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  1. Does it matter? The bot will now go and farm another 1 million of resources before it upgrades another wall. Worst case scenario, you have 1.99 million of resources when the event ends which could have been used to upgrade a wall.
  2. Add option to ignore Builder Base wall upgrade Please add the option to ignore Builder Base wall upgrade to the official Mybot. Option already avaliable in
  3. This is a 'open source' project. The developers donate their free time to the project. Any updates to the project will depend on how much free time they have.
  4. The consensus here is the 'ban process' is in 3 stages. 1) Automated detection of bot activity / report by another player 2) Analysis of account by trained moderator using SC developed tools (SC has already stated this) 3) Account is placed on a 'banned list' and will be ban in a wave. The purposed of this is to prevent the bot developers from to trying to deduce the method of detection. IMHO once a bot account is at stage 2 it is dead, it maybe banned in the next wave or in a wave six months from now. The only condition when a bot account may not be ban is if there are too many accounts for the moderators to process and the account is towards the end of the list. What is being discussed here is stage 1. ShaneOss's research shows SC has contracted the automated bot detection to a third party and if the third party does not do get the data it needs to analysis the account then the account would never get to stage 2. The counter argument is if the third party does not get the data your account will be automatically placed in stage 2 as only a bot account would try to hide the data.
  5. Sorry to hear your account got banned. Which edrag CSV did you used? How many hours per day did you run the bot? Was it during the night or day? Did you enable 'Random Click'? Did you enable 'Close While Training->Without Shield'?
  6. The problem is the bot doesn't 'hold the icon', it clicks the same pixel x number of times. People should enable 'random click' to avoid this.
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