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  1. well, i don't really use the bot selector, there's a far more easier and organized way to launch your bots; but i'll help ya since you asked for it. you have to add a new setup, 1. click new setup 2. type the profile you wanna use 3. select the emulator (Nox) 4. select the instance name, the main nox in named (nox) any other instance you create will be named in this sequence (nox_1), (nox_2) so on. so for your case it'll be (Nox_1). then select the bot directory, then you're all set. for the second issue, let's say you're trying to launch 2 bots, 1 for your profile named (main) and you're using your first inctance with it (nox) and another profile named (second) and you're using your second instance (nox_1). so you opened a command shell and you don't know what to do, type this Mybot.Run.exe main nox nox this will launch you first profile, with your first instance. for your second instance and second profile type this: Mybot.Run.exe second nox nox_1 if you need anymore help, msg me on mbrchat or here, and i'll try to help you. there's also a file you can create that makes your life much easier (better than the bot selector) so also tell me if you need help with that.
  2. I definitely would like to see that in the future, but here's a quick solution if it's really annoying you, P.S this isn't mine.
  3. Bunu önerdiğin için teşekkürler, beğendin mi?
  4. hello marc, i believe i've answered you before about this issue but i'll do it again, we all forget don't we? i'm afraid you forgot to check this subforum's name "help and support" which means you're on the wrong section, please refer to "bot general discussion", for any non related support questions. refer to this section only when you're encountering a problem with your bot, and need help solving this problem. in regards to your request, currently there isn't a bot that has a functional goblin xp, they're all outdated :/. BUT the next version of AIO mod does have goblin xp, so please stay tuned for that, because you clearly don't have any other option. check this image for proof:
  5. got a question about a command that i saw in one of the old csv's i was browsing the archived csv's the other day, and i stumbled upon an old csv that when it came to the DROP command, amount of troops (QTY_X_VECT_) was in percentage, e.g 50%, 100%, and it's quite impressive to know such command exists; but i fail to find this feature mentioned in this guide, so is the percentage an improvisation the author made or is it some sort of a hidden feature that isn't mentioned here? @DUC4TI, lol no i don't mean the wait command, i mean the drop command under quantity. check this out https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1awO6_5-sRTUXg3RmloZk5yVzg/view. anyhow, thanks for all the dev's that are keeping this guide up to date, and actually creating such detailed guide in the first place!
  6. i'm totally aware of the rocketchat, but i hate using it. i really liked the discord though, it's way more friendly? most of us have discord accounts. discord has emotes, roles, you already know the rest:). would love to see a discord server again, at the same time would understand if you won't do a discord server (is leak still banned?)
  7. you have to set the drop trophies option, lower than your actual trophies.
  8. never really gave it much of thought, but now since you mentioned it it's kind of interesting. i don't think i'll ever quit, (yes at some point i'll forcefully quit due to external factors), but at the moment i don't think i'm planning on quitting. i'm having fun this way, creating fun csv's in my free time and testing them out on my account and improving them, is a game for me. the game is just time consuming and fully depends on attacking (whether for getting resources to improve your army, or attacking in wars for enjoyment) and to enjoy any attack you'll need a strong army which requires alot of time to reach. it's not about the botting is "addicting", no. it's about how the game is focused on time, rather then quality. so never:)
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