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  1. Does anyone have a recent version if not I might get to work
  2. bot is just stuck at GTFO | Clan donate loop just stuck there looking at clan chat not donating... Does anyone else get this?
  3. I have a project (bot for a popular mobile game) coming up too bad my knowledge of autoit isn't as sharp as C# @zmtxhades if you like you could help me and we could make some $ (long term) dm if you're interested. It's nothing as big as MBR but still can be useful for sharpening our skills 🤗 EDIT: Im researching this in C# but if you still wanna help develop on AUTOIT i'l gladly take it.
  4. This would be in the file SuperXP.au3 in the function DropAQueenSX change bActivateASAP so bActivateASAP = False to false To activate queen do call SelectDropTroop($g_iQueenSlot) ; before that add a sleep for however long you want in (ms) depending on your queen level.
  5. Update: they are not using Unbotify anymore.
  6. I was using the AIO Mod and the GTFO doesn't seem to work it will just be stuck in a loop and log something like leaving clan while the loop runs and it stays in clan, nothing else.
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