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  1. Nytol

    Teamviewer alternative

    anydesk is the king amongst these remote viewer apps I have used all of the above in pursuit of perfection and anydesk is by far the best I used.
  2. Nytol


    go use the other bots then, why are you here? lol what a joke
  3. Nytol

    Google Play Login Pop-up

    manually click the google play login, then pull shared prefs again. It seems to work for me
  4. Nytol


    inside your mybotrun folder go to Profiles > MyVillage > config.ini you can open this file with any text editor, then look for the line emulator= and change it to emulator=Bluestacks2
  5. Close Clash App when Stop is pressed on Telegram Remote Hi all, as the title says... Close Clash App when Stop is pressed on Telegram Remote and to then a send confirmation message letting us know when the app has closed. This is in response to an issue I am having with bluestacks. as outlined in the below thread. I assume this is a bluestacks issue, so one way round it could be that when we press stop on the telegram remote, the bot closes the app, not just stops it. Maybe there is a more elegant solution but this is just what I have thought of now. Thanks for listening
  6. Bluestacks refrshing when bot is stopped?? HI all, the title may be misleading as I don't know what the issue is here. I'm guessing its a bluestacks causing the issue, but I don't know. I am using... VPS running Windows Server 2012r2 BlueStacks Official MyBot-MBR_v7.6.4 Telegram Remote When I stop the bot with the remote (Stop not Pause), I log in to clash with my mobile device and start to play, sometimes the emulator screen refreshes and kicks me out of the game on my mobile device. This has been going on a long time with many different bot versions all with new profiles. I like to try and resolve issues myself but this one I can't seem to understand. I have watched this happening on the VPS whilst controlling it from the remote. I press stop, wait for the bot to fully stop, then I connect on the mobile device and start raiding. Sometime it will reload and kick me out, sometimes its fine. I have enabled logging and watched the log after the bot has stopped and all I see is is it checking for new telegram messages and not performing any actions. So my assumption is that Bluestacks is performing some kind of screen refresh, but this is just a guess and I can't find any info to support this. Does someone know what is going on? I have attached some screenshots and the log, all of which relate to the same incident so the time stamps match accordingly. The screenshot of my base is just after the screen refreshed and kicked me off. Log Pastebin is here... https://defuse.ca/b/yd6OCcNTzMkUWtEBJljwu9
  7. Nytol

    How to increase wait time for BS start

    thanks very much @TripleM thats exactly what I was looking for
  8. Nytol

    How to increase wait time for BS start

    @Triple m sorry to tag you, I'm just guessing you can help with this. Thanks
  9. Nytol

    How to increase wait time for BS start

    bump, I'm wondering this too. I'm assuming when this error happens it is because of a built in timeout? I get this a lot running bluestacks on a vps, would be great if this helps
  10. OK thats fine, don't worry. I just mention official bot not has same problem to help it be shown as a problem with the extra mods. I didn't send logs because I deleted them when I switched bot to official to test if issue was there. I will try to replicate the issue and send logs. Thanks
  11. I didn't ask you to fix it between versions 1.3 and 1.3.1, I am just reporting an issue I have noticed that is common to both versions. I am grateful for your work, but not that response. Users reporting issues should be seen as a good thing that helps developers improve their work and not taken as criticism and replied to in such a manner.
  12. Thanks for the update. I kept getting this error on 1.3. I updated to 1.3.1 and still the same error.... [08:17:25] Troops To Remove: [08:17:25] Cannot find/verify 'Okay' Button in Army tab [08:17:25] Quit training. Error finding 'Okay' button, called from RemoveWrongArmyCamp. [08:17:30] Trying to locate Main Screen This is on a Town Hall 10 using Bluestacks 2 I switched back to official bot version and I no longer have that issue. So I assume its being caused by one of the addons. Thanks
  13. Nytol

    Troops Used for Trophy Dropping

    It wont drop a minion in order to drop trophies. So I guess it isn't working properly.
  14. Troops Used for Trophy Dropping Hi All, A little suggestion from me I set my bot to drop trophies and left it running only to find it was upgrading all 3 heroes at the same time. My troops composition in the script I was using included Lava's, Loons, Minions. The bot wouldn't attack, telling me there were no tier 1/2 troops available. I have solved it by removing one minion and including 2 archers instead, but it made me think the bot could do with a little tweak there. 3 possible alternatives I can think of... A. The bot looks at all available troops and picks the cheapest whatever it may be, all troops included. (this one would be my choice) B. The user can select a troop to use from a drop down box in trophy drop settings tab (open to errors if the user selects a troop not in the troop composition used) C. Add some more troops such as loons and minions to what the bot can use to drop trophies. (I remember previous versions were able to drop a loon) Thanks for looking, I still love MBR even if this gets rejected