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  1. You can humanize the bot with total ease. It can be completely random.
  2. It's very simple, I will do it. You just have to add + Random (0,100,1) to Sleep and To click. There are hundreds of other things for which they can catch us. This must also be done to the "Attack Click". Important changes must be made to the training system and the "loop" that seems very repetitive to me. The most important thing would be to change the resolution for a more conventional one.
  3. Perhaps it is uneconomical for Supercell, updating the clash of clan to 64.
  4. Then let us all be banned.
  5. [Question] Is mybot resolution conventional? Is mybot resolution conventional?
  6. Difficult in Autoit, not impossible. Exactly, which prioritizes statistics instead of logs.
  7. https://kil0bit.blogspot.com/2018/10/64-bit-android-version-supported.html Is it very difficult to use google? The biggest problem is not the emulator, it is the method that will be used in 32-bit mybot to communicate with 64-emulator, I suppose it can be done by ADB commands.
  8. I do not understand why people are masochists, memu is the solution, do not complicate.
  9. This is not a bot problem, it is an emulator problem. I personally would use the GTX 1080 which is much better.
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