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  1. I believe you can find, download, and install the Nox Android Emulator here: https://en.bignox.com/ Some hints about switching over to Nox: 1. As suggested by another, get your first instance set up and working before cloning more. Be sure that you create your first instance using the Android 5.1 option in the MIM ! Do this by clicking the blue "Add emulator" button at the bottom and select "New Emulator-Android5.1". 2. Create a shortcut from Multi-Instance Manager (MIM). Right click on it, and open the properties screen. At the end is a "-clone:Nox_4" option. That "Nox_4" (in this example) is the instance number you need to use. 3. Start the instance from the MIM and connect it to your correct account. (Use GooglePlay and log in with the credentials you used when you created the account. Go to the CoC settings screen and DISCONNECT and CONNECT to get the right base connected to that window.) 4. Try starting MBR from a DOS box command line like: C:\Users\Bob\Desktop\Clash\MyBot-MBR_v7.3.2\mybot.run.exe {profilename} Nox Nox_4 Here I used the same instance number example, Nox_4. You MUST get this instance number field right. The profile name needs to match the one suited to your base. Obviously your path name to MBR will be different than mine. 5. You can rename the row in the MIM to anything you like. I use the instance name and Base as "Nox_4 MyBaseName" to make it easy to invoke the right base manually later. 6. Use the Settings button on that row of the MIM and set to use "Low" performance, custom screen resolution of 860x732 DPI=160. Set DirectX rendering, and you need one of the Virtual buttons (home, recent, back). Set FPS=20. Save settings. 7. Repeat this laborious process for all of your instances, but start by copying the instance that you set up and already have working. This saves you a lot of time. You can move them around in the MIM display if you want to re-sort them. That won't affect the instance name. 8. @cosoteprovided this command in case you want to dump the MIM's list of instances: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Bignox\BigNoxVM\RT\BigNoxVMMgr.exe" list vms This provides you the set of instances, but might be in a different order than the MIM display. Create the shotcut if you loose track of the association of instance numbers and rows in the MIM display. I tried playing with the memory on Nox. I tried setting to custom sizes of 512 MB, 640 MB, and 768 MB. None of them worked. So I went back to 1024 (Low setting) and have good and stable results.