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    Multiple Account Issues

    I had same issue, this is video memory leak Temporary fix for file MyBot\COCBot\functions\Android\Close_OpenCoC.au3, line 17 Func CloseCoC($ReOpenCoC = False, $bCheckRunState = True) FuncEnter(CloseCoC) $g_bSkipFirstZoomout = False ResumeAndroid() If $bCheckRunState And Not $g_bRunState Then Return FuncReturn() Local $Adb = "" If $ReOpenCoC Then SetLog("Please wait for CoC restart......", $COLOR_ERROR) ; Let user know we need time... Else SetLog("Closing CoC......", $COLOR_ERROR) ; Let user know what we do... EndIf WinGetAndroidHandle() If $bCheckRunState And Not $g_bRunState Then Return FuncReturn() ;SendAdbCommand("shell am force-stop " & $g_sAndroidGamePackage) ;AndroidHomeButton() ; prevent memory leak AndroidAdbSendShellCommand("input keyevent 3") _Sleep($DELAYCLOSEOPEN2000) AndroidAdbSendShellCommand("am kill " & $g_sAndroidGamePackage) AndroidAdbSendShellCommand("am force-stop " & $g_sAndroidGamePackage, Default, Default, False) ResetAndroidProcess() _Sleep($DELAYCLOSEOPEN3000) If $bCheckRunState And Not $g_bRunState Then Return FuncReturn() If $ReOpenCoC Then OpenCoC() $g_bRestart = True EndIf FuncReturn() EndFunc ;==>CloseCoC Tested on 80+ accounts and Memu, Android 4.4, works fine... And also try installing another version of CoC - (armeabi-v7a) https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/supercell/clash-of-clans/clash-of-clans-11-185-15-release/clash-of-clans-11-185-15-android-apk-download/ or (x86) https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/supercell/clash-of-clans/clash-of-clans-11-185-15-release/clash-of-clans-11-185-15-2-android-apk-download/
  2. rnd2k

    .csv Editor

    Codec for .csv files https://mega.nz/#!2zwUlIIT!-K_TiPozVKUykbgTX6-xkAg2FvV8a5URlUH0FUvUO8g It only has 3 options: 0: Uncompress .csv files - first asks for source and destination directory, then decompresses all files in source and writes the results in destination 1: Compress .csv files - like the first one, but compresses files 2: Exit
  3. rnd2k

    .csv Editor

    I'm use this https://mega.nz/#!7nQGnIRD!lSWM8Y1GIgJKO5AadbQ7FaBmwd-W6xkQv3d9z3AIQfo very good editor)