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  1. DE drills level for searching condition Please make Bot can detect the level of DE drills when searching opponents. We do not really need to know how much loots in the DE drills are (It is not easy). Just need to detect the level of them. I think that we will not need a lots images of DE drills to make this done. Let us know if you need more information. Thank you.
  2. Hi @sevil78, Above attached image is the reason for your problem. That why I asked for what your TH level is. Your troops capacity is 220, so I think you are in TH9 at the moment. TH9 but you are setting up to wait for warden, then Bot will never go to attack with this setting. * Solution: - Re-locate TH manually. - Re-star BOT. - Then make sure that warden will not selected (un-tick wait for warden). Please be noted that if your heroes are under upgrading, DO NOT wait for them in the setting. Good luck,
  3. Hi @sevil78, 1, Show me more setting images of these TABs: - Attack plan/ Train Army/ Troops/Spells. - Attack plan/ Search and attack/ DeadBase and ActiveBase/ Search. 2, Let me know your Townhall level and exactly your troops and spells capacity.
  4. @Cayman, It will be released very soon. What are you waiting for the update?
  5. Hi @demen, Do not forget my note No.3 (Stop delete/ remove the queued troops on donated account) if it is possible. Thank you!
  6. Hi @demen, I tested this with Quick train as well and it worked perfect. Bot never delete queued spells on both Quick train and custom train if we ticked to "Force brew spell". Only one thing I want to you improve for quick train is: Add multi click at the army 3 where we put lighting spells. At the moment, It is not easy to train full the queued spells with quick train because we will not know how many spells we should put in the setting armies (Army 2 and Army 3). The reason for this is in the previous attack, we did not use all the spells. When Bot goes back to home village and checking the army composition, then train the army for next attack, With one click at army 1, 2, 3... Troops will be fine But sometime Spells can not be full. See below setting image to make it clearer: For example a TH10 with 11 spells unit: This means that we can add more 6 lighting spells at the queued spell. But if we are setting 5 lighting spells at army 2 + 1 at army 3, we will meet the problem as I said above by the previous attack did not use all spells. (A little bit hard to explain for easy thing by words). This will be resolved by 2 ways: - Firstly: Make Bot always click (army 1,2,3) to train troops and spells again by each period of checking army. - Secondly: Add multi-click at "army 3" only is enough. We will need about 3-5 clicks there. I think this way is better. Please take your time to think how to do it. All I said above is not the problem or errors on V4.4.2. Just want to improve this function better. I also tested V4.4.2 with scripted attack (lavaloon) in one day. It works great! Keep it for next released.
  7. Mình farm tài nguyên bằng lavaloon hall11 không bao giờ dùng King và Queen. Chỉ dùng Warden (Bay) và cũng không chờ. Đâu biết chỗ nào có tài nguyên mà thả. Đa phần nó chỉ chết vô nghĩa.... chờ thì cực lâu. Cái chờ duy nhất là lính full. Spell mình cũng không chờ luôn. Thiếu 1-2 bình haste thật ra cũng không thiệt hại gì nhiều. Mấy bình haste lúc giai đoạn cuối của cuộc tấn công bằng CSV thường thả chẳng ăn nhập gì cả. Nếu bạn đánh CUP thì khác, cố gắng mọi thứ tốt nhất có thể là hiển nhiên. Bản V4.4.2 của Demen mới sửa lại cực COOL!!! Test hơn 1 ngày nay chưa có điều gì không hài lòng. Chưa test qua thử chờ hero, spell và các lệnh phụ trong CSV như DropS, remain... hay heroes ability nhưng có lẽ không khác gì phiên bãn gốc vì Demen không tập trung vào mấy thứ này. Ai có nhu cầu có thể dùng thử tại đây:
  8. @ngqhung3683, Do King đang ngủ kia. Bỏ chon nó. Chào Khách, 1, Chuyển tài khoản: Do nhiều nguyên nhân nhưng nếu bình thường vẫn dùng được mà có lúc trục trặc thì thường do mạng Internet bị chậm dẫn đến thời gian thực thi các bước bị quá hạn chờ nên phần mềm tự khởi động lại. Cách khắc phục thì khách đã hiểu rồi. 2, Không tạo được một vài loại lính bằng dark: Cái này do lỗi từ phiên bản gốc. Không khắc phục được. Ai gặp phải thì tắt khởi động lại thôi.
