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  1. ciao ciccio è vecchissimo il post
  2. I am not use bot for 14 days... i am ask if i can use it... and when i used ut i am used for 3/4 hours
  3. in what sense do I have to go to the slow?
  4. Bot Hi everyone, were there still bans? are they real or fake? I'm not understanding anything anymore ... who is using the bot for now? I would like to use it but for now I'm scared, since there are people who say they've been banned! the problem is that nobody puts screan, is all this true or false? who is using it for now?
  5. hello everyone and hello to you great developers of this wonderful BOT. I have an idea to make the bot more human, first of all in the search and attack button, I read in the forum that when attacking or searching for people, click on the same point (I don't know if that's true) you can't create a random in such a way that randomly every time you click, click a different pixel that is obviously always inside the search button to attack, or to train, and so on, because if the supercell controls that it comes to see that the same point is always clicked, and a human obviously does not always click the same point, excuse the disturbance, I hope to have been useful, obviously you can do other things so similar in order to seem it more like a human being
  6. Bot is dead? Bot is dead?? I didn't know about this wave ... honestly I used it so far and I didn't receive any bans ... have discovered MBTR? you don't understand anything ... were people banned? and still safe? or is there a wave of ban? just answer if you know, no spam
  7. Ho un problema Detto sempre questo ... primo lavoro e dopo un breve periodo lo rifa i am use Mybot version 7.7.7 and noxPlayer
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