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  1. Thanks a lot, not sure i did what you write exactly but gave me the right idea. I login acc1 using SC ID then pulled it on a new profile, login acc2 using SC ID then pulled it on the same profile, login acc3 using SC ID then pulled it on the same profile. After these all my 3 accounts are saved in the Memu instance even after restart it. Thanks again.
  2. I can advice you MeMu v2.5.0 if your pc is slow. Ofc its not the best, old Androids has some problems sometimes but works perfect with my 10 years old computer.
  3. Ok i know how to use shared_prefs but i have some different things to do around my accounts. And i sometimes want to switch using SC ID screen manualy but everytime bot restarts all my saved SC ID accounts are deleted for some reason. And i need to save my SC ID accounts like a new emulator everytime, send password, copy it to emulator etc. again again. It sounds like its an emulator problem but i tried with a Nox version too and still same problem.
  4. Maybe but its not the answer of my question. I want to learn if its possible to do or not, just like you can choose max th you want to attack. What I want to do is to choose minimum th i want to attack.
  5. Is it possible to skip lower town halls than mine? I dont want to attack th11s as a th12 coz their storages are mostly near full and villages defined as dead are not fully dead. I just want to attack equal town halls.
  6. Hello. I have a strange problem. I save my 3 accounts using SC ID at MeMu_1 instance and i'm sure i click "Dont forget this account" option. I bot for some hours and close everything when im done. After that when i start the bot with same instance pufff all my saved accounts lost. Also some ingame setting like "screen shake off" and "only relevant request on" are reset to default. Is there an option on bot to save my accounts or is there an option for forget accounts on bot? Or its nothing to do with bot? Any idea what cause this? Using old MeMu version 2.5.0. Btw i know how to but i dont wan
  7. When the bot finds a dead base bot window moves on top of other windows. I dont want it happen, instead i want it to stay where it is. Is there a setting for this?
  8. Ok thanks a lot and i have another question. Is it possible to cancel bot window going on top when bot finds an appropriate base and when starting a search?
  9. Hello. I have a question about dead base detection method. Are there any difference from regular MyBot? I'm asking coz this mod passes a lot more than regular MyBot with using defaut settings. Maybe i'm missing some settings but this mod passes many dead villages telling its not a dead base. Actually its better coz always finds real dead bases, not like MyBot finding live base searching for deads. But minus part is taking very very long time a find one sometimes. If you clarify i'll be glad.
  10. [14 Seviye Klan] [TH12 Maksa yakın ve Erken basılmamış TH13] [Klan Ligi Savaşları ve Farm] [39/50] Arkadaşlar öncelikle klanımız bot klanı değildir. Klanda bot kullanan sadece 3 kişiyiz ve ilk defa bu forumda oyuncu arama konusu açtık. Bizim haricimizde 10 civarında çok aktif, 15 civarı da orta halli organik oyuncu bulunmaktadır. Valkyrie, Golem, Binici, Deprem ve Klon büyüsü gibi az kullