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  1. When I had this error, it usually fixed itself by restarting it a few times.
  2. Check your internet connection, it seems the bot cannot verify you through the forums. (They connect to forums to do update searches, making sure everything is working properly, ect)
  3. I think you might (?) have accidentally messed up the "profiles" folder. Try submitting a bug report.
  4. How many instances/profiles for the emulator are you using?
  5. You can root your emulator in "general" instance settings, and set it to Speed(DirectX) in the advanced tab. In the bot, it should be in the android tab.
  6. Just curious, when you were testing how long it would loop, how long did you wait? Usually it would fix itself. I think either you should submit this as a bug report or reinstall the bot. Also, like @ratakantez mentioned, a screenshot would also help. Hopefully it works out for you.
  7. Did you select the trophy drop option? If trophy drop didn't work, try submitting a proper bug report following this guide here: And a final note, this is channel is "Help and support" so try posting in "bug reports for v.7"
  8. If i look at your profile, it seems you first started spamming @Guineapig04 with downvotes first. It's actually the other way around lol.
  9. Set emulator to DirectX and change bot settings from OpenGL/ABD screencapture TO DirectX, and also, root your nox player. Hope it helps!
  10. stop using custom fonts, are you using a CSV?
  11. Its called trophy dropping dude. You don't want to win battles. Also, you can select drop heroes to get a bit of loot while dropping.
  12. yeah, another member had a few haters who gave up after I gave him some support
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