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  1. Looks like I'm going to Frankenstein the shit out of normal base
  2. Anyone that wants certain upgrade features to be added to the bot please tag me and i will see what i can do, i need more projects to expand and practice.
  3. i will look into this @metalboy2005 look for it in future release
  4. If not part of Simbios dev team or reporting on a specific bug, it is requested that you remain silent on matters regarding bug resolution and allow clear and consistent communication between client and dev. You had your chance to be a part of this team and you took advantage. Your presence and input is not required nor desired. A fix has been constructed, thank you for your report @Fahid.Mahmood takes the cake for the fix, thanks brother
  5. I need your log, your lab level, and what emulator you're running it on, if your on Windows or Mac, ect this file is literally a direct copy of GetTownHallLevel.au3, so it is strange that you are having this error, and are the only one reporting it. definitely need more info than the norm
  6. Anyone having any issues with any kind of upgrading with v.1.1? i wrote majority of the upgrade modifications and if there is anything wrong please tag me and tell me whats up
  7. I'm sorry but this is bad advice, the switch case was modified and was not complete, nothing to do with the matrix size. I do ask that if you you had not authored the script that you keep your opinions out of the mix due to bad information and lack of knowledge of the specific function of the segment. Trust the advice of the Simbios Team in regards to the error in question.
  8. Óðinn

    Wall/Building Upgrading Priority Option

    RK Mod has been converted to Simbios and I will only support simbios priority system questions and concerns as it is the most up to date and Óðinn Official. Thank you for your time and understanding. @rbrt Close forum Please