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  1. MAJPA

    I want a bot

    Go to a developer platform and ask how much is cost making a bot!! hire a developer! https://www.freelancer.com/
  2. MAJPA

    Autoit Guidance

    Yes something like : ; Just the colors Local $aColors[4] = [0x147073, 0x16776E, 0x327A82, 0x15736E], $aResult For $i = 0 To UBound($aColors) - 1 $aResult = PixelSearch(365, 406, 1537, 919, $aColors[$i], 1) If @error Then ContinueLoop If Not IsArray($aResult) Or UBound($aResult) <> 2 Then ContinueLoop Next Maybe what you need is Image detection and not Pixel Search!! see the https://github.com/MyBotRun/Libraries Maybe you can use the ImgLoc , is my suggestion : https://github.com/MyBotRun/Libraries/tree/master/ImgLOC/ImgLoc
  3. MAJPA

    Autoit Guidance

    Less code : Func UnitFind() ; An Array with all necessary colors and positions to use in PixelSearch Local $aVariable[5][6] = [[1537, 919, 365, 406, 0x2C6D78, 1], [365, 406, 1537, 919, 0x147073, 1], [365, 406, 1537, 919, 0x16776E, 1], _ [365, 406, 1537, 919, 0x327A82, 1], [365, 406, 1537, 919, 0x15736E, 1]] Local $iDelay = 250 For $i = 0 To UBound($aVariable) - 1 ; Checking all previous array var, Check colors and positions Local $aResult = PixelSearch($aVariable[$i][0], $aVariable[$i][1], $aVariable[$i][2], $aVariable[$i][3], $aVariable[$i][4], $aVariable[$i][5]) ; Check any possible error , idk if is to 'continueloop' or just 'ExitLoop' your choice! If @error Then ContinueLoop ; Just in case is not an array and doesn't have 2D If Not IsArray($aResult) Or UBound($aResult) <> 2 Then ContinueLoop selectUnit() MouseMove($aVariable[$i][0], $aVariable[$i][1], 50) Sleep($iDelay) MouseUp("LEFT") ; Maybe a new delay will be necessary Sleep($iDelay) ; Verify if exist a color in a position If Not isValid() Then ExitLoop Next EndFunc ;==>UnitFind ; Booelan function Func isValid() ;Check color Local $aResult = PixelSearch(463, 845, 465, 847, 0x1C8616, 1) If @error Then Return False If Not IsArray($aResult) Or UBound($aResult) <> 2 Then Return False Return True EndFunc ;==>isValid
  4. LOL, Bolida just love to copy and paste code!! 😛 Is possible to do it and is very easy, BUT BUT is really useful?, coz you need TH detection and Dark Storage detection , and that can increase a lot the wasted time on detection, example on my MiniPC i get +-60 seconds to do all smart farm detection , without TH & Storage detection, when the bot starts the attack the time is already on 2m20s !! And a developer write code for all computers and not only for i7 or Ryzens!! BTW on dead bases is not the best choice, drill are filled and maybe storage empty.
  5. Anti Ban technology ? 🤣 🤣 😂
  6. Will be fix when the official developers release a Spring 2020 Version.
  7. What is necessary if catch what precise Object is giving that error, maybe using a simple Debug Line BEFORE each COM 'instance' and than when you get the error you can see the previous line and get WHERE is error happens, than sure some developer can improve the code. BTW that COM error happens to proceed and not crash the bot, as you can see even with that error the bot continues the main loop.
  8. COM error interception, what is a COM : - COM stands for "Component Object Model". It is the Microsoft way to interconnect software using a common interface. - That errors are from the COM objects used in autoit code, normal are objects used on our Windows. Example : When we need to kill some process , we need to get some information about running windows processes, we use a COM: Local $oWMI = ObjGet("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\.\root\cimv2") That object haves properties and methods : Local $colProcs = $oWMI.ExecQuery("select * from win32_process") When exist an issue / an error , will popup that message, was the only way to deal with possible COM errors, or that or a simple bot crash!! Possible issues, normal that COM interface deals with privileges! Windows privileges , OR even worst, doesn't exist that COM object, if you use a Windows Server 2012 R2 , this is an example. More information about it : https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/intro/ComRef.htm Autoit is not perfect to deal with Component Object Model, and that is not my opinion, is from autoit developers/scriptwriter community.
  9. No will not be faster, the MyBot developers in general keep the 'human like' objective working on slow machines! Autoit is not a real language is a script language, and is only single thread. At last but not least , using faster clicks , faster running features, will give you a 'faster' ban.
  10. The only way is changing the autoit code. Generic the bot have some 'wait for' loops, but some times have a fixed time in ms as a delay to wait for something , a window , a color , a pixel etc. As you can imagine the developer write code to all kind of machines even VPS or MiniPC's and they are slower to open the Chat than your machine. AND the autoit is a single thread script language. _Sleep is the function to make a delay and uses a fixed time example of a 1.5 seconds : If _Sleep(1500) Then Return
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