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  1. Do you have the Clashy Constructs Scenery? Do you want the Bot to work when you have selected it in you home village? Put these 2 files in imgxml\village\NormalVillage treeCC-614-110-68_0_94.xml 1.45 kB · 7 downloads stoneCC-149-466-73_0_94.xml 1.37 kB · 6 downloads DO NOT attack live bases. Use them at your own risk.
  2. https://www.bignox.com/blog/noxplayer-6-0-3-0-release-notes/
  3. The only potion the official MyBot uses is the 'training potion'.
  4. This function does not exist in MyBot or in any current MODs on the forum.
  5. Download current version, v7.8.5
  6. You can try it.....good luck..... FYI: Windows 10 IoT is not the same as Windows 10 for x86.
  7. A new troop and about 30 new clan game challenges were added in v7.8.5, these will be missing in the v7.8.4 ini files. You will probably find Clan Games may not work with all the new challenges, not a issue if you don't run Clan Games!
  8. The SuperTroop images are in v7.8.5. Standard attack and SmartFarm will deploy them. For scripts you need to use SuperBarb, SuperGiant, SuperWall, SuperWitc, InfernoDrag and SuperArch.
  9. Yes. My advise is don't tick Precise Army and Double Train. The bot doesn't recognise SuperTroops in QuickTrain and can get confuse if the army composition is not perfect. I would only use SuperTroops to collect the rewards, it is not ready for use in farming.
  10. Wait for version 7.8.5, that will have the updated clan games.
  11. bot will only deploy supergiants in "standard attack".
  12. By default the bot does not delete CC request. The easiest way to solve the problem is to download the bot again and start new profiles.
  13. I use ADDTILE=0. The debug image is generate by the bot. It is how the bot 'sees' the village, the drop points you defined in your script if not shown on the image. If you only define 1 DROP_POINT you will get the same image.
  14. Not a bug. ADDTILES=4 means you are trying to drop troops on the forest or on the beach!
  15. You are just trying to get one extra attack in. Increase the botting time or increase the number of attacks. The time and effort needed to add that code would be better use in other parts of MyBot.
  16. I just want to find out if people use QuickTrain in MyBot and if so how do you use it. Do you 1) setup 1 army and use that army all the time, 2) setup 3 armies and let the bot mix them, 3) something else..... in each case do you donate troops?
  17. No. MyBot uses AutoIt which runs on Windows.
  18. use 'Standard Attack', not working with smartfarm in 7.8.4 hotfix
  19. Create a temp folder and move Wiza_100_92.xml into there.
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