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  1. want to report a bot breaking bug. if you are in clouds of bh and suddenly game loses connection then no matter what bot won't attack for a year or decades. what you can do is that make a function of restart search just like main village cloud in case you find any kind of issue while searching.
  2. Copy downloaded CSV to \CSV\Attack not Strategies folder once copied. Source :
  3. Welcome to mybot
  4. if bot fall into condition where it requested defense troops and you want bot to continue searching for bases, in that case you can use this option to preserve defensive cc troops by not dropping them
  5. The ban isn't because of bot, according to ban message you're promoting some third party site
  6. for god sake lol let the update drop first how do you expect developers to comment on this when they haven't got there hands on update as of now
  7. if anyone looking for very serious push clan then you just can't find a clan as good as this.
  8. image detection issue post image of failed bases and the picture must be captured by bot photo button
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