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  1. Upgrade Management v.2.1

    well Im working it all out
  2. Upgrade Management v.2.1

    Pretty much self tested and abused to the point where I can't break it, finished product as of update 7.6.1
  3. Upgrade Management v.2.1

    i made changes that will affect the building tab and the wall tab, auto upgrade is different from the building tab due to the selective nature of the building tab. i made it clear cut and simple for the wall tab by putting rules on all cases for upgrading so if the buildings you are trying to upgrade via building tab, it go with the buildings first instead of not skipping the walls like it was meant to do. as for the th12 endgame, its a proof of concept that you can make the saved resources optional when you are about to upgrade some resource heavy upgrades that would otherwise stop due to you not having "enough" resources when its max(costs 12mil out of 12mil max storage + however much you choose to save for training and searching), as of right now everything works pretty well, i just need to wait until i have buildings finished upgrading so i can try the buildings tab. Hero tab is in the works for priority, push update within 24 hours decided against hero tab not really a strong case to do it
  4. Upgrade Management v.2.1

    ALCON: made changes see for better building tab support, do report any and all bugs that you may encounter. Hero tab is in the works for priority
  5. Upgrade Management v.2.1

    I had a typo that I resolved new file posted above still having an issue with the function, possible fix
  6. Upgrade Management v.2.1

    i was being lazy here you go its only 3 files updated the top
  7. Valhalla Upgrade Mod Village Pack Valhalla Modv2.1.zip Wall Upgrade priority Gold/Elixir and save one builder selected Will use first four builders for buildings/heros only, last builder is the only builder to upgrade walls Will not use Elixir until Laboratory is busy or using Dark Elixir. Ignored resources will contribute to the wall upgrades. Update: Inserted a failsafe to prevent wall upgrades while using building tab. Building Upgrade/Auto Upgrade/Laboratory End Game Upgrades All Town Hall Levels are compatible. Allows for high priced upgrades (ie 12 mil needed) to be automatic without intervention. Values set at 90% of your expected max storages of your current town hall level NEED TO HAVE THE GLOBAL VARIABLES INSERTED OR IT WILL CRASH YOUR BOT!!! ZerGo0 is the original author of the laboratory file and I made modifications unrelated to his product. All other modifications outside 7.6 update are of my own device. Copy/Paste Global Variables here: MyBot-MBR_v7.6 -> COCBot Everything Else here: MyBot-MBR_v7.6 -> COCBot -> functions -> Village To be featured in RK Mod's next update(3.0.4) with GUI support. V.7.6.1 Added Global Functionallity
  8. Still have some settings that would work well that would be of use like smart train and you do consolidate the CVS for attacks
  9. Ive been having too many issues with the building tab and i deem it incompatible with that mode as the global variables stand. This is the most stable version that i have been using and without error. I didnt like how the last build was messy and wasn't doing as it was told after a few upgrades so there is too much going on to make it viable. All other upgrades however work without hitch. enjoy. UpgradeWall.au3
  10. you guys can use my modification, you just have to make gui modifications to it UpgradeWall.au3
  11. for the new v.7.5.4 update and made changes UpgradeWall.au3
  12. Use last builder for walls only Wall/Building Upgrading Priority Option 27JUL2018 1752 TKY v. 7.5.4 Will upgrade wall under the following conditions. Gold/Elixir: Auto Upgrade tab Disabled, and/or Buildings tab Disabled You have Save ONE Builder for Walls disabled Gold: Ignore Gold Upgrades(auto upgrade tab)Enabled No Building upgrades selected needing gold Elixir: Lab Disabled, or Lab Enabled with none selected, or Lab Enabled with a Dark Elixir Upgrade selected Ignore Elixir Upgrades(auto upgrade tab)Enabled Elixir troop enabled(normally disable wall upgrades with elixir) and Laboratory is actively upgrading. If you wish to continue to upgrade your walls ensure that Save ONE Builder for Walls is enabled. THIS WILL ONLY WORK UNDER "TRY ELIXIR FIRST, GOLD SECOND." It will be highly redundant to individualize when your other settings forementioned dictate when your wall upgrade and when they do not. I do not have the GUI know how to make an additional option for the prioritization. The whole idea of this idea is efficiency. You will continually upgrading your buildings and lab upgrades, and all the while you will be using the saved resources to upgrade your walls during the "Down Time" of doing upgrades. If you have any issues, please let me know. I'm working off of one account and it took me a while to figure the ends and outs to make this work without crashing. Shout out to TripleM for the additional information needed to make the idea work properly. This is conceptual i prefer to have save one builder for walls to have a secondary option under it "Priority." Request has been moved to
  13. Wall/Building Upgrading Priority Option

    Updated the file today with it being on first screen. later on i will push out gui update to make it into an option instead of using save one builder for walls.
  14. still having an existing issue with the 2nd builder so standby on a solution UpgradeWall.au3 resolved the 2nd builder issue and using the correct resources, treat it as beta, i am still testing it, i had a weird error earlier UpgradeWall.au3