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  1. Hi guys I need to understand some of the buttons for better translation So if you allow me to make a list of buttons that are unclear to me and ask you to give a brief explanation of it.
  2. I'm glad I can help developers (low but valuable) I'm sorry Because The file is not ready yet Suprise... The File is ready To use Download Link: Click Here Like this??? New versions is coming...
  3. MemuHyperv Headless Frontend | Error! Hi... This is an error by the emulator After that, only the emulator is closed Note: The Bot will run the emulator after a few seconds and this will happen again If this helps: Win 7 Home Premium 64-Bit Microsoft.NET framework 4.7.2 Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2015-2017
  4. Boost other languages hi... I want to do a good job for Persian language friends I want to edit the robot language file to be clearer and more understandable If developers accept this Note: If someone wants to edit another language, they can announce this topic I'll soon put the file in the topic
  5. Donation disabled | Error! Hi... i have Problem TO donation troop or spells 12:25:37 ق.ظ] [T]: 3 248 [12:25:37 ق.ظ] [G]: 1 118 131 [E]: 5 071 949 [D]: 84 684 [GEM]: 4 324 [12:25:41 ق.ظ] Searching for a Loot Cart [12:25:42 ق.ظ] No Loot Cart found on your Village [12:25:42 ق.ظ] Collecting Resources [12:25:51 ق.ظ] Opening personal challenges [12:25:55 ق.ظ] Checking Lab Status [12:25:57 ق.ظ] Cannot find the Laboratory Research Button! [12:26:02 ق.ظ] No GemBox Found! [12:26:02 ق.ظ] Waiting, Add random delay of 28 seconds. [12:26:12 ق.ظ] Bot was Paused! [12:26:19 ق.ظ] Bot was Resumed. [12:26:32 ق.ظ] Donation disabled, available troops 100%, limit 90% [12:26:36 ق.ظ] Requesting Clan Castle reinforcements [12:26:37 ق.ظ] Getting current army in Clan Castle... [12:26:40 ق.ظ] Total Siege CC Capacity: 1/1 [12:26:41 ق.ظ] - 1 Stone Slammer Available [12:26:41 ق.ظ] Clan Castle Request has already been made [12:26:47 ق.ظ] Checking Upgrades [12:26:48 ق.ظ] 0 builders are upgrading your heroes. [12:26:48 ق.ظ] 1 free builder is reserved for heroes. [12:26:48 ق.ظ] No builder available for upgrade process please Help me To fix it!!
  6. استفاده از سنگ انداز در csv | how To use stone Slammer in csv سلام دوستان عزیز من هر اسکریپتی که استفاده میکنم توش از سنگ انداز استفاده نمیشه هرکاری هم میکنم تنظیم هم هست ولی استفاده نمیشه اسکریپت مورد استفاده من هم [TH9-12] Undefeatable LavaLoonion v6.3 هست ممنون میشم کمک کنید که حلش کنم یا یه اسکریپت بگید که از سنگ انداز استفاده کنه
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