  20. Chilly-Chill

    How To Drop All Sieges Empty or Not

    @Boldina PM me so I can see what you mean.
  21. Boldina

    How To Drop All Sieges Empty or Not

    I can help you
  22. Chilly-Chill

    How To Drop All Sieges Empty or Not

    @Boldina Which 3 images? And ya I was thinking the same thing, just need a few more photos and some logic.
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