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  1. Auto Upgrade Troops

    Cool, i selected Barbarians on all my accounts and lets see if it upgrades something else Thank you again
  2. Auto Upgrade Troops

    Is it normal that it doesnt show anything in the Upgrade tap???
  3. Auto Upgrade Troops

    That sounds very interesting. I will try it out. Unfortunately all my Accs are upgrading atm, but im sure i will find one I just add it to the direction and im good to go?
  4. Auto Upgrade Troops

    Is this something that makes the bot auto upgrade troops??? If yes with what priorities?
  5. How to use training potion as boost?

    Unfortunately not possible atm. I am hoping so see it soon
  6. Tried to install it, but it either fails to install or get stuck at 99%. Any tips there?
  7. Thank you very much, i will give it a go later. But yeah, i read about the Directx mode
  8. Zooming out problem

    I had the same Problem, it just kept zooming out. I fresh profile did the job. Hope it works for you
  9. Auto Upgrade Troops

    That would be a great feature!!! Id suggest to manage like in troop order at the attacks... You put in a couple ones and it just filles in the Rest
  10. Thank you, but MEMU isnt working on my VPS. I tried a lot of things to install, but just Bluestacks on this particular Version works...
  11. Ive done that already. The Number is on 999999999 since months. Maybot is restarting bluestacks anyway! I will try the shared folder thing
  12. My bot is stopping multiple times a day because of switch acc Dialog, I thought it was fixed but apparently not... Anyone got a solution on that. And I am running on a (slow) Vps, its running fine when it started but mybot isn't able to start Bluestacks probably. I have to start it manually to get it to work, but sometimes mybot decides to restart bluestacks and then (of course) get stuck. Any option to forbid a bluestacks reboot?? Persian Mod was running so fine, and it didn't restart bluestacks every so often, but with this new bot I had nothing but problems, i really do appreciate all the Developers who are working on it
  13. Profile Switching

    Because (for example) I have 6 Accounts running, two of them are done woth their walls so i dont need much Gold or elex for these Accounts. The others can/do run 27/, its just always checking and unchecking which Acc in active and inactive... I my case i would schedule the two Accounts to run like 2-3 hours every night and the other 4 the rest of the day I am sure there are other useful cases, would love to see that as a working feature
  14. Profile Switching

    On Persian bot you used to have that function, although it didn't work probably (got stuck all the time). Asi picked up Persian bot got renamed/merged together with Aio mod and now that function is gone. I would love to see a proper working schedule profile switch on the main version one day
  15. How to disable Reboot Memu

    I am using Bluestacks myself, but had the same problem. On Bot -> Android at 'Reboot Android in' i put 999999999 (6*9) and when i start the bot it tells me that android is restarting in 416 Days (and im fine with that ;)) Good luck with that