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  1. has there been a fix for that missing memu\photo\ problem ? i am using the new 6.2.1 memu and no problem. but it is a resource hog.. i went down a few old versions and the missing memu\photo problem still happens.. and i did the fix in settings for winapi background capture.. seems to be happening on older emulators of memu.. the new memu is a tad too much for my wimpy laptops so i hope a fix will come so i can use the older ones.. thanks
  2. i went to the new memu 6.2 and did the fix with winapi for background capture and everything is working normal... thanks all
  3. will test it now on a few laptops no dice.. i get this error. so problem for me is still not fixed Android DirectX not available, using ADB screencap for background capture and also in memu i have direct as graphics option
  4. File not found: C:\Users\owner\Pictures\MEmu Photo\0D00E3A i keep getting this type of thing still on 3 bots: File not found: C:\Users\owner\Pictures\MEmu Photo\0D00E3AF228C99D038BDC3181820129AC32556BD [9:11:26 AM] Stopping MEmu.... then the emulator crashes and restarts all the time.. it happens during an attack.. completely random time when training troops, donating, attacking, etc is there a quick fix or something that hasn't been solved yet?? thanks
  5. same with me, happening on bluestacks and memu
  6. Discard row, bad MakeTargetDropPoints: 2 parameter: row 23 using some csv attack scripts on here, i am getting this error? : Discard row, bad MakeTargetDropPoints: 2 parameter: row 23 any reason for that, and how to fix? thanks all !!!
  7. i find that i have to NOT use quick train feature so i can make and donate sieges. I have to setup my army manually to be able to donate the siege. When quick train it showed I had 0 sieges made, but when switched to manual, it showed all sieges made. Don't know if that is the issue or not, was for me. On that note, I do notice that sometimes when I have a keyword setup, one of my profiles will donate to that keyword and on another profile it won't donate to that keyword. and everything is same, but different profile.. same setting and all..
  8. battle machine does not drop all the time when it is ready. it seems it drops every other 1-3 times lol i am using all super pekkas. so the machine is like 33% dropping
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