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  1. oh ya that one i havent tested. I only tested it with stay online only. I could look into the other ones . I am a bit busy with stuff in life rn but waiting for update to write patches and will get back to development shortly
  2. I believe it still will. I test the mod by setting my account to halt attack stay online only and it does the BB checks and attacks
  3. Oh ya, rn code doesnt work well with restarts of android. I will have to fix that. Sorry been very busy. My mod is in aio
  4. Issue fixed in v2.0.4, just a tolerance fix on the search for loot available.
  5. Not yet. I am working on that but am trying to have good logic to keep machine alive even if troop placements take a while .... Hopefully in v2.0.3 whenever we get around to that. New COC Update is coming so we will plan around that and fixes and such associated.
  6. For me, it is dependant on the attack I am using. What is your army composition? Well that is just debug text that it says when it is searching for images so that is normal. Do you have suspend and resume on every image call? If so make it only during search and attack in android settings.
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