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  1. You are absolutely correct, I did not look into the apk itself, my mistake. Here a simple scan reveals what libraries they use, one of them is Unbotify. immuniweb.com/mobile/?id=ueQDs4lF found this all without going through the trouble to decompile myself.
  2. How did you check? Their website says they run it but I didn't find any direct requests via proxy debugging.
  3. Hi I am doing a bit of testing and looking thru a lot of bot files, unfamiliar with autoit, I would to remove the donation what type of troop like checks at least set it to always skip the check and donate balloons(all I have train in army camp), this would optimize the bot instead of spending time pointlessly checking and instead donate to my clan fast, is there any way to do this? The file I am looking at is donatecc Example changes: Bot would press the donate button and just click whatever place it needs to to donate loons and maybe macro click it 9 times and move on to the
  4. You can edit the bot files to stop removing troops as I did.
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