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  1. - Show me the image of your setting for "Halt mode". You do not need to Halt attack for donated accounts. Just tick to Donate only on switch profile Tab, then it will not go to attack. One more thing, How to set-up the image for donate clan-mate? I don't know how to add images in this function. Can you teach me this? - Yes, The problem of SPC ID is really annoying. But it exists in the official version, Not Mod version. - Yes, this is.
  2. The "Making donated troops" works fine from me. However, just sometime Bot licks wrong troops position. It makes your army can not full fill. So, Bot will delete the queued troops. (I think it is because Network lagging). If it is a problem, maybe we saw many comments about it in official version. FYR,
  3. It seems that there had a issue about troop deployment. Long time I did not see this but V7.5.1 (it goes back). Sometime Bot could not drop all troops. Then back to village,... The queued troops will be deleted. @mhk2012, Please don't forget the note No.2 in the below link when you have free time. Thank you!
  4. How to use Clan Games

    Hi @Hecki, I think that we can make the Bot un-select some challenges in one hour. Bot is noway to complete these tasks in one hour. Most of challenges in one hour are good to get much more score. So, keep them for active members to select manually. Here is just my suggestion for clan games function. Best,
  5. How to use Clan Games

    Hi @Hecki, I found a small issue. When the challenging is cool-down after we hit a "Trash challenge", sometime Bot click to GEM to finish the cool-down time. Best,
  6. @mohammadkhankabir Read below link for quick fixing:
  7. @tranduyquang, Sorry I never used this function since I always use switch accounts. NguyenAnhHD said that "Close emulator when waiting for training troops" and "switch accounts" will not work at the same time. It means that if you are using switch accounts, please turn off "Close emulator..." Hope it helps. Hi @ISDavidVN, Who you are? Are you @mhk2012 or the one of Modder team? Can you introduce a little bit on yourselves? Thank you.
  8. Hi @mhk2012 and @NguyenAnhHD, Just updated the last version and tested. Running so smooth ATM. There are two functions that I hope that you can bring them back from original Demen's Mod. 1, Slot 11+ when we use script attacks. 2, Please make the Bot and Emulator windows to stop jump everywhere when switch profiles. Demen introduced this function at the the first few lines that you can get it with link below. "Force mybot window and emulator window to stay at the same location for all profiles (useful for switch account mode)" Thank you,
  9. Thank you @mhk2012 for the update! Welcome back @NguyenAnhHD for Mod version!
  10. What can I do to resolve this issue?