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  1. [LVL4&TH 11 & TH 12 ] The Best Lavaloon BAYB DRAGON Botting Clans 24/7 Donations Requirements: Players must use the Lavaloon or Air strategy for donation. We currently only receive TH11 + TH12 We're currently just hiring Titans + Donation Rules Loons and Rage Donation for Everyone Haste can only be donated if there is 1 clan castle slot. Rules of Inquiry Ask as much as you want! Clan Rules 1. Do not talk about the boat in the clan chat. 2. Respect other members 3. Have fun! How to Participate in Our Clan: Please send player lvl and your league to the workpiece. I'll let you know how to participate after sending. Info about the clan: We are ALL active and all players are using bot. Donations rarely last longer than 10 seconds
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