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  1. delete profile and try with memu
  2. If you have a problem tell me, you can even use the latest version and it will work.
  3. Try not to use the bot a lot, for example, use it only 4/6 hours a day.
  4. If they want to ban you, they can do it at any time.
  5. Possibly a compilation error, I'll try to fix it, greetings and happy holidays if you celebrate.
  6. I am not a fortune teller. You must indicate that the bot was doing at least. I also recommend if you want to help more, you must run the script, try to cause the error since this will give the error at the exact point that it is failing. PS: TRY DISABLE HERO UPDATE.
  7. OpenCV does not use alpha channel (does not support transparency), that is the good thing about this system (dmatch). The problem is that there you have 4 open memu, and memu is not exactly the most optimized. By default the DMatch is configured for 32 cores, it exploits the cpu to the maximum, try one.
  8. No, it is essential to zoom in to get the measurements of the village.
  9. Did you check that the original bot supports it? Check the last option, it is more efficient.
  10. It's already hard to get the bot to donate.
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