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  1. [7.3.4] BS 3.5 stuck at waiting for main screen Bot opens the army window and then stuck at Waiting for Main Screen. Same behavior in two completely different computers, with the only resemblance being the OS Windows 10. Guys, please fix the BS 3.5 compatibility as I can't use BS 2.5 anymore. Thanks!
  2. [7.3.4] December 18th 2017 Update bot not requesting cc troops Hi, The current issue I've identified is that the bot does not request CC troops.
  3. [7.3.3] Frequent high CPU Hi, I'm running the bot on Windows 10 x64 with 32GB of ram and an i7 7700K CPU. CPU utilization often reaches 80%-100% by the bot's process. The CPU is not throttling due to heat, it's at 60 degrees Celcius max, so the cpu is at its optimal 4.2GHz clock and still, the bot gets that high.
  4. [7.3.2B5] BS 3.5 issues with button detection Following the published BS 3.5 support, I was hoping that it was indeed working, but it's not. Bot managed to start the BS and the game, zoomed out, and then opened the Army window, then it got stuck on Waiting for main screen. Then it tried to open the clan chat, and instead open the Army window again. When it wanted to check for rearming, it clicked on a wall piece instead. Tried to switch from the default OpenGL to DirectX, tried to play with Low DPI. All produced the same behavior. Went back to 2.5.97, all issues disappeared.
  5. Seems like moving the base away from the bottom corner has made the difference. Maybe the bot could be improved to stay away from the Shop button even when the base is there, but until then this is already helpful. Thanks! Update: It looks like I spoke too soon. It still happens. [10:50:31 PM] Set BlueStacks2 Display Font Scale to normal [10:50:32 PM] BlueStacks2 window resized to work with MyBot [10:50:32 PM] BlueStacks2 (Android) will be automatically rebooted in 0d 23h 59m [10:50:32 PM] Launch Clash of Clans now... [10:50:32 PM] Waiting for Main Screen after BlueStacks2 restart [10:50:39 PM] Detected Builder Base, trying to switch back to Main Village [10:50:41 PM] Going to Normal Village [10:50:43 PM] Successfully went back to the Normal Village! [10:50:53 PM] Detected Builder Base, trying to switch back to Main Village [10:50:54 PM] Going to Normal Village [10:50:56 PM] Successfully went back to the Normal Village! [10:50:58 PM] Detected Builder Base, trying to switch back to Main Village [10:50:59 PM] Zooming Out [10:51:05 PM] Going to Normal Village [10:51:06 PM] Successfully went back to the Normal Village! [10:51:07 PM] CoC main window took 35 seconds Every time it says "Successfully went back to the Normal Village!" it actually opened the Shop instead of going to the main base. When I closed the shop manually it went to "Detected Builder Base, trying to switch back to Main Village". Any idea? Thanks
  6. My base was located at the bottom corner. I moved it toward the middle to see if that makes any difference. I'll keep you posted. Thanks
  7. [7.3.1] Occasionally opens the Shop in the Builder base BlueStacks v2.5.97.6358 Windows 10 1080P BS resolution: 860x732 160dpi
  8. [7.3.1] Missing icon for mbr start file

    The EXE is missing the icon for me as well.
  9. v7.3.0 background mode doesn't work?

    Background mode working properly again in 7.3.1.
  10. v7.3.0 background mode doesn't work? BS window always comes into the foreground, no matter if I check background mode off or on. Anyone experiencing that? Was working perfectly with 7.2.5. Went back to 7.2.5 and it's working perfectly again.
  11. I don't think so, as you neglect to take into consideration a crucial fact. The same CoC version works perfectly with the same bot version when going back to BS v2.5.97.6358. The issue is a that of a graphics compatibility between the bot and BS above 2.5. I imagine that it comes into effect with certain OS/graphic driver/etc...
  12. v7.2.5 stuck at requesting troops (BlueStacks v3.7.41.1619) Hi, I had to upgrade to BlueStacks 3 (exact version is when the bot stopped working with the previously perfect BlueStacks v2.5.97.6358. At some point, the bot failed to start BlueStacks (BlueStacks would work perfectly when started manually but would crash to desktop 10 seconds after being started by the bot). So after struggling with automatically setting the BlueStacks resolution, I set it manually and the bot started working. Now everything works, except for requesting troops. The bot types in the request text, but won't click on the Send button. I had this issue before when I tried upgrading BlueStacks to any version above 2.5.x. I'm using BlueStacks with DirectX and with High DPI (used High DPI with v2.5.97.6358 too and it worked perfectly). Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. v7.2 stuck on troops requesting window Running BlueStacks. The bot types in the request text, and then gets stuck when it's supposed to click on Send. Everything else seems to work.