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  1. Use a diff version or another emulator
  2. VPS, another computer, or your'e screwed lmao.
  3. I still have no bans, seems safe to use if done properly!
  4. In most cases, the buyer pays with whatever payment is agreed on, if Paypal, F&F, they are given full access to the email. And yes, you give the account after being paid although middlemen do exist. Beware of scammers too.
  5. It should change to next highest wall, I think.
  6. It took me 6 months to farm walls to max by hand.
  7. Oracle VM help Yo! I have been having a need to install oracle virtualbox into my pc rather than my laptop as it's too laggy in there, but the bot keeps getting messed up whenever I try to install it, and doesn't detect iTools properly. Is there a way to do something about this?
  8. Check the emulator internet settings just in case, I had this issue before, it went away with time.
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