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  1. Leave it running it should restart a few times to change resolution etc and then should start running fine
  2. did you make a new profile when upghrading to 7.7.7 or use old one? if you used old profile, start again with a fresh copy of the bot and make a new profile. Failing that try downloading a fresh copy of the bot
  3. logs, debug screenshots, what attack type are you using, what script are you using... give us some more info please
  4. self explanatory surely?
  5. Best suggestion I can offer is try a different emulator. MEmu 3.6.9 maybe
  6. what version of the emulator are you using?
  7. The changes the screen size because it needs to. It is designed to work that screen size, if it was any different the bot wouldn't work. Your issue about locating army tab is not related to screen size. Let the bot continue to run and it will attempt to find the army tab again. Sometimes it will fail to detect something, but it knows this and will just try again.
  8. show us the log so we understand. Thanks
  9. Try Bluestacks 2.5.43 posted here
  10. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/82-compilation-modifications/
  11. the bot is a 32bit application. Any windows computer will run it without a problem.
  12. I think its a known issue that will be fixed in the next release, but I'll tag @demen anyway
  13. click settings at the top and click restart android
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