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  1. MAJPA

    bot cant use first spell

    Correct , reproduced and will be fix soon.
  2. MAJPA


  3. MAJPA

    Builder Base Attack

    Let me try to explain, this is an opensource project. Of course any person with 'bad intention' can add malicious code and most of our users can't 'read' autoit and understand it! True. But you can delete .EXE and zip it again and upload to VirusTotal and see if exist any flag. Only 2 persons can do modification on c# code [MyBot.Run.DLL - closed source library] as that person are @ProMac and @cosote , trustful persons on our community and the last modification was made by @ProMac 'Official' developers doesn't "control" mods and they are not "beta version" , but you can trust at the "Mod badge" like @ChacalGyn badge , that mean he is here for ages and he is making an excellent work and official team promoted him, last but not least most of the features from mods will be not "merge" to official version. How it works : is necessary that an official dev is interested in a feature to read/understand/fix/improve the 'mod feature' and share it on a small group before merge it to develop repository!
  4. MAJPA

    SmartFarm Attack

    Inside Resources : [65]% -> Will force the bot to attack in ONE side when 65% [ 9 collectors /14 ] are INSIDE , the attacking side will have the most resources side. Outside Resources : [80]% -> Will force the bot to attack in ALL sides when 80% [11 collectors/14 ] are OUTSIDE [easy to attack with archers - 40px distance from red line ]. Use only values above the 51%.
  5. MAJPA


    BotFolder\COCBot\functions\Android\Android Status & Information.txt
  6. MAJPA

    Memu - "Clash of Clans isn't responding"

    Please post your settings from Bot\Android Tab.
  7. MAJPA

    Problem with commands in telegram

    Set the bot to English , make on your AV the bot folder as an exception.
  8. Even better , you have a Smart Farm strategy , bot decides how and where to attack considering the resources.
  9. MAJPA

    Builder Base Attack

    That 'Mods' are not our Bot modifications , but the Xmod from xModGames
  10. MAJPA

    Edit button

  11. @TripleM is talking about the Android Version and not the Emulator version take a look on this topic :
  12. MAJPA

    Please HELP! Images turn black!

    Check the #1 and #2 . Try to increase memory on your VM and Bluestacks
  13. First is necessary set the Attack : example: After is necessary set the ratio Donate/Request because is related to deploy castle troops : example:
  14. MAJPA

    Still having problems with giant deployment

    Smart Farm haves a different approach for troop deploy points . And is related to Attack Type and Giants quantities. Standard attack : $g_iSlotsGiants = 1 Local $GiantComp = $g_aiArmyCompTroops[$eTroopGiant] If Number($GiantComp) > 16 Or (Number($GiantComp) >= 8 And $nbSides = 4) Then $g_iSlotsGiants = 2 If Number($GiantComp) > 20 Or (Number($GiantComp) >= 12 And $nbSides = 4) Then $g_iSlotsGiants = 0 Slot 0 = Will spreads along the red line Slot 1 = will deploy in one place Slot 2 = will deploy in 2 points Smart Farm : ; Reset the deploy Giants points $g_iSlotsGiants = 1 ; Giants quantities Local $GiantComp = $g_aiArmyCompTroops[$eTroopGiant] ; Lets select the deploy points according by Giants qunatities & sides ; Deploy points : 0 - spreads along the red line , 1 - one deploy point .... X - X deploy points Switch $GiantComp Case 0 To 10 $g_iSlotsGiants = 2 Case Else Switch $nbSides Case 2 $g_iSlotsGiants = 2 Case 1 $g_iSlotsGiants = 4 Case Else $g_iSlotsGiants = 0 EndSwitch EndSwitch
  15. Thanks for your report , will be fix soon