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  1. PMs have been sent, covering for SnapDog12 atm.
  2. Philenst

    Unauthorised use

    Unauthorised use Hello, I'm not sure what's going on with my bot, I tried to remake it, deleted and fresh download, but it changes nothing. Every 24 hours or so, the bot restarts, but every time it restarts it throws me this message Not sure what to do about it restarting, I do not have restarting enabled at all, yet it does it on it's own, and the chrome tab just uses unnecessary resources. Is there any resolution for this? Thank you
  3. Philenst

    [DEBUG INCLUDED] Bad Warden Location

    Good to hear from someone on this, unfortunately I tried setting my min elixir saved to 0 but it's still giving me troubles, I have walls to be upgraded by gold only so that shouldn't be holding it back, I have 9.25kk total storage and it's totally full, yet it's still giving me the no elixir error, even after now updating to 7.6.6, so not sure how this is resolvable.
  4. Bad Warden Location Hello, The issue I'm having is when I manually locate all the heroes, it has no problems and accepts the coordinates and is happy with it, it upgrades the queen & king perfectly fine, but when it comes to the grand warden. Well, that's a different story, no matter where I put it, when it comes to try to upgrade it, I just get the "Bad Warden Location" error, does anyone have any fix for this if it happens to anyone else? Thank you