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  1. Using the mod my bots do not donate siege machines (slammers). Is this common for this mod? Tried everything in MBR GUI I could think of to fix this. Essentially I have to bird-dog the running instances to keep them attacking the main line during the period I'm using it to attack on the BB side. Donating sieges works fine using the main line MBR for me. Note that I'm using double train and donate from queue. I'm using Nox5210. Running 3 instances.
  2. Thanks. I had to bite the bullet and replace my profiles. Yikes. Attacking now. Thanks!
  3. Does this mod do attacks on the BB? I see it going to the BB, collecting, attempting to build, etc., but not attacks.
  4. I just saw a similar situation with battle end. I had a single bat pinging on a gold store. You were waiting for battle end, but timed out before the battle ended. Seems like waiting up to 3 minutes from the start of the battle would be the correct time limit? Line 158 in the AttackBB file: If __TimerDiff($timer) >= 120000 Then I guess it should be 60*3*1000=180000 Finally, I had trouble with your mod finding the home screen on the main base after a BB attack. I switched from Nox5210 to MEum 606 and it seems to be working.
  5. I have been seeing many BB attacks where your mod doesn't donate any troops. The issue turns out to be that you have a hard coded 60 second wait. My bases are seeing clouds. The 60 seconds expires, then MBR with Chilly-Chill continues on its merry way while the clouds remain on the screen. So I am making this change to test and see if this stops happening: COCBot\functions\Village\BuilderBase\AttackBB.au3 128: ;Return False /*Comment out */ If you think you are pressing the "CANCEL" button on the attack screen in this case, let me assure you that you are not. Thanks to @Solchael and @Florence666 for their help today. (I hope that's the right "Florence" person.)
  6. Suggestion: Activate clock tower any time it is avail. and no loot is available for =>7 hours. Why: Will speed up the base with no negative impacts. More loot. Faster builds. Won't impact the next time you can use the boost for a series of attacks to get your daily 3 wins. Thanks Upon completion of a battle the log reports "Battle Successful". In 1 out of 1 trial the battle was lost. It did an attack. I hesitate to call it a success.
  7. Use the Nox "Multi-Drive". There should be an icon for it on your desktop. You can't "rename" the instance names, but you can find them. The top one is "Nox". Assuming there are not gaps, the next one is Nox_1. Then Nox_2. If you press the "Create Shortcut" button you can look at the shortcut properties and see the correct Nox instance name (if you are not sure). Create the short cut, then right-click on it. Select "Properties". You will see the Target name like ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Nox\bin\Nox.exe" -clone:Nox_4". There is the instance name at the very end there...Nox_4 in my case. Once I am sure of the Nox instance names for each entry in the Nox multi-instance manager, I rename them to the Instance name followed by something meaningful. Like "Nox_4 GMail-Name" or something useful that helps me keep all 16 of the straight. Be sure to start your MBR profiles using the fully specified command line: "mybot.run.exe {ProfileName} {EmulatorBrand} {InstanceName}". I've never actually seen it "walk down" a list of Nox instance names like your picture is showing. I always use fully specified command lines. As a bonus, I always run the .au3 file instead of the .exe so that I get better crash information. I also run without the watchdog so that when a crash happens I have a chance to notice it later. But we'll leave those steps for later to avoid confusing anyone here...