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  1. Hey Everyone! Have you ever wanted to try hacking? 🤯 . . . WELL TODAY I HAVE A FUN CHALLENGE FOR YOU!! 🙂 👇 👇 Challenge Goal(s): Bypass Vulnerable.exe login system!! Potentially retrieve all users and passwords. (not real people) I am working towards this now, as I am learning too. SO THIS GOAL IS A MAYBE. Description: Below I have included 2 programs; Vulnerable.exe and Exploited.exe Vulnerable.exe is a simple program that will ask you
  2. Hey everyone, this is just a very simple update utility. ? Download Here GitHub Link: https://github.com/nickpavini/MyBotUpdateTool 1. Run MyBotUpdateTool.exe 2. This tool will tell you what the latest version of the bot is, and you can decide to update if you need to. 3. Select your existing bot folder that needs to be updated. And that's it! Your profiles all get copied over, as well as your CSV scripts. ? THIS TOOL IS NOT AN OFFICIAL RELEASE BY THE MyBotRun TEA
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