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  1. Very late reply here but if you still have this issue please post a photo of your request settings tab 👍
  2. This is something we are aware of and working to fix for you guys! 👍
  3. Can you post photos of your attack settings and logs please 🙂
  4. Ya, full debug log. What th are you? What is your actually spell capacity?
  5. Issue is known, we hope to have a fix soon ?
  6. use that to make a good report, and I closed your other topic because you made another. So please stick to one thread
  7. What kind of error? A build error or logic error? Also if you are adding this to the bot make sure that your apply, save and read functions are called in the apply save and read functions that exist in the bot.
  8. There is no artificial intelligence in the bot. The code gives people options that they can use to be unique and of course is coded to do these actions as human as possible, and yes humanizing use some work lol but the bot does not "learn" anything. So in short, the bot will not make decisions based on encounters it has faced. It will not learn from bases it has seen, it will not learn good profile configs based on th and layout, and it will not be able to figure out changes that SC has made to the game and adjust code to work with it. (That would be either impossible or a very taxing task to say the least.) All that being said, I think something that would be very cool (not saying it would for sure even work) is if someone played with some machine learning tactics. Maybe something that analysed config files and scored them on efficiency for mining a certain resources or an actual chat bot embedded in the bot that has small conversations with clan mates. This is not something that would likely be worked on by the development team but for anyone with experience in machine learning it could be a really fun project NOTE: You could also apply machine learning maybe to army selection for particular bases, but as you all know the armies are already cooked when you encounter the base through the bot so that wouldn't work.
  9. We are working to fix that, sorry all.
  10. @isaac20 if you still have the profiles, just open coc with the bot and click push shared pref button next to profile save button. It the Up arrow
  11. There is always a possibility because we are doing something against terms or service
  12. We are likely going to add some human features yes. Just off the top of my head a few in top consideration are reading and writing to clan in chat. Checking if there is a current war and maybe reading the war log. Little things that a person might do in reality.
  13. When you load the new account on your profile, make sure you pull the shared prefs before starting the bot and then save your profile. The pull shared pref button can be found near the save profile button
  14. These are called humanization features. Sometimes they are included in some of the modded versions, but yes this a nice idea
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