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  1. 1st question ans:U need to check these options if u want to use empty siege machine 2nd question ans:U need to define value greater then 0 and less then your trophies. set it to 1
  2. Fahid.Mahmood

    Fix October Laboratory Time Position Change

    u got me there because of your comment i just checked that is 7.6.5 released? It's after October update and in last 7.6.4 and off course will be in previous versions too. U can apply this fix safely to your 7.6.4
  3. Send me your log file and error message not in written form it's pix. Or it's better u first extract 1.4.1 because u try to edit the file yourself. Use original code and then share above 2 things which i asked.
  4. It's not my code that u fixed i believe u try to edit on your own and created the bug and after that fixed it to like it was u can see this is the original code and there is no bug Kindly Open Single Player and Do Nothing just take photo from mybot and share that with me. For the time being Uncheck Skip Drag To End. OR Complete 1 mission of Goblin Xp your issue will be gone.
  5. Kindly share the English msg. and when are you facing this issue explain a little
  6. It is fixed as after October update it was broken. It will be in next release hope so which will be today or tomorrow confirm.
  7. Please can you share your log and deadbase settings screen shot.i will try to reproduce and fix it. If you have discord U can join our mentioned discord channel in 1st page and share log there for fast conversation thanks
  8. Thank u for reporting i will have a look that why is our code is different like u tell. But make sure you are not saying about SmartFarm because in Smart Form Giants Got Drop in bulk
  9. Those who want to use GOBLIN XP mod please don't unlock your goblin missions if you want to make xp faster like before I am working on it to improve it. But If you unlocked the new missions then off course Bot has to drag from bottom to top to find Goblin Panic Mission. Nothing i can do to make it faster.
  10. You need to check the option "Drop Empty Siege Machines" And for live base attack or dead base attack. And make sure u select Drop cc type to siege machine
  11. Thank you for reporting it looks like some pixels change because of the clan hop mod is broken after october update it will be fixed in new release thank you for reporting
  12. Rename this image u can find at this path \imgxml\AttackBar\ EventTroop1SkelBar_100_93.png To EventTroop1SkelBar_100_91.png Try and let me know if it works for u. Here is the guide have a look.
  13. Fahid.Mahmood

    Fix October Laboratory Time Position Change

    @TripleM mate i updated the fix as this was reported to me that laboratory not working for him after investigating found out the fix i purposed earlier is not complete.
  14. It will not be that fast as before becuase of 25 additional goblins mission. But i will try what i can do to improve it thanks
  15. Ok thank u i will have a look.