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  1. [Level 13] - REBUILDING - Farming / 24/7 Donating / War Clan / Max Clan Games Just obtained a Level 13 Clan, currently looking for active War players and Donators - Bot when you want for how long you want - Donate what is requested by members - Constant Wars (Not atm as were rebuilding) - No ratios, Request 24/7 preferred The clan is currently being rebuild so can be quiet Lots of fun, active players in the clan, with a good talkative atmosphere Please Reply to this post for the clan name! Look forward to hearing from everyone! BUMP BUMP
  2. Interest Thread [Level 10] - Trying to start FWA clan Currently have a dead level 10 clan looking for interest of people interested in rebuilding / re-populating clan! KIK: @Zestys. Twitter: Malzacherr Discord: Malzacher#2736
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