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  1. What he said, or you can change it manually in mybot.run folders
  2. Hello! I am sorry to have you realize this, but this is a BOT, not a MOD. MODS are able interfere with the game itself and would be able to do what you mentioned above, although you would get banned instantly. BOTS just follow a script. Mybot.run is not meant for wars, so wouldn't be able to track them in the first place. If you want to download replays, just use a screen recorder and record them on your emulator or phone. I hope this helped! If you found this helpful, please give this an upvote!
  3. No of course not! Also unless your'e totally blatant with 8 finger gibarch ect then you won't get banned. I am up at the danger zone for 5 months already: legends league. No bans ever.
  4. If a building is about to finish and its say, 10mil gold, set "min gold to save" value to 10mil. Then the bot will be able to upgrade the building while doing walls at the same time. Hope it helps and if it did, give me an upvote!
  5. Free donation bot here...... Hello! I have a spare max th12 and theres no room in my fwa clan so if anyone needs a donation bot, msg or reply here.
  6. Hello! For the bot, "deadbase" means how much the collectors are filled.
  7. Looking for Vps Hello, I have been botting 24/7 with 2 instances and a crypto miner up and thats probably definitely bad for my electric bills, so does anyone use VPNs to bot, I use 1-4 instances at the same time. Any with lengthy free trials/high quality?
  8. Just bot using separate instances, don't use profile switch!
  9. If you have a problem with it, do it yourself, the code is right there in front of you dude. The devs can't recode update the bot instantly bruh. Please tell me your'e joking!
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