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  1. بروز رسانی لینک دانلود پرشین مود نسخه 2.2
  2. Update Link Download Persian MOD v2.1.1 In This Update: - Update to MBR 7.3.4 - Add Multi Finger - Fixed SWIPE - Fixed Some minor bugs
  3. بروز رسانی لینک دانلود پرشین مود نسخه 2.1.1
  4. Update Link Download Persian MOD v2.1.1 In This Update: - Add Checking train in Clan Hop - Fixed Goblin XP - Fixed Treasury Error - Fixed End Battle - Fixed some minor bugs
  5. پرشین مود بر اساس آخرین نسخه آفیشیال هست اگه مشکلی با شبیه ساز ها داری حتما از آفیشیال هست و باید در بخش مربوطه گزارش کنی
  6. thanks to report this bug fixed it in the next update
  7. Goblin XP attack continuously the TH of Goblin Picnic to farm XP. At each attack, you win 5 XP
  8. This problem is from the official version Report it.
  9. Update your graphics card driver
  10. Enjoy it I tested it, it had no problem You must add the command to the script - SWIPE CSV script commad > swipe attack bar to right side so then can select troops or spells over slot11. Example: SWIPE |RIGHT |100 |300 |50 | | | | | swipe attack bar to right side, so can select troop or spell from slot11 above SWIPE |LEFT |100 |300 |50 | | | | | swipe attack bar back to left side, so can select troop from slot 1 LEFT = Swipe LEFT, so RIGHT = Swipe right 100 = Pixels Distance for swipe 1 troop slot around 73pixels, so if you want swipe 2 slots for select troop from slot 13, make 150 above 300 = delay for after swipe, after swipe the attack bar, the troop slot position will get drag over, let some delay then the attack bar will auto back to the correct position. 50 = click drag delay.
  11. بروز رسانی لینک دانلود پرشین مود نسخه 2.1
  12. Update Link Download Persian MOD v2.1 In This Update: Update to NguyenAnhHD MOD v1.7.8 Update to MBR 7.3.2 Add Some CSV Add GTFO (Beta) By @MediaHub Add CSV Downloader By @MHK2012 Add SWIPE command for CSV script By @Samkie Improve Fast Goblin XP Fix & Improve Switch Account By @NguyenAnhHD Fix & Improve Switch Forecast By @NguyenAnhHD Fix & Improve Switch Chatbot By @NguyenAnhHD
  13. کارت گرافیکت رو آپدیت کن