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  1. Can you tell how is it related with emulator version and ram amount? I have the same issue and even worse, switching to wrong account after botting for long time and I need to pull all accounts from start. Yea my MEmu version is 2.5.0 and ram setting is 512mb coz of my old computer.
  2. This is not good, you need to check your settings I think
  3. I don’t believe this is an option if they really create a bot detection system as they say so noone can ever know but I hope you’re right, I really want to fail on my predictions in this situation.
  4. https://www.clashofstats.com/rankings/players/attack-wins/global/all/1 Here is some hard botters I never reach this list
  5. How do you dream of using the bot 1 month later? 1. If they ban who continue to bot than you can never bot again 2. If they ban who bot in the past too than you can never bot again and probably you’ll loose your accounts 3. If they didn’t ban anyone maybe you could but there was already a ban wave and seems they’ll continue to try cleaning high leagues in the future too and you’ll continue to wait forever so it’s not possible either
  6. Maalesef paylaştığınız fotoğraf faketi, resmî site 2 saat önce gönderdiğim şekilde açıkladı. Supercell forumunda paylaşılmadan piyasada dolaşanlara inanmamanızı tavsiye ederim.
  7. Yes it’s the same safety like 1 week ago so it’s your choice, my 8 accounts working with 2 instances half of the day as usual.
  8. Anyone know what happens when the leader of clan got ban? Coz all my bots are still working and i dont care their bully message. But in worst situation I want to keep at least my 14 levels clan
  9. Hello, i m quite experienced on those account switch problems. I'm running 5-6 accounts (total of 11) on 2 instances with Memu. Problem starts after 2 accounts reaches storage limit and halt account starts. With smart switch bot start not logging some accounts and only logs some spesific acounts even it has to logs and checks whats going on in halted accounts too. But when i unclick halt account option this problem doesnt happen, but in this situation i will make 2000+ wins per month which is very dangerous. I solved this problem closing smart switch so that all my accounts checked every 30-40 minutes. I had another topic about another swtich problem before.
  10. Thanks for your answer, it ended after 24 hours of sending the same message. I will try to restart the bot next time. But the problem is; sometimes i need to stop the bot for a while when i m not at home and than want to start again. So i dont have opportunity to restart all bot when i'm out. But maybe i can install teamviewer if needed. Thanks again.
  11. Yes, account switching has still some problems even its much better than recent versions. I unclick smart switch and result was better. If you dont have activity problem i can advice to try it. But donation will be so slow that way. I created another instance in Memu just for the donator account. Good luck.
  12. Endless Telegram Notifications Hello. General notifications are working well for me. But i have a small problem. When i pause and start the bot from Telgram's bot menu it keeps sending the same message that the bot is already resumed and no action was take like in the picture here. Is there a solution for that?
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