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  1. Is it a thing now. Should I use this.
  2. emulator=BlueStacks2 game.distributor=Google game.package=com.supercell.clashofclans inactive.color=FFFFFF inactive.transparency=24 instance=Android Go to config .ini and modify emulator and instance to this.
  3. I think its bound to take a break once that comes up. Anyway the bot will try to restart/reload coc in this case.
  4. Use 1 or 2 instead of 5 for DROP_POINTS
  5. I'm using AIO Humanization for now . Its kinda same . But I don't think it will be added to Official , cz it gets unstable sometimes on long runs(sessions). Humanization generally includes(As seen in various mobs)-
  6. 2-step Google Verification. Apart from that I havent really done anything. (apart from standard passwords and all) Oh! One more thing, I don't really support using VPS on ur main Acc's . Don't wanna get banned for Acc's sharing and the likes. My VPS is only on my minis, as for the main , I bot them at home. U can enable firewall as well.
  7. 2 script+Different army(completely diffnt)>>>>NO 2 script+Same(similar) Army>>>YES
  8. But I mean SC_ID is meant to be used to play an Account on multiple devices. And SC doesn't quite oppose emulators and stuffs. But honestly IDK though.
  9. I don't quite understand how its risky to connect to SC ID though. I have a few acc's and all are connected , Using shared_preff to switch. I havent been banned though.
  10. 4$ to 5$ per bot per month should be a gud math.
  11. Never attack with bot in a war. U seriously wanna get reported!!
  12. just try re-downloading, Making new profile etc.
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