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  1. rbrt

    Problema ao lançar tropa

    Você vai precisar fazer um report em inglês em Help & Support (usando Inglês então). Leia aqui para saber as informações necessárias
  2. rbrt

    Problema com nova verção

    Compartilhe sua configuração de tropas.
  3. rbrt

    Reconhecimento do laboratório

    Funciona sim, 100%. Você realocou todas suas construções né? E agora tira print da sua configuração do ataque.
  4. Instala o AutoIt e recompila pra ver se funciona?
  5. Sure. You have to set up as your th's limits. Every profile you have to locate your buildings
  6. No. Each account will have its own profile. And yes, if your VPS meets the prerequisites, it will run smoothly (don't forget to use the rooted BlueStacks) You can run 8 per Switch Group.
  7. rbrt

    CAN NOT WORK 7.7.4

    So, read this and make a perfect report: Probably debug log and other information will help get your help.
  8. rbrt

    How many Bot users in CoC?

    Friend, he refers only to the MyBot Community. Closed Thread, too old.
  9. rbrt

    Bot not attacking.

    Topic moved to Help & Support
  10. rbrt


    Q: Is there risk of ban using MyBot.run? A: Yes. There is always risk of ban when you violated SC TOS. Each user must decide IF they accept risk. Currently, risk is considered to be low. Regardless of what you use from the Bot, you use it and that answer is general.
  11. English is mandatory in our forum. Use this area if you need to speak with your native language. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/44-spanish/
  12. rbrt

    terms and conditions page

    Are you using shared_pref? Topic moved to Help & Support.