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      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.6.4!!   This release supports the June 2018 game update and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.6.4 Release


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  1. ***v1.4.1*** **IMPROVED AND FIXED** -- Logo Made By @turbomalum -- Drop Troops more humanely in Smart Farm Mod By @ProMac -- October Update AttackBar Spells OCR Coordinates Changed bug fix By @ProMac -- Request CC reported crash fix By @Fahid.Mahmood -- Default improved recommended farming settings for profile By @Fahid.Mahmood -- October Update GTFO Mod Fixed By @Fahid.Mahmood -- October Update Stop Bot For War Mod Now Support CWL & Fixed By @Fahid.Mahmood -- October Update Laboratory Time Fixed By @Fahid.Mahmood -- October Update Goblin XP Improved & New States By @Fahid.Mahmood -- October Update Builder Base Troops OCR Coordinates Changed When BMachine Present By @Fahid.Mahmood -- October Update Bot Humanization War Mod Fix By @Fahid.Mahmood -- October Update Bot Humanization Improved & Fixed By @Fahid.Mahmood **REMOVED** -- October Update SC Improved The Heroes Recover time When Boosted So Hero Boost Time Check Mod is not needed.
  2. ***v1.4*** **SPECIAL THANKS** -- Thank you so much @ProMac for helping me Regards @Fahid.Mahmood **UPDATE** -- Update to MBR v7.6.4 **ADDED** -- Drop October Event Troops Mod By @Fahid.Mahmood **IMPROVED AND FIXED** -- October Update Builder base Drop troops of slot 1 Fix By @Fahid.Mahmood -- October Update Laboratory Troops Time Remain Fix By @Fahid.Mahmood -- Builder Base OCR read correct slot troops size Fix By @Fahid.Mahmood -- GUI/Mod performance improved and mod size reduced By @Fahid.Mahmood -- Forecast MOD logic improved by @Fahid.Mahmood -- Chatbot When Emulator Nav bar position set to bottom reported by @Sigi Fixed by @Fahid.Mahmood -- Cannot open Army Overview window Fix By @Demen -- Troop/Spell drop in CSV after hero activation Fix By @TripleM -- Better and improved Queue Troops detection Images for Smart train and Smart queue system By @Fahid.Mahmood -- Smart queue system precise queue spells bug fix By @Fahid.Mahmood **REMOVED** -- Theme MOD removed due to size and consuming more ram by @Fahid.Mahmood
  3. **v1.3.1** **Added** -- Boost Seige Machines By @Fahid.Mahmood **IMPROVED AND FIXED** -- Fix MBR7.6.3 not donating spells by @demen -- GTFO not working issue reported by @dutchy fixed by @Fahid.Mahmood -- Attack Now for testing csv for any village by @Fahid.Mahmood -- CC config crash fixed reported by @espx fixed by @Fahid.Mahmood -- Bug Unable To Find Upgrade Button For Heroes When has Boost Spell Or Healing reported by @Kut fixed by @Fahid.Mahmood -- Switch to Builderbase improve based on BB trophies or Clean yard to work standalone @Fahid.Mahmood
  4. **v1.3** **Added** -- Builder Base Remove Obstacles By @Fahid.Mahmood -- Don't retype text when request troops (just once) Added By @Fahid.Mahmood Original Author @ChacalGyn -- Drop trophy using Balloon when tier 1,2 troops not found Added By @Fahid.Mahmood -- CSV Test Attack now Button for Live and Dead base Added replicating original attack behavior By @Fahid.Mahmood **IMPROVED AND FIXED** -- Unable to determine Lab Status on Nox due to different pixel Reported By @BananaNinja fixed by @Fahid.Mahmood -- GoblinXP slot 11+ crash & config Reported By @Narey fixed by @Fahid.Mahmood -- CSV deployment Speed value fixed by @Fahid.Mahmood -- Reset GoblinXp states too on click of Reset states @Fahid.Mahmood -- GTFO not training donated troops Reported By @Viruz fixed by @Fahid.Mahmood -- Account Switch remain time not reading Fixed By @demen -- Russian Languages by @rulesss
  5. **v1.2.2** **Added** -- SM MOD updated to Official 7.6.3 @Fahid.Mahmood **IMPROVED AND FIXED** -- Super XP instead of attacking fixed. @Fahid.Mahmood -- Chinese Language updated translation by @yeongann
  6. **v1.2.1** **IMPROVED AND FIXED** -- Smart train Queue missing images Fixed pointed by @Boldina -- Switching accounts failed in new GooglePlay Update Fixed By @TripleM -- Chatbot Improved & Modified. Bot will switch back to English if Chatbot fails at any point after in-game language settings was changed to any other language. -- Thanks to beta tester @CruelIntentions which help me with feedbacks and continuous testing on 6 bots on 1 pc. By @Fahid.Mahmood -- Fixed Russian Languages by @rulesss
  7. We will work on the training system until it becomes perfect.
  8. **v1.2** **Added** -- Auto Dock, Hide Emulator & Bot Added By @Fahid.Mahmood Original Author @NguyenAnhHD -- Farm Schedule Added By @rulesss & @Fahid.Mahmood Original Author @demen -- Enable & Disable GUI on pause and resume @Óðinn -- Drop Empty Siege Machine Mod By @Fahid.Mahmood Solution Credit @SpartanUBPT **IMPROVED AND FIXED** -- Reported Lab Detect Crash Fixed @Fahid.Mahmood -- Reported Request CC Crash Fixed @Fahid.Mahmood -- Mod Tabs New Look and Feel. @Fahid.Mahmood -- Smart Train Fix. @rulesss -- Smart Queue System balloon and lava detection fix @rulesss -- Smart Double Train make donated troops bug fixed. @Fahid.Mahmood -- Auto Laboratory improved & wall breaker value fixed. @Óðinn -- Switch from mini to main GUI cause Mod tab to be Empty bug fixed. @Fahid.Mahmood -- Attack now button messing Shields status GUI bug fixed. @Fahid.Mahmood -- Chinese Language updated translation by @yeongann -- Drag And Drop Troops improved @ahsan iqbal
  9. What kind of training do you use? For example, smart train will be fixed in version 1.2
  10. Thank you for your support. I will add this feature to the next version