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  1. Try it... With 2 cores maybe
  2. qandeel.moh

    I am back!

    Welcome Back boss
  3. For attack now button . Do this in mybot folder make new text file and rename it EnableMBRDebug.txt
  4. qandeel.moh

    Reserve Builder for Heroes change byselfe

    Go to mybot folder. Choose the profile you wish to change the reserve builders number. Open the the profile folder, then open config.ini Search for word reserve by ctrl+f Change the number there to the number you wish. Before all this make sure your bot instance for this profile closed.
  5. qandeel.moh

    Replacement for rocket chat

    Im using it in android Rocket chat The server name : www.mbrchat.com You need to type www.
  6. qandeel.moh

    MyBotrun Log issue

    Sometimes obstacles are there at zooming out points. Can you take photo of your base? Or remove all obstacles at the edges up right and left. And down near to boat
  7. qandeel.moh

    Memu 2.5 not working ?

    Try memu 2.7.2 i felt its the best. Most of people like 3.6.9
  8. qandeel.moh

    Upgrade Warden error finding button

    This solved in next version. 7 button warden
  9. qandeel.moh

    Using bot on Google VPS is slow.

    I was using google VPS in the past. So I may be wrong about this , make your VPS at the highest ram and whatever then download the COC Do type supercell ID. I think it will be faster. Then if you using multiple accounts better to use shared pref . After finishing everything downgrade your system to what you think its perfect.
  10. qandeel.moh

    Using bot on Google VPS is slow.

    Memu will never work in google VPS . Becuase no GPU. try bluestack it will work
  11. qandeel.moh

    Official MyBot 7.7.2 [r03] Light MOD++

    I think its know issue now. Next version will be solved you are using 11+ slots. Try to use less than 11 slots that will fix this bug for now
  12. qandeel.moh

    High cpu usage

    I think you can run maximum 6 with this CPU. I have the same one
  13. qandeel.moh

    Mybot svchost virus problem....

    Because its using autoit. Windows thinking its virus. Open your windows defender and make exception to mybot folder
  14. qandeel.moh

    Zoom problem

    Are you using last version of bot? What memu version you are using? Check your obstacles sometimes its at the same points where the bot try to click and zoomout