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  1. Delete imgxml\Attack\Search\LegendLeague\LeagueDayEnded_0_92.xml and replace with LeagueDayEnded_0_96.xml
  2. Bot only supports 4 SCID accounts.
  3. MyBot is coded in AutoIt which works on Windows only.
  4. Maybe you inadvertently changed these settings.
  5. You use AIO mod right? You best ask them as they made a ton of changes to the Android stuff. I have no problems getting Nox working with multi instances in the official bot.
  6. Thanks. I will add this to v7.9.1
  7. Here is a hint: The village size is about 500 pixels X 500 pixels. It is divided into 20 x 20 drop points. The distance between drop points is 500/20 = 25. The RANDOMPX_X and RANDOMPX_Y is -18 and 18. Which means +-18 pixels on each drop point. So each drop point is crossing into its neighbour. I will let you figure out the solution.
  8. As one of the part-time developers on this project, I can tell you what you wanted 'fixed' is not simple. I am pretty sure the others wouldn't be touching that part of the code. Have a nice day!
  9. And here is the problem, a non programmer telling you coding is easy! FYI all the original developers, except one who was last seen at the beginning of January, have moved on. None of the current developers wants to spend hours looking throught someones code to try and understand how it works. The code is written by many different people with little documentation. Unless it is a 'copy and paste' job, like adding a new troop, it is unlikey anything new will be added.
  10. The code is open source, you will find the repos here, https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/tree/develop I look forward to beta testing your simple solution!
  11. This is not a bug! MyBot is a farm bot NOT a donation Bot.
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