  9. Hi @Demen, 1, I am using V4.4.2 now. The "Re-train donated troops" works great! Sometime, Bot can not read chat request if ChatBox gets more than 2 requests. The first request is always fine. But the second, it says "Unable to read Chat Request!". Check again if it can be fixed. 2, Lighting spell attack also works great! Bot never removed the queued spells. I am follow your advice to use "Custom train" + "Force brew spell", so I have not tested with "quick train" yet. But I think that we should use this function on "Quick train" and keep "Custom train" for someone, who using CSV scripted attack with "Precise troops and spells". Here is just my thought. The current things are fine with me. 3, When the "Re-train donated troops" was good. Can you please remove the function deleted queued troops and spells on donated account? Just leave it. On donation account, we really do not need to add troops for training because we did it from beginning. Then, "Re-train donated troops" will do this job. That why I want to use "Quick train". IF we use "Custom train", Bot will check troops and spells on on the custom list with the army. Then for some reasons, Bot will remove all the current troops and spells if they are not match and train again. Then after one or two donated time(s), Bot will remove these troops and spells again and again. And we never can have finished troops for donation. The "Re-train donated troops" is very useful But it must works good all the time. I will keep testing on the last version and feedback to you if there are something need to improve. Let me know if you need more details on these. Thank you a lot for the last update!
  10. I don't have the original source. Here is the package that I created. Download ChacalGyn Mod V.2901
  11. I am using v.2901. I dont have any problem on troops and spells donation.
  12. Hi there, Just downloaded v4.4 30 minutes ago. Now is v4.4.1. Re-train donated troops works great in v4.4. I will test V4.4.1 more and feedback to you by 2-3 days. Hi @demen, 1, I found a small problem on V4.4.1 (V4.4 is ok on this): - If the requested troops also includes spell requested, the "Re-train donated troops" works fine. - But if the requested troops only for troops (Bot does not donate spells), then "Re-train donate troops" does not work. Bot will switch account after donated. Here is the log in 2 cases: + First, donate troops only: (in this case, next time switch to this account, Bot will delete the queued troops after donated. Because in the previous donated, troops do not full army). + Second, Donate troops + spells: 2, Bot always check laboratory status all the time. This is not a problem but we do not need it. I don't know why but we can remove this step if possible. 3, I have another idea for lighting spells attack. Can you make your Mod not delete queue spells? If someone needs to get correct spell army, you can make Bot checking with "precise spell" like you did for "precise troop". If someone needs to use "Precise troops", they will also need to have "Precise spells". So, you can combine them together. In this case, botters must use custom train (not quick train). For standard attack, we do not need to delete spells already completed training at queued spells. I got this idea from Chacalgyn's Mod. You can make Bot multi-click at quick train army. So, we can set one lighting spell at quick train army, then Bot can add lighting spells (one by one). We will not need to delete the queued spells and also do not need to fill one EQ spell to make full spell capacity. Let me know if you need more information. Additional problem for "Re-train donated troops" on version v4.4. Hope you can fix it in next version. 4, Bot does not "re-train donated troops" if it donated for 2 requests. I am back to test on v4.4 because V4.4.1 got some problems as I said above. If there is only one request, Bot will donate and re-train donated troops. But If there are 2 or more requests, Bot will donate then go to switch account. Next time on donation account, after donated, Bot will check and see that the queued troops and spells are not full. So, It will delete all the queued troops and spells. Please see log: Do you need me to provide you information to improve your Mod? If you don't need it, I will stop providing/ asking like this. I don't want to bother you. Let me know your thoughts.
  13. Hi @djmujjo, I have some questions on your post. 1, Your donated account is always use for donation, right? 2, If your donated account also needs farming and war attack, what will you do with the remaining troops? Will you delete them to train new troops? 3, Do you use standard attack (Gibach, Bacher,...) with lighting spells to zap DE drills? Does it has problem like below link? Thank you, P.S. Sorry Topic owner to talk something not about your Mod.
  14. "Un-check" troops don't use", This way can not resolve the problem. AFAIK, when you use custom train, Bot will double check troops in the army and troops list in custom train, If they are different, your current troops will be deleted. For standard farming, most of current Mods is fine. There is nothing big different. But for donation, I did not see any Mod can work good at the moment. Demen created a very good function for donation account, that is "re-train donated troops". But after version 7.2 of Bot, this function got errors. It does not work correct all the time. Many botters said that Quick train has many problems, should not use it. But I like Quick train. I only use custom train when quick train can not work.
  15. Thanks for your reply. I am still using V.2901 at the moment. It works fine for me and I know how to control your Mod. I really love multi-click with "Quick train". Never had any problem about delete troops and spells as other Mods version. Just want to ask for "Re-make donate troops" to get more choices on donation. For now, I only can donate one kind of troops and use quick train to re-train donated troops. I had a tested on new version v.2922 in an hour, most of thing that I need is the same with old version. But when I use "Donated custom troops", Bot only can donate one kind of troop in a time. For example: I set-up "Donated custom troops" is: Pekka + Giants + archers. But Bot only can donate Pekka then leave the request. That why I am back with old version v.2901. You can fix it if you want. All the best,