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  1. Check here, there is a feature list...
  2. is it just the screenshot that it couldn't send? are you getting anything sent in text format? on slower connections it fails to send images, I think it times out. But the text notifications still work. If you are not getting any information, even in text format, then there si something wrong. Botfather can sometimes be buggy, the first thing I would try is to create a new api key. tick all the notifications at first just to test and see if you get any messages through.
  3. select the account tp use and then pull shared prefs again
  4. whats the enviroment its running in? VPS? VM? Desktop PC? what version of windows is it running on? I'm not sure exactly whats wrong, but there have been some issues with VM's reported, so post the answers to those so one of the devs has the information already when they read the post. PS. your emulator is fine, I still run a lot on MEmu 3.6.9
  5. The temporary fix is posted here by cosote
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