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  1. Townhall Level: 11 Barbarian king level: 31 Archer queen level: 27 Grand warden level: 18 How many hours run bot per a day: 12/7
  2. Town Hall: th 11 niv 150 Loon Level: 6 Botting hours per day: 12/7 Ability to use Discord (Y/N)? vocal=yes message=yes
  3. they said that it will come in the next days leave their time because they are volunteers and can be done so if you want the update to be done you have only one thing to learn programming and help.
  4. I am very interested in your clan and I would like to join him I speak a little english kind 7 \ 10 I am th11 level 150 bot 16h every day I have discord, thank you for me mp
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