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  1. Ya I cannot figure out why that happens for only some people. I am wondering if it is a MEmu setting or something that happens behind the scenes. Because for most people that doesnt happen but I dont know exactly, hopefully Leex's fix works
  2. @StoneCold076 take a photo of the bot log when it doesnt attack. It will go to BB and do some things and you say it doesnt attack. Show that
  3. Can you show the log when it doesnt attack. So I can see the decisions it makes
  4. That is so annoying lmao i thought i fixed that -.-... ill give it another shot after i get the update out
  5. Ill be updating as soon as i can more mod features means a bit more time for updating lol i was hoping I could do it just as fast as before but its a bit trickier
  6. Ya man I can tell you that no code I wrote would effect that. You can even go read the code changes on my github
  7. Not sure what happened for you, and i can tell you that those issue come from your profile set-up However, feel free to not use my mod as you will no longer get support from me with those type of negative comments. Remember for any modder, we do this for free and do our best. Without us you wouldnt have certain features. Be appreciative or get lost!
  8. @yeamer2004 @cruixh this is tested on memu by one of the beta testers
  9. @tranduyquang If I am being completely honest, I am not totally sure what suspend and resume does. I know the issue is because of that, and I might know how to fix it... I have fixed it for clouds in the past but the attacking feature was like glitchy. I am still trying to work it out tho @old-duffer can you use nox maaybe? @leex2912 U have thought about that and maybe in the future. It is more tricky in BB than regular heros because ability always happens and I dont want things to be laggy so I gotta sort out the code a bit @qqq131ppp Not as the mod currently sits, but it could be an easy add in.
  10. @old-duffer i have been reading around that certain blue stacks versions arent working with 7.7.7. Try MEmu
  11. @tranduyquang read past posts, cannot use with android suspend and resume on sorry
  12. @jjjwad77 double check on the official version, but i have heard that double train with quick train is broken? Is this true?
  13. Thanks! I will look into this asap lol thats wierd Thats exactly what i was thinking was happening. I have tried fixing code to work woth suspend/resume but its tricky and I would have to refactor code a bit.... maybe in time
  14. @jjjwad77 in terms of dropping troops, troop order should work. And it should only delete troops that arent in your army. Are you using double train with quick train? @Brucetheman what emulator are you using and have you changed any of the android settings on the bot tab? @mohager are you using double train with quick train? Or when exactly is this happenning? Thanks everyone!
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