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  1. Use Bluestacks 2.4 / 2.5 from heckis post here...
  2. what attack are you using, what are your attack settings, what are your donate settings? Send us some screenshots of your settings and we'll go from there
  3. can you send a screenshot of request that fails. I would think this is an OCR problem. If you show us a screenshot of exactly the request that fails we can make the same request and test it ourselves. Thanks
  4. I would guess image detection failure on WIZTOWER with snow theme. But I'll wait for one of the devs you tagged to reply for a better answer.
  5. that's by default on that version of BlueStacks. Ignore it and continue, it doesn't affect anything.
  6. I'm glad you solved your issue. Always relocate buildings if you change layouts, also relocate Town Hall after it upgrades to the next level.
  7. Hi, for now just include the log text file from the Profile folder of the account. Enable messages under the Debug tab of the bot and run the bot for a while. After the problem occurs, stop the bot and it will write its logged info to the text file. Post that on here. if we need further information later will ask for something specific.
  8. bot only supports 9,999,999 in 7.8.1 this has been increased in 7.8.2
  9. make sure your royal champion is not ticked, its a common problem if you are using old profiles.
  10. both will work fine. I use Nox on windows www.bignox.com
  11. Topic moved to Help section You can find new attack scripts in the CSV section of the forum (link at the bottom of the post) Once you have downloaded a script you like the look of, add it into the folder.. MyBot-MBR_v7.8.1\CSV\Attack then start the bot and got to the tab.... Attack Plan > Search & Attack > DeadBase > Attack and Attack Plan > Search & Attack > ActiveBase > Attack in those locations you will see a drop down box where you can select the attack script you want to use. You should now see the script you added listed there. Take notice of the notes when you select the script as it should give instructions about what troops to make etc.
  12. The easiest way is.... Stop and close the bot delete the 'profiles' folder from inside the MyBotRun folder Start the bot
  13. ok this is where I was getting confused with different information lol. What version of bluestacks are you using? On my version when that happens you can click the settings cog at the top of the bluestacks window and click on restart android application. This resets bluestacks. It might be a little different on your version but have a look for similar options. Once you get past that, go into android settings > apps > clash of clans clear data now try manually loading the game without the bot. let me know accurate details of what it fails on, send screenshots of any errors you get.
  14. ok glad to hear it. Thread closed
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