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  1. rbrt

    7.6.5 bugs report

    Topic Closed. Open your own topic.
  2. Topic moved to Help & Support and Closed. Ty ck9393
  3. rbrt

    Bot doesn't attack

    Support only exists for the latest version. In this case you should update and verify that the error persists. Only then will you receive your support.
  4. rbrt

    Does not switch accounts

    First: Bot > Profiles Second:
  5. rbrt

    7.6.5 switch account not working

    Read this before asking for help:
  6. rbrt

    7.6.5 bug report switching SC ID

    I'll keep your doubt on the other's topic.
  7. rbrt

    7.6.5 bug

    How is your setup? Topic moved to Help & Support.
  8. rbrt

    7.6.5 bug

    Why 3 topics?
  9. rbrt

    7.6.5 bug

    Why 3 topics?
  10. rbrt

    error boosting barracks ver 7.6.5

    You have two topics about the same thing.
  11. Are you trying to complete with new troops in empty space?
  12. rbrt

    Hustle Castle Bot

    Topic moved to Off topic.
  13. Of course but here isn't the area that discusses this. You already have a topic in the correct area. Now just wait for someone who has free time and the same interest that your doing or you do alone through this guide.