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  1. Did you end up winning your account back?
  2. Called me out for what? I still play this game a bunch, which means I still enjoy this game. Stop manufacturing crap.
  3. What do you mean "check use bot like human".
  4. Thanks, but I mean. Downvoting like that is ridiculous. They clearly aren't following the forum rules, so they should get their account suspended idk.
  5. Also having a regular downvoter Like @BabyDragon posted. A guy called big nox player literally downvotes everything I post. He's downvoted my 15 times in total. I mean wtf, that is so not fair lol. I should be at atleast 25 rep. He'll probably downvote this too. I swear this kind of thing is against the forum rules. I post on here only to figure out something or sort something out. Since BabyDragon posted about it, I figured I'd post about it too.
  6. I have a decent level of programming skills. Did computer science at A level.
  7. Yeah but mybot has had a banwave, so loads of people won't use it. Hence why I'm asking about other games to bot.
  8. Well, I'd consider it a regular pc. Ryzen 5 3600 and other stuff, you get the idea. Maybe not just supercell games, but any other games? Like rpgs or literally anything that can be botted.
  9. Any other games to bot? My pc broke around 3 years ago, I bought a pc only to bot coc lol. I don't bot coc anymore since a banwave came around. I only watch youtube and play site games in my spare time. (Yes, it feels like the late 2000's again lol). What games could I bot now? Put my machine to use haha. I remember there were farm bots on runescape, wow and other games, but most of them were patched with bans, so it's almost impossible to bot on any old game. That's why I was surprised with mybot, but it was great until now. Any other bots/farm bots on any other games still work? Thanks.
  10. Try rewording and nutshelling it please.
  11. Nice! Seems like you've got it all under control haha. Hey have you seen this actually, stumbled on it a few weeks ago. Check it out.
  12. Why don't you give it a try? Let me know how it goes. I think it may be a little bit better for you and me since this also includes spells. What are you currently using? I can try to help you.
  13. Ah right I see. Those 2 downloads you put up are really good. But it's a bit expensive, I think I'll use that when I max my heroes and lava hounds. Check out the CSV @ProfiClasher put up. Looks pretty good too, what do you think? How did you improve the CSV, other than adding the bat spell? Sounds pretty good, I'll give it a try, thanks!
  14. What do you mean by "Adjust ur settings"? Yeah true, but does it matter about the spell deployment? I see Yeah I see. But what is wrong with the GiArch csv that @necator provided? Explain please. Out of the 2 links you posted. Which one seems best for just farming in 2000-2500 trophy range? Thanks.
  15. Okay fair enough. Do you think this csv looks better than the smartfarm? It looks alright, how could I make it better? Thank you.
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