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  1. Make sure the language is english, if the language of that screen not in english it will not log in.
  2. It read balloon as rage

    Sure , thanks
  3. Hi, I tried your mod yesterday and I found my computer hanging with 8 instances, But with the official version it works without problem. is this mod heavier than official version because it has many features? Or this can be improve in the next versions?
  4. It read balloon as rage

    It ead balloon as rage I don't know why the bot read the balloon as rage, I changed my whole army in CSV because of this issue. I redownload the bot same result here I post the debug attack and image https://i.postimg.cc/KYvVmpSN/image.jpg debugAttackCSV.log
  5. thank you , its working now
  6. the machine not using abilities in the newer version, previous version it was I don't know if this will help [10:14:37 AM] BB: Troops Ready, code: D2D2CB [ 0 ] [10:14:38 AM] BB: Loot available. Will continue, code: 0x666A68 [10:14:38 AM] BB: BMachine ok [or not exists], code: 0x382109 [10:14:39 AM] BB: Click Find Match Button, code: [ FFCA4A ][ 0 ] [10:14:53 AM] ====== BB Attack ====== [10:14:53 AM] BB: Attacking on a single side [10:14:53 AM] BB: Drop Troops - Slot[ 1 ], code: 0x [ 0 ] Num:[ 8 ] [10:14:57 AM] BB: Last Slot Color [ 1 ], code: 0x464646 [ 1 ] [10:14:58 AM] BB: Click Next Slot, code: 0x4892D3 [ 2 ] [10:14:58 AM] BB: Drop Troops - Slot[ 2 ], code: 0x4892D3 [ 0 ] Num:[ 81 ] [10:15:02 AM] BB: Last Slot Color [ 2 ], code: 0x454545 [ 2 ] [10:15:03 AM] BB: Click Next Slot, code: 0x4C92D3 [ 3 ] [10:15:04 AM] BB: Drop Troops - Slot[ 3 ], code: 0x4C92D3 [ 0 ] Num:[ 81 ] [10:15:07 AM] BB: Last Slot Color [ 3 ], code: 0x454545 [ 3 ] [10:15:08 AM] BB: Click Next Slot, code: 0x5092D3 [ 4 ] [10:15:08 AM] BB: Drop Troops - Slot[ 4 ], code: 0x5092D3 [ 0 ] Num:[ 8 ] [10:15:11 AM] BB: Last Slot Color [ 4 ], code: 0x464646 [ 4 ] [10:15:12 AM] BB: Can't Find Next Slot, code: 0x3B5B95 [ 5 ] [10:15:14 AM] BB: Can't Find Next Slot, code: 0x343636 [ 6 ] [10:15:14 AM] BB: Drop Battle Machine [10:15:16 AM] BB: Click BM, code: 0x487188 Slot:[ 5 ] [10:15:37 AM] BB: Checking Battle End [10:16:16 AM] BB: Okay Buttom. [Ok]. code: 0xE2F98B [ 0 ] [10:16:17 AM] BB: Wait Okay Buttom [end], code: 0xFFFFFF [ 0 ] [10:16:23 AM] BB: Okay Buttom [end], code: 0xDDF685 [ 1 ]
  7. Hey chief we are missing som files

    I think you need to stop the antivirus then redownload it
  8. Your opinion about balloon deploying I made this CSV today I feel it work food, but I’m not sure about the loons deploying if its safe to use. Does it look like 8 fingers somehow or bot like? I need comunity opinion so I will try it then upload it in website.
  9. drop fast 1k trophies? 5400 --4500

    why do you need csv to drop trophies? you can use heroes ,
  10. TH9 DE farm help

    I already shown my setting in this post its for th10 and 11. you need to change the army from miners to 16 giant and the rest archer this the only thing to change plus your army slot from 260 to 220 and follow everything in the pictures https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/32-town-hall-level-9/
  11. TH9 DE farm help

    the magic thing for DE you need to activate smart zap you will find it under option column
  12. NOT UPGRADING BUILDING IN SOME SITUATION Hi, I observed that if the elixir and gold and dark building are boosting it will not get upgrade, because one extra message will come that do you want to stop boosting . I'm not sure if this also for boosting heroes.
  13. Price of your vps

    Google cloud one year for free I have with them last year and I renewed now with different Email but they need a credit card for verification they will cut 1$ and refund after few days