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  1. I've had the same issue yesterday, memu was flickering non stop. Had to reboot system and link memu instances to bots again.
  2. Milhansolo

    Donation Bot

    Keep this alive! I agree. Would be awesome if the donation function got a make over! I'm pretty noob when it comes up to programming but I have plenty of free time so if there is needed any help.. Let me know!
  3. Need tips for my new pc build Hi guys hope you are doing well, Im going to build a new pc but I could use some advice! I love gaming so I already know what GPU I'm going to buy (rtx2080) but since that I'm a very big lover of mybot I need my system to run 24/7 without having problems. My old system (i7-6700 with an 1070) was able to run 4-5 mybot+memu instances but now after almost a year of 24/7 botting on that system it is showing signs of death due to cpu Temps reaching 100°c so time for a new Build!! I need somthing that can handle at least 5-6 bot+memu instances 24/7 so I think the best would be a mix between workstation and gaming desktop. And what kind of pc build are you guys using and how many bots do you use? A very big thanks in advance and I hope you all had a great Xmas! Regards.
  4. Milhansolo

    Accounts switching on it's own

    Could you give a more detailed explanation on this issue? And share your settings please.
  5. Milhansolo

    Village must take a break, wait ...

    Switch to an 4.4 version of Android.