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  1. I love that you are so attentive to everything. But do you have a factory or what?
  2. I'm sorry, I don't remember changing that, all that is original. Surely you lowered sleep too much.
  3. https://www.clashofstats.com/
  4. Why is _SleepMilli and _SleepMicro used instead of Sleep ?. Why is _SleepMilli and _SleepMicro used instead of Sleep ?. In _Sleep func. Curiosity.
  5. The bot is based on original Mybot, and also has anti-ban features, such as random sleep, in the future I will add more features, try not to use smart farm at the moment, do not use the bot all the time on until i add again random waves. Ignore them, they are only haters, do not show images with evidence or explain their configuration.
  6. All bots are insecure, you must use them in moderation and under your responsibility, I am not to blame for having had the bot 24 hours, my codes are random, if you use the bot more than 24 hours late or use super xp late early They will realize. Could you tell us what they used the bot for? The code does not differ too much from the original in attack.
  7. Ok Just this vacation I was improving the random, and if there is a difference, it practically cuts all the thousands of seconds as much as possible, this will make the bot unstable without a doubt, it is designed to add more time and make the bot more realistic and reduce consumption of the cpu.
  8. I have the code ready, also to improve the machine and I plan to design the wall, they do not fit the GUI, I am thinking of adding a new tab; Just let me vacation. Remember the elementary school pacman, he always eats the biggest, you have "<" and ">", you have less dark elixir than required, the village will attack.
  9. I'm sorry, I can't help you in 20 days, I'll try to fix it before. I had to launch it fast for the holidays.
  10. The saving system works slightly diferent, in order of troops the saving system is different, the rest is the same, I recommend deleting the profile before updating the bot.
  11. Half balloon, half minions, throw half balloons, throw balloons first.
  12. Install 7zip (free, and open source) or winrar.
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