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  1. It's not rocket science just either tell us or send some screenshots
  2. Has anyone started up their bot again? I’m thinking of doing it only on my th9 for about another week to do walls. Good idea?
  3. Sorry but you’re never getting any account back
  4. Check last seasons records. They are all wiped. Some survived
  5. I didn’t say all of them were banned. Look at last months stats.
  6. Supercell Info Many of Stephanie’s and Dr Mujtaba’s accounts have been banned now because of win trading and account sharing. this info just shows that Supercell doesn’t care about how much someone spends on the game. They spent 1000’s and maybe 10000’s. so stop trying to say “spending money won’t grt you banned” SC doesn’t care
  7. I’m aswell using this bypass and haven’t ever received a ban even after the ban wave
  8. True. The account I botted on last night was the first time ever Botting on it. But I have a TH10 that has botted months in a row even last month and didn’t get banned
  9. Not really, there’s an IOS bot that I use and there’s been no reported bans since it was created in 2012. I’ve been using it every night for months!! No issues it’s super cool AutoClashBotIOS
  10. I used SmartFarm AND SmartZap all last night and I got no ban.
  11. I bot only on weekends or only whenever I need DE. I botted all night last night and even woke up to the ban wave and DID NOT get banned. I’m so thankful
  12. Yup I tried using more human stuff for the first time last night. I won’t bot anymore though
  13. It must be something you guys are doing wrong. I botted ALL last night and nothing. I’m using the supposed “method” to stop bot protection but idk if that does anything
  14. Higher risk of ban if you trophy push. And trophy pushing isn’t really that hard to do yourself. I’m a Th9 legend and Th8 titan 2.
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