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  1. Detect dead base by empty Eagle/Inferno/Xbows Hi, Detecting a base as dead just because the collectors are full could often enough lead to attacking a non-dead base. This could happen because the storages are full, and thus the collectors are full too. But the base is very much alive, contains CC, and Eagle/Inferno/Xbows are full and very damaging. It would be great to add an option to skip a "dead" base when the Eagle/Inferno/Xbows are not empty. Thanks, Tom
  2. Hotfix takes care of PB, but stuck again with "server maintenance...".
  3. Using the 7.5 hotfix. Now getting the error "Warning: Can not find type of Reload error message" every 1 second whenever the Personal Break message appears on the screen. Using MEmu
  4. 7.4.2 bot removing obstacles when this option is disabled?!?!?! Caught the bot redhanded while removing a tree from the builder base! I've spent a lot of time making sure all my obstacles are in the base perimeter, and now the bot is ruining it by his own will (bug).
  5. 7.4.2 button clickable area sync problem BS 3.55 Hi, I have two different computers. Tried running different versions of BS, from 2.7 to 3.50 and 3.55. In one computer the BS is running with the default OpenGL engine. In this computer the game appears about 1cm lower in the BS frame, to the point that the bottom buttons are cut by the frame. The bot seems to be handling that fine, but it's an annoying issue. If I try to switch the engine to DirectX, the game appears fine in the BS frame, but the buttons clickable area is actually about 1cm lower than it visually appears. In this mode the bot doesn't work well and many clicks are missed. In my second computer I tried all of these versions, and the problem is the same as the DirectX issue in my first computer. But with the second computer this issue appears both with OpenGL and DirectX, so the game is not really functional. If I start BS manually and then run the game, the buttons work perfectly. Thanks in advance!
  6. Update: Upgraded to BS 3.55 Seems to work better, but 2 computers experiencing two display issues which might be related. One the first computer, when BS runs the game, the game is located about 1 cm lower inside the BS window to the point of the bottom buttons being partially cut by the BS frame. This is with the default OpenGL mode. When changing the engine to DirectX, the game is located properly in the window, but it seems that the button display is not synchronized with where the game think they are. The result of this is that the upper 1 cm part of each button is not clickable. This is the state with the second computer no matter which engine I choose. It's like the bot either places the game display nicely within the frame, but too high for the actual clickable area, or lowers the game outside the window frame, but then it's in sync with the clickable area. I also ran the game in a manually started BS session, and everything was in sync, so it seems to be an issue only when the bot starts BS and run the game. Issue is the same with 7.4.2
  7. 7.4 - BS 3.5 not clicking Send for troop request Hi, Good news, bot finally seems to work with BS 3.5, well, except for the troop request that is. I'm not sure why, but for me the last BS version which works consistently with troop request is v2.5.97.6358. Any newer version seems to be hit and miss with troop request. It's random with versions 2.6 and 2.7, but gets worse with version 3.5 where is doesn't work at all. The bot will open the request windows, type in the request text in the text box, but won't click on Send. BTW, I'm running BS v3.50.66.2547.