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  1. Yeah, someone's literally 'cloning' his opinion over and over.. I'm glad that most of you guys hasn't got anything more to say about this topic, clearly since no one will benefit from this 50-page chatter.
  2. Can't you see that guy spamming the same thing about "needing a straight answer", for about 35 pages? lol I can reach 200 posts in a week like that, stop talking nonsense. This thread has been going on for 50 pages, and the real reason why you guys are still chattering is that there's no real action, supercell said "several weeks", and you guys are starting over and over about something that hasn't even stated clearly. "getting inputs from everyone"? No one has little more information than you have, and trying to raise debates won't do anything, it's like saying zero plus zero is ten. Honestly I don't spot any difference between you and the people screaming duplicate topics for mybot update after some changes in COC.
  3. So why are you quoting everyone with different viewpoints other than yours and saying the same sentence over and over? You're like a 12-yr kid crying out to the audience, afraid about someone throwing evidence that you don't want to believe. Can't you make ANY decisions that solely comes out from your own head? Just bot or don't bot, and don't bot if you're afraid of losing your account.
  4. Well, since no one cares that you started botting, whatever, so just go home and read this:
  5. Nice clean-up, this deserves couple of upvotes. You guys can just calm down and stop spamming meaningless topics about world's end, this is just a game, and those who are devoted to their accounts could stop the bot and get away (or at least try to get away) from getting a ban, while some others who don't care can continue. I doubt that anyone holding inside information at SC will leak anything, so trying to bluff up more information from the botters won't do any actual good.
  6. Nice ideas, personally I'm hoping No.2 to be added, since it'll be really convenient.
  7. GetRusty


    This isn't a bug, and you should "read" the forum section description for a minute before posting your problems.
  8. GetRusty

    New Update

    After modifying the script, Mybot.run.exe needs to be reconstructed. First install Autoit. Then, right-click the Mybot.run.au3 file and click "Compile Script (x86)". Then you can launch the .exe file.
  9. 단순 접속 불가였던 것 같은데, 이유는 잘 모르겠어요. Forum 혹은 Reddit을 찾아보면 사이트 접속 불가 시에 인증 오류를 회피할 수 있는 방법이 나와 있습니다.
  10. HI Guys! oWo Glad to use the bot, some love to the developers.
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