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  1. @Boldina this report is about 'Additional Click Delay' which can be set under the 'Android' Tab right? I have just tested this on troop training and it worked as expected. Is there a specific function you noticed it not working on? Thanks
  2. ok there's a lot going on here. I need some time to look fully into all this and get a full and clear understanding of everything.
  3. watch the bot and wait until it you see it happening, enable debug messages and see if you can see in the log why it gets stuck. If not just send us the relevant part of the log and let us take a look. I'm not aware of any known issue like that on the official bot, but thats not to say ChacalGyn isn't aware of something on his bot.
  4. @Noristyou need to proivide some logs so we can look through and see whats happening. Without logs its like telling a mechanic my cars not working and asking him to guess why 😉
  5. Its a nice idea, but we wont be doing it unfortunately. Making something like that requires 2 things... A lot of time A lot of enthusiasm. As we are already spending our time on this project, we wouldn't have time for another bot. As I don't think any of us play that game, we wouldn't have the enthusiasm for it either. Maybe search around and see if anyone else has already made something for it.
  6. Yes you can and good luck with your learning 🙂
  7. The bot will detect and donate to the images as automatically. It will also donate to keywords you set as well
  8. Check out the AIO++ Mod version of the bot. I think they may have something like that.
  9. I haven't, but I have looked into such things in the past and remember this feature.
  10. if you are opening more than 8 then you need to use the minigui version. You can start the bot with either:- a. minigui executable b. main executable with the /minigui switch c. main executable, then switch it into mini mode
  11. The reason the newer versions have been added I think is because its now much easier to root them yourself than it used to be. Check here... https://www.techruzz.com/blog/105-how-to-root-bluestacks-4-2019
  12. This topic references an older bot version 7.8.3 Please open and new topic if you are still having issues.
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