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  1. Johndoe0711

    Official MyBot 7.6.5 [r01] Light MOD++

    Its free to use, but its also free to leave alone. if you don't like this mod, use another one
  2. Thanks Zergo0, i shared this here for everyone else who might wonder about lab upgrades
  3. Hi, how is Lab Upgrading working in Simbios? There is a Mod that automaticly switches to the next Troop in Lab, if the selected is already done. How is this implemented here?
  4. Johndoe0711

    Troops [Full Auto Laboratory Upgrade]

    Love this modification. Would like to see it in the official bot, maybe with a "automatically switch to next item in lab" checkbox in the upgrade lab tap. Will test it later with 7.6.3.
  5. Johndoe0711

    Official MyBot 7.6.5 [r01] Light MOD++

    2: D [2018-09-22 15:40:05.909] My Bot v7.6.2.r02 - (iToolsVM) AutoIt Error: Line 104 (File "E:\MBR\MBRL\COCBot\MOD\functions\BB_PrepareAttack.au3"): BB_StatusMsg("Screen Search for Match [" & String( $j ) & "] Color: 0x" & $cPixColor, $COLOR_DEBUG) ^ ERROR Error: Incorrect number of parameters in function call. 2018-09-22_15.34.54.log