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  1. This is the change I made to DropOnPixel For $j = 0 To UBound($arrPixel) - 1 Step $offset Local $index = Round($j) If ($index > UBound($arrPixel) - 1) Then $index = UBound($arrPixel) - 1 EndIf Local $currentPixel = $arrPixel[Floor($index)] Local $x = $currentPixel[0] + random(-5,5,1) Local $y = $currentPixel[1] + random(-5,5,1) If $j >= Round(UBound($arrPixel) / 2) And $j <= Round((UBound($arrPixel) / 2) + $offset) And $g_bIsHeroesDropped = False Then $g_aiDeployHeroesPosition[0] = $x $g_aiDeployHeroesPosition[1] = $y debugRedArea("Heroes : $slotsPerEdge = else ") debugRedArea("$offset: " & $offset) EndIf If $j >= Round(UBound($arrPixel) / 2) And $j <= Round((UBound($arrPixel) / 2) + $offset) And $g_bIsCCDropped = False Then $g_aiDeployCCPosition[0] = $x $g_aiDeployCCPosition[1] = $y debugRedArea("CC : $slotsPerEdge = else ") debugRedArea("$offset: " & $offset) EndIf If(Random(0,7,1)=0 And $skip=True) Then SetLog('Skipping drop troop') Else If Number($y) > 555 + $g_iBottomOffsetY Then $y = 555 + $g_iBottomOffsetY AttackClick($x, $y, $nbTroopByPixel, SetSleep(0), 0, "#0098") SetLog('currentPixel(x,y) :' & $currentPixel[0] & ',' & $currentPixel[1]) SetLog('Pixel(x,y) :' & $x & ',' & $y) EndIf $nbTroopsLeft -= $nbTroopByPixel Next I add +/- 5 pixels to the output, and drop 1 in 8 pixels and let the 'drop remaining troop' routine handle the excess troops.
  2. I investigated the troop deplyment problem a bit more and found smartfarm uses redline. This means the deployment of troops tries to follow the perimeter of the base. So attacking a base with the same layout will have the same deployment but you will not find the exact same base when farming so adding random to DropOnPixel is not needed. However, deploying equal number of troops on all attacking sides in every attack is IMHO a problem. I am trying to understand how smartfarm calculate coordinates for troops deployment to prevent this. A simpler solution would be to 'randomly skip troop deployment' in DropOnPixel and let the 'drop all remaining troop' routine drop all the skipped troops.
  3. I think he was looking for something a little more complex, maybe a neural network analysising base layouts and selecting the best csv to use?
  4. https://filehippo.com/download_bluestacks_app_player/
  5. Bluestacks multi instance is only avaliable in BS3 and BS4.
  6. Excellent idea! You just need the help of these guys https://www.deepmind.com/ who developed this https://deepmind.com/research/case-studies/alphago-the-story-so-far and this https://deepmind.com/blog/article/alphastar-mastering-real-time-strategy-game-starcraft-ii and the fianicial backing of https://abc.xyz/.
  7. A possible automate method for identifying a bot could be.... Is the game running in a emulator? yes Is the resolution square? yes Are the last x number of attacks identical? yes pass account to human for verification. So it's best to check your script and ensure it does not do identical attacks.
  8. Townhall Snipe The townhall snipe function needs to be restored or a way of avoiding bases with the 'townhall on the edge' needs to be added. I just watched one of my accounts attack a 'funny/troll base with the townhall on the edge' with a scripted dragloon and it was not funny...... In the past when the townhall snipe function was avaliable I would set the bot to snipe the townhall and end the attack. I guess it's time to stop botting on that account for six months and see what happens.
  9. This may help...... It was posted after the October ban wave.
  10. Did you read the link? You're welcome! So far, the reported bans I have seen in the ban thread that uses CSV, all don't or only partial use the RANDOMX_PX_ and RANDOMY_PX_ feature. I personally think Supercell at some stage in their ban process, use a program to compare the attacks from a account. It is difficult for a human to visually determine if a 'well scripted attack on the right base' is done by a bot, and Darian even stated he knew a professional pianist who can deploy troops that look like a bot. But a program can easily verify if all the attacks were identical.
  11. Yes..... but can you do exactly the same attack, pixel for pixel, everytime?
  12. It means once they have identified your account as breaking their TOS they will put it on a list and ban in a batch or a wave. Some accounts are delayed ie put in another batch for the future. This is to prevent the developers of the bot from trying to find out what method they are using to detect the bot. They stated this in a thread on the Supercell forum sometime ago.
  13. This why Supercell ban in waves. Were all 11 accounts using SmartFarm and the same troop composition?
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