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  1. There’s no need to be rude. If you have need to explain something “without even asking for ur explanation”, be polite way more cooler. Thanks for your help.
  2. Did i even break chat rule? people break chat rules on daily bases and don’t get banned. It’s not like im advertising multibot, someone asked for link and i paste it, that’s it. No description, nothing, just a link. Hm. Is this so terrible what I did to deserve no warning ban? I’ve seen some nasty words on that chat, people fighting, people aksking for help all the time, etc,.. and i get banned just like that for link.
  3. What happened with you guys?? Yesterday someone on chat asked for link of paid bot, and i post it. Today I woke up and my chat was blocked, so I can’t comment anymore. So i was wondering, what chat rule did I break, for you to block me? What did i do wrong? No warning, no nothing... what happened with you guys? You guys split and forked and now we have to suffer? Well that’s isn’t fair. Really hope you unblock me, cause i always helped this community and Whoever blocked me didn’t supposed to do that. @rbrt @cosote @Reza [email protected] @Hecki @Recently @kimmo88