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  1. It can be many things, no one has had that problem, or you extracted the files wrong or you have a new village theme.
  2. Apparently it is not an AIO error but it is a MyBot error, I haven't touched the notifications part recently. Just disable notifications. Fixed in the next version. This always clicks when you open the screen at the bottom to select the correct war, because this code is used in other critical functions like stop for war and must be accurate. I do not know if that is what you expected from the answer or if I understood your question.
  3. When you use training you have to disable strict training. Disable exit afther cycles
  4. in what sense ? Sorry, you are using an old version, the new version works better than the conventional donation, it uses a completely new system and it doesn't make sense to use GTFO anyway since most people ask for a specific troop. Try the latest version. And with respect to the standard attack, i dont change anything related to attack speed. What works slower?
  5. Func AndroidMinitouchClickDrag($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2, $wasRunState = Default, $bSCIDSwitch = False) AndroidAdbLaunchShellInstance($wasRunState) If $g_iAndroidAdbMinitouchMode = 0 Then If $g_bAndroidAdbMinitouchSocket < 1 Then SetLog("Minitouch not available", $COLOR_ERROR) Return SetError(1, 0, 0) EndIf TCPRecv($g_bAndroidAdbMinitouchSocket, 256, 1) Local $recv_state = [@error, @extended] Local $bytes = TCPSend($g_bAndroidAdbMinitouchSocket, @LF) Local $send_state = [@error, $bytes] If ($recv_state[0] Or $send_state[0] Or $send_state[1] <> 1) Then If $wasRunStat
  6. GTFO : Increase cycles Smart Farm: With smart farm I decided to use the original bot configuration by default, but add options that you can try. Activate option four in smart farm. Thanks. It is impossible for it to fail, the second instance is called Memu_1 not Memu_2. Please read the error message carefully next time. Nox : 1 Nox_1 : 2 Nox_2 : 3 Is zero based.
  7. Nox or last version of memu... Please, the forum rules state that we must speak in English. I'll check. Recompile the bot.
  8. Friend, I have tried drop trophies and it works, I have not made changes there, I should try resetting the configuration.
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