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  1. Simbios Team: Developers: @rulesss @ahsan iqbal @Fahid.Mahmood @Óðinn Beta Testers: @mantaka @SirSlurp @WhitePony @GBNutzer @ZerGo0 @turbomalum @Randall Forte22 @[email protected] E U S Based MBR 7.6.4 Add Smart Train by @demen Add Max logout time @mandryd Add Check Warden Mode by @MantasM Add CSV Special Commands by @MR.ViPeR Add CheckVersion Add Multi Finger by @LunaEclipse Add Unit/Wave Factor by @Samkie Add Classic Four Finger by @mhazwankamal @rulesss Add Boost for Magic Spell by @rulesss @demen @BOLUDOZ Add Upgrade Management by @MMHK @TheRevenor Add Wall/Building Upgrading Priority by @Óðinn Add Skip receive/request CC if limit is higher by @ahsan iqbal Add Attack priority by @ahsan iqbal Add Priority System by @Óðinn Add Check Collector Outside by @McSlither @TheRevenor @Samkie Add Russian Request by @kychera Add Request troops for defense @demen Add Return Home by Time by @rulesss Add Builder Time Status by @demen Add Request CC First by @MMHK Add Check Hero Boost Time @ahsan iqbal Add Goblin XP by @MR.ViPeR @ProMac @rulesss Add Forecast by @AwesomeGamer @rulesss @kychera @moebius14 Add Humanization by @Roro-Titi Add Switch Profiles by @TheRevenor Add NEW ChatBot by @rulesss @[email protected] @BOLUDOZ Add Smart Queue System by @ahsan iqbal Add One Gem Boost by @ahsan iqbal Add Check Stop For War by @demen Add GTFO by @[email protected] Add Drop Trophies in Builders Base @ChacalGyn Add Change Theme @Raif Add Lab Level detection by @Óðinn Add NEW Logo by @Z E U S Add Drag And Drop Troops by @ahsan iqbal Auto Dock, Hide Emulator & Bot Added by @Fahid.Mahmood @NguyenAnhHD Farm Schedule by @demen Enable & Disable GUI on pause and resume by @Óðinn Drop Empty Siege Machine Mod by @Fahid.Mahmood Solution Credit @SpartanUBPT Builder Base Remove Obstacles by @Fahid.Mahmood Don't retype text when request troops (just once) by @ChacalGyn Boost Seige Machines by @Fahid.Mahmood MyBot-MBR_7.6.4_Simbios_MOD Simbios Discord: https://discord.gg/GuC2qWc Changelog