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  1. new version hasnt come out yet, their are patches for 7.7.6 too however
  2. I can confirm that ive been using this mod for over a month now and i have had no issues, so no need to stress.
  3. [Level 13] - REBUILDING - Farming / 24/7 Donating / War Clan / Max Clan Games Just obtained a Level 13 Clan, currently looking for active War players and Donators - Bot when you want for how long you want - Donate what is requested by members - Constant Wars (Not atm as were rebuilding) - No ratios, Request 24/7 preferred The clan is currently being rebuild so can be quiet Lots of fun, active players in the clan, with a good talkative atmosphere Please Reply to this post for the clan name! Look forward to hearing from everyone! BUMP BUMP
  4. 11 - Townhall Level 37,32 - Hero Levels 18, talk the rest- Hours per day you bot No - Do you war? (If you say yes, we expect you to be skilled and attack every war) Yes - Do you have Discord?
  5. Form: Town Hall: 11 Loon Level: 6 Botting hours per day: 24/7 other than me playing online Ability to use Discord: Yes
  6. Works well, highly suggested if youre wanting quick XP, dont boost though, Donation cycle may break and cannot continue without restart
  7. Anyone have an update version of this MOD or know a way to make this run on the newest version of mybot?
  8. Any Clan-Hop Auto Donate Bot? is there any clan-hopping bot that auto-joins and auto-donates that i can update to the most recent version to use and works very well and effectively?
  9. Anyway of changing Clan Names? I know that you previously were able to report a clan name and get a name change however is it possible to change you clan name now?
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