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  1. thank you. got it to work and no errors pop up now for that...
  2. i have max heroes and pets and it's causing a problem in new bot version... new install fresh everything..... it's looking for pet price, but i am maxed so error comes up..... i have upgrade heroes and pets unchecked too... it is not suppose to look for upgrade if unchecked i thought? so bot wont work at all, just gets stopped at that pet price loop job.... last version.2 hotfix all was good another error message. little different in debug mode.. definitely the pet house problem using memu 6.2.1
  3. hope the mbrchat gets fixed soon. too bad there is no safe place from stupid people trying to hack and attack people.. wish you all the best...... is it safe to try to "advance" ? when i tried to get to the page it showed:
  4. because as i said. i tried the fix and that post didn't help.. so a new fix is needed..
  5. bot says file not found memu/photo .... happening on all my 4 bots.. didn't happen previous version. now it is happening.. looked at forum and did fresh install on all.. but still getting that file not found message and it closes the memu.. any option to help fix that i am missing? thanks
  6. File not found: C:\Users\owner\Pictures\MEmu Photo\0D00E3A i keep getting this type of thing still on 3 bots: File not found: C:\Users\owner\Pictures\MEmu Photo\0D00E3AF228C99D038BDC3181820129AC32556BD [9:11:26 AM] Stopping MEmu.... then the emulator crashes and restarts all the time.. it happens during an attack.. completely random time when training troops, donating, attacking, etc is there a quick fix or something that hasn't been solved yet??
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