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  1. No, the devs have lives outside of making the bot. When they get time to do things, they do the. When they are done, they will release them. That's why we can't give dates and deadlines.
  2. There is an option in the following location on the bot for that.... Attack Plan > Train Army > Options 'Close While Training' Tick that and save the profile
  3. the bot already logs the attacks from every account into the log. They are numbered so you know which profile/account the result is referring to.
  4. just copy the Profile folder and rename it for the next account. If you are using different base layout delete the buildings.ini file inside the folder to force the bot to relocate the buildings. restart the bot, now you have multiple profiles copied from the original
  5. most emulators will have an install log and will log the error that stops it installing. Google to find where the log is for the emulator you're trying and check that for clues.
  6. Find out what is removing it. It will be whatever antivirus, antimalware, spyware software etc yoiu may be running. Make sure you add exceptions to them all. You can try temporarily disabling them one by one and extracting the bot to find out specifically which one is causing the problem.
  7. It's a permanent ban
  8. pllease install AutoIT if you don't have it installed. Then run the bot using MyBot.run.au3 next time you get the error it will display more information. Please screenshot it and post it here. Thanks
  9. Glad you managed to solve it 🙂
  10. probably something in your settings is not set correctly. Show us some screenshots of your search and attack settings enable debug messages and show us a log
  11. Nothing. You can ignore that error as long as the bot works. All it means is the compatible versions list hasn't been updated within the bot. If it loads and runs, you should be good. I use the latest version of Nox myself
  12. Hi @fizhey, we are aware of this issue and should have it fixed in the next release. For now please disable language check under the options tab to avoid the issue. Thanks
  13. manually load all the accounts into scid login when you have finished... login to each account manually and on the bot select the correct profile Use the green down arrow button to pull shared_prefs for that account do this for each account and profile. when the bot switches profiles using shared prefs it will now push all 6 SCID login settings back into the emulator
  14. Thanks for the report, this is a known error and will be corrected in the next release
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