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  1. qandeel.moh

    Official MyBot 7.6.6 [r03] Light MOD++

    I think its know issue now. Next version will be solved you are using 11+ slots. Try to use less than 11 slots that will fix this bug for now
  2. qandeel.moh

    High cpu usage

    I think you can run maximum 6 with this CPU. I have the same one
  3. qandeel.moh

    Mybot svchost virus problem....

    Because its using autoit. Windows thinking its virus. Open your windows defender and make exception to mybot folder
  4. qandeel.moh

    Zoom problem

    Are you using last version of bot? What memu version you are using? Check your obstacles sometimes its at the same points where the bot try to click and zoomout
  5. qandeel.moh

    Official MyBot 7.6.6 [r03] Light MOD++

    Hi , I tried to find the code for the builder base attack, before it was in the forum. Can I have it ?
  6. qandeel.moh

    Mybot 7.6.6 bug: Grand Warden Boost Button not found

    Have you located the warden? Dod you use same profile? Try new profile
  7. qandeel.moh

    WHen 7.6.6 ?

  8. Hi. Because theses are twmoorary fixation and thw next release of mybot you din't want this things. So If I change all CSV now ,after update I need to change them back. And its good thing if you try to change it by yourself. And start playing in yhe CSV file. That give you idea how it work and maybe you will do for us in the future
  9. No the reason of it that supercell made game wider so now some buildings can be on the very external edges
  10. Temporary solution for CSV working on external edges Hi I understand that some bugs are there in all CSV that I made or others made, not all troops dropping and some spells I would like to suggest a temporary solution until new releases come for some spells I don't have solution only wait the release for troops: Open any CSV you want to apply using Notepad + then for example your troops is loon, lava, giant you need to check them vector. |VECTOR_____|INDEX______|QTY_X_VECT_|TROOPNAME__|DELAY_DROP_|DELAYCHANGE|SLEEPAFTER_|___________| DROP |A |2 |1 |giant |0 |0 |800-1200 | | DROP |B |2 |1 |Lava |0 |0 |800-1200 | | DROP |C |2 |1 |Ball |0 |0 |800-1200 | | So now we know A for Giant, B for Lava and C for Balloon. next step is looking into the upper side you will find each vector has a direction and dropping point as example this : MAKE |VECTOR_____|SIDE_______|DROP_POINTS|ADDTILES___|VERSUS_____|RANDOMX_PX_|RANDOMY_PX_|BUILDING___| |A |FRONT-LEFT | |0 |INT-EXT | | | | |B |FRONT-RIGHT| |0 |INT-EXT | | | | |C |LEFT-FRONT | |0 |INT-EXT | | | | As you see here Next step is look at the ADDTILES for the vectors related to the troops We decided A,B and C. them ADDTILES is 0 ( change 0 to 3 or 4) now that means it will drop the troops more far from the previous and that will decrease the bug you will face. I have reported back from other users that this way works. No risk if you try. it could work or not. Thank me if it will work , don't hate me if not
  11. qandeel.moh

    smart farm solution after the update

    For the first time in game becuase if you have different troopa the bot will not be able to remove and edit your troops. Of course you need to set in in the bot as well
  12. qandeel.moh


    It work with me with and qithout as long as sieges available and 3 heroes. External yes
  13. qandeel.moh

    smart farm solution after the update

    Smart farm will not use spells. If its csv then dont use poison and see if this will help