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  1. New Auto Wall Upgrade Option

    @Fliegerfaust @MMHK Just to confirm, it is happening with the "Hero Upgrade" option, I remember to have this problem before, and I just confirmed that. I guess it used to ignore the buildings queue list before, which now works good, but it's ignoring the "Heroes Upgrade Continuously" option, just saw it happening to me. Current config to reproduce the problem: - Upgrade Warden checked. - Auto Wall Upgrade, Try Elixir First, Save 1kk each resource type. - 2 Buildings in the Queue list that uses Gold (Air Defense in my case), save 500k each resource type. Log:
  2. New Auto Wall Upgrade Option

    Hmm, I guess the Eagle was not really a good example. Let's say: Building upgrade -> Archer Tower -> 7kk Gold Auto Wall Upgrade -> 4kk + Save 1kk (6kk total). If I get let's say 6.5kk Gold, the bot will upgrade the wall, since it won't have enough money to the Archer Tower, but it has to the wall. At least that's what happen to me, I will make some tests to make sure about it since I just saw this SkipWallUpgrade() code into MBR. I will post back when I check that, thanks for now
  3. New Auto Wall Upgrade Hello. After some years using MBR, something that always bother me is to keep changing the auto wall upgrade settings when a builder is free (or almost) to upgrade some build. So would be nice to have one checkbox in the Auto Wall Upgrade like "Save resource for buildings", where the bot will basically check the free builders and if there is an building in the queue list and what is it's cost type. Example: I have "Eagle Artillery" in my buildings queue, which costs 10kk gold, and I got the auto wall upgrade to "Try Elixir first, Gold second", both to save 1kk resouces. Current Solution: I have to manually change the auto wall upgrade config to use only elixir, then I have to keep watching the game/bot until it finally upgrade my eagle artillery, so I can move back to the "Try elixir first, gold second". Requested Option Solution: I would selected the new option "Save Resource for Buildings", when the bot see we have a free builder to be used in the buildings upgrade, the bot just need to check which is the next building type cost andignore the wall upgrade with that resource type untill there is no free builder left (including the "Save One builder for walls" option). This way, people could add a few buildings in the building queue without worry about keep changing the walls upgrade settings all the time. Feel free to tell me what you think about it. Thank you.
  4. [LvL 12] Farming/pushing/boting Clan [37/50]

    24/7 TH 11, lvl 150 Lavaloon, all troops (Ballon, Lava, Haste and Rage) maxed

    TH 11 Maxed Troops King 36, Queen 40, Warden 10
  6. Bot getting stuck training troops MyBot Version: 7.2.4 Emulator Version: 3.0.8 Operating System: Win 7 Brief Description of the Problem: Sometimes the bot just get stuck trying to train troops, it get stuck returning in the Log an error message like this https://gyazo.com/1b59baf775a25564f3982ea199dd3906 , it's happening to other troops aswell. What were you doing to trigger this?: Nothing, happened while I was AFK and while I was using the PC. What have you tried to do to resolve the problem?: Usually I see this error the game get disconected for idle (since the bot get stuck spamming the error and doing nothing), so when I reload the game and open the army window and move to the troops tab, it works again. Ps: It just happened while I was writing this thread and reopening the army window does NOT helped this time. Ps 2: When this happen, it's impossible to stop or pause the bot, it's kinda in an infinite loop.