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  1. Hi all, Can our Mod version donate balloon? All the balloon request did not work from me. Need your information. Thank you.
  2. Hi @Reastyck, I am not sure what do you mean about "External eyes". But if you mean that "External Edge", It was available when you use the "Scripted attack" via CSV.
  3. @jjjwad77, Demen's Mod already had this function. Just tick to the armies you want for troops cooking.
  4. Me, too. Using this and the problem on balloon trainning position will be resolved.
  5. Quick train always work perfect with bad pixel on troop position. Why don't you use it? It is sometime get problem with donation account when you need "re-train donated troops" only. I was using new version about 20 hours, nothing happen! All is working good.
  6. Hi @demen, Need an update following official version 7.2.4. Thank you!
  7. TH10 in Master league. Standard attack with Giant + Archer + zap (Without heroes): Attack log: Hi @manowarlock, Here is not a right place to talk about trophy pushing. But I can share you something in my opinions. - Do not push when your troops and heroes did not max out yet. Because when you are at high league, It is not easy to win the attacks without heroes. - Trophy pushed, it should be pushing only. So, do not care about loots. All of loots setting is zero. It will help you to find the opponents easier. - Need "waiting for Heroes, Spells, CC troops..." try to have everything strongest possible. - If your heroes are not enough, you can replace wall breakers by minions. TH11 up to 3k5? It is so easy. I am not pusher but My TH11 account (all heroes are maxed) when go to farm with lavalloon, it will up to ~ 3k7. Then I will drop trophy down because it is not easy to find the Deadbases at high league. I only use warden for the attacks. Never use BK and AQ. I also do not "waiting for spells" and warden. (my Minion is level 4 :D). With Demen Mod, you can set "Force Brew spells" and "Double train army". These will help you save more troop training time.
  8. Hi @bennydeep, There is something wrongs in your setting. Please be noted that Bot will never drop trophy with balloon. In this case, you need to provide Bot log, setting images for helps. Best,
  9. Need you to provide Bot log, images,... to show your issues.
  10. To All, I am using the MOD of Demen. I've never seen the problem on bad pixel on troops/ spells positions. I can not test on all troops and spells but if you want, you can try here. This is a very stable MOD version. All the functions is focus on what to help you develop your account stronger. If you need help, leave your comments on that topic. We will try to help you out.
  11. Hi there! You were doing nothing wrong. I think the problem comes from: 1. The CSV file. Make sure that file is correct format (*.csv). 2. You put the CSV file to correct folder: ... ByBot....\CSV\Attack. You can download another one to test. Provide here with more info. if the problem can not be resolved.
  12. Hi @demen, Can we use old profile folders in this update?
  13. Hi @demen, #2. Cloud note is what I mean. I think we can make it "Default". Do not need an optional. It is available in AIO MOD version.