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  1. Milhansolo

    Village must take a break, wait ...

    Switch to an 4.4 version of Android.
  2. Milhansolo

    700 wins ?

    On my th 12 I use 16 giants and 200 archers with standard attack. Maintain trophy 1900-2800. Dead bases only
  3. Milhansolo

    Bot Stuck After Break

    Probably because you are using an 5.1 version of Android. Switch over to 4.4
  4. Check if gpu needs a driver update
  5. Milhansolo

    MyBot has some problems "Fixed"

    I think it is a known bug that they did not fixxed in the update. Try simbios mod. Or recompile the files yourself(a payne in the ass IMO) Question for staff- Why is it taking so long for an 100% working update? You forgot to implement the fix in the last update.. Why not bring a quick fix for it? My system won't let me recompile files for some reason.
  6. Milhansolo

    Goblin Xp Bot

    Your mate is bullshitting you, haha 67k per day.. Would be awesome as hell tough!! But not possible fastest way to boost level is by donating. I'm doing that with my th9 and I have almost 60k donates. I'm in a normal clan btw no req 'n leave.
  7. Milhansolo

    Launch Failed devices!

    Try download the tool that is profided in the first post of this topic
  8. I have it on standard attack. But even when it's on standard attack, when it finds a dead base it always calculated the attack as an smart attack. Thanks fahid
  9. Does anyone use simbios with standard attack Gi-arch? Giants don't deploy correctly for me. On normal version it does 4 on all for side nice and eacualy but with simbios it does the 4 sides but deploys giants on one spot.
  10. Milhansolo

    Personal break

    Are you using an 4.4 emulator or 5.1? Because 5.1 gives problems with PB
  11. Hi Mike, I think I got my problem with the spells sorted out now so no need for help anymore, thanks anyway tho! Got another question, You have an fwa clan? I'm thinking of buying an account from a clan mate of me but he is fwa banned... Is it possible to get that ban removed if I can proof that it isn't his account anymore? The ban says due to being Co of a sync stalking clan. But I know he wasn't very active on his account.
  12. You need to change settings. In the tab 'bot' - options, bottom left you'll see processor/thread advanced - (---) bots can run at the same time. You need to set the amount of bots that you are going to use.
  13. Milhansolo

    bot dont drop spells

    Ive send pm
  14. Milhansolo

    bot dont drop spells

    Nice thanks for fixing so fast, do I need to download a new version? If yes, where? Could not find anything about new version update
  15. And in addition to this, Before it does the goblin xp it checks the time remaining of troops being trained. But it continues doing that after each round of goblin xp. Takes about 10-15 seconds. So is it possible to skip all the checks in between and just hold on to the time that is had read before it did the first round of goblin xp? My English is messy by I hope you understand what I mean