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    @louis-slnvça ne change rien ... que tu sois sur pc ou pc portable ... ! Pour le moment il n'y a pas eu de ban à cause du bot ... ! Tu l'utilises à tes risques et périls ..
  2. Well if you tickled siege it's normal ... You have to untick so he will skip siege check ... With Mitzu fix he will never check the siege even if you recieve one from your clan .... Regards, Mika
  3. Glad to hear that, but did it work ? With Mitzu fix or mine ? So that I know if I understood the code right ...
  4. @mitzu read from line 138 to 177 It's about what to expect for cc to consider it full @Martinel did it work ? I think I read the code wrong so just do Mitzu quick change.
  5. @Martinel : And untick Siege Machine so there won't be check on it ... Regards, Mika
  6. why you need it ? it has been fixed in 7.7.3 ^^ Regards, Mika
  7. @chinda and if you untick background mode does it work ? We need to have the logs .... Without them we can't do anything ... Regards, Mika
  8. First of all check in the Attack plan // Train Army // Army to ensure you trained spell. Then check in the Attack Plan // Search & Attack // Dead Base and/or Active base // Attack here tick the spell you are using. And if you use standard attack or smart farm strategy, the bot doesn't use spell there (except light for smart zap which is in Attack Plan // Search & Attack // Option // Smartzap Regards, Mika
  9. Mika

    Bot Problem

    There is no real problem here... Just that if you have bug we won't support. But you can give it a try. The bot should start no matter what. Or download a support version of BS (all info are in the bot folder : COCBot\functions\Android ---> Open The file called Android Status & Information Regards, Mika
  10. @BabyDragon Please post a full log report Regards, Mika
  11. @wildsatan exactly the same like you would do on the phone or in your tab ... Regards, Mika
  12. @espatifa por favor, verifique sua configuração de feitiço, já que o bot está esperando 11, e você prepara apenas 8. Saudações Mika
  13. @wildsatan with a bit of search you would have find your answer ... ! But I am kind so I will save you time : How to use switch group : How to switch account using Shared_pref : Now you have some reading to do! Regards, Mika
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