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  1. Excuse me... When to update the 7.7.8 Legend Cup bot. thank you. Very need
  2. click on "donate" ㄑ===have then click the window away again ㄑ===no
  3. Sorry, I am from Taiwan, I don't know English, I use Google Translate. After downloading ClanHop 2.2, set the extra delay to 500. This issue has been resolved. But another problem has occurred. Many times, soldiers will not donate.
  4. [上午 08:24:29] ------------------------------------------------------------ [上午 08:24:29] Amount of Giants available at least: 32 [上午 08:24:29] ------------------------------------------------------------ [上午 08:24:29] Giants donated in total: [上午 08:24:29] Spells donated in total: 2 [上午 08:24:29] XP gained: 10 [上午 08:24:32] Enough Elexir left to continue donating for now. [上午 08:24:32] Joining a new clan. [上午 08:24:38] 'Join Clan'-Button not visible! Starting over. [上午 08:25:28] Couldn't locate Mainscreen! [上午 08:25:28] Village Report
  5. attack now button Add immediate attack now button.
  6. I am currently using version 7.7.5,but no attack now button.
  7. Hi~I am from Taiwan Now what version has the attack now button?
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