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  1. past ur config file here. mybot v7.8.2>profile>(ur village)>config.ini .
  2. Bluestacks and BlueStacks2 doesn't support multiple Instances so no second Parameter needed. ( Leave last Parameter empty!) BlueStacks3 now support multiple Instances! You can choose between Instances like this: mybot.run.exe MyProfile BlueStacks2 Android mybot.run.exe MyProfile BlueStacks2 Android_
  3. As long as it has 2 core + 2 gb ram . Anything is fine. Use bluestacks or older (rooted) available here. But u will only be able to run 1 instance ( aka 8 accounts[switching] ) In both of ur machine . also u can set the priorities on HD-agent and HD frontend as above average . It helps in long runs(like for days)
  4. YEP me too. Who cares . I just like to bot. I am not even attached to this game anymore . Maybe I'll sell one or two .
  5. Hnn. This ban was not a huge one I guess. Still not sure why am I safe though. I am pretty sure I had 1000+ attack wins in 2 of my minis. Probably more than than I think. anyway i did changed some things though , Like to make it non banable.
  6. MyBot doesn't have war support nor any other mob. But On certain mobs u can select a set time of the day for war attacks in which the bot will train ur desired per-set war army and just go offline . Then u can attack in that time . its not perfect though.
  7. Whats that time for ? Its open source
  8. I know BB attacks been new in the official but its been on mobs for a while now. Just wanna know is its possible to use redline drop points instead of external edge?
  9. I kinnda agree in a sense . SC can no way truly 100% ban a bot on its own . They may flag based of online time/ pixels clicked on the emu screen(maybe , but IDK how the even get those [ won't from me cz I have blocked connections]) / Attack patters and deployments pixels ( especially for CSV) . Apart from these, are there any more factors. I sincerely doubt it. Any way, I bot 24/7 as well but I have modified the online time to only bot during my waking hours only and in intervals of 3 hrs botting to 1 hrs rest and than cycle . Pretty effective for me As I have botted like this for almost 2 yrs now and Maybe passed 2/3 ban waves with no ban Acc. BTW , I have 11 acc's on 2 bot setup in a single laptop. ( 3 of those acc's are relatively new though( like created 3/4 months ago)).
  10. 1- Maybe Bot like Speed and attacks are the key. 2-IDK . I have used this bot and one other for a total of almost 1.5 years and not a single Acc's been banned , while One friend of my clan got ban from just one month. 3-Go to the "How-To" section and try to apply any suggestion related to Humanlike Settings. It will help. And dont use CSV that are not customized to be Humanlike. Don't let the bot attack more that 10 attacks a day . That should do I guess. PS: Also increase all the Delays and stuff. Applying all these settings and learning how it helps might take hours(it took for me). But its worth it.
  11. Is it a thing now. Should I use this.
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