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  1. I tried the images and they are bad, I was going to warn you but I thought it was not necessary, since I used findmultiple.
  2. Set up donations, if it doesn't work let me know and I'll remove it in next version.
  3. It doesn't work because it was recently updated. It doesn't work because it was recently updated.
  4. I can do it but I don't have time. As soon as I have time I will. You have to detect the x and remove the spells and create an dummy troop for drop.
  5. Sorry this works for me, I'll check back later when I have time.
  6. Who said it doesn't work? Do you have a log of something? It is a new troop and it is not added, please before reporting these things check that they work in the original bot in the same base version. I am waiting for the new version.
  7. The bot contains documentation. Go to notifications> Help.
  8. Go to profile, open your accoun t in the emulator and pull
  9. The bot is not to blame, it is the fault of the Supercell that is looking to avoid bots, it is best to use shared prefs .
  10. Buy an APU like A10 6800k. The operating system I recommend is Windows 10, mostly because of the emulators. The operating system that I recommend is a reduced version of Windows 10, mainly for compatibility with emulators.
  11. I'm sorry this doesn't happen to me and if that's what I can't do anything. No, it wouldn't make sense because it takes a long time to change from one process to another.
  12. I design this, if I have time sir. It is an error of the memu console, I have not touched anything there.
  13. I have not tried quick train but looking at the code theoretically it does not work completely. (a couple mybot versions ago) Specifically in the "CreateQuickTrainPreset" part, it should look something like this: Func CreateQuickTrainPreset($i) SetLog("Creating troops/spells preset for Army " & $i + 1) Local $aRemoveButton[4] = [535, 300, 0xff8f94, 20] ; red Local $iArmyPage = 0 If _ColorCheck(_GetPixelColor($aRemoveButton[0], $aRemoveButton[1], True), Hex($aRemoveButton[2], 6), $aRemoveButton[2]) Then ClickP($aRemoveButton) ; click remove If _Sleep(750) Then Retu
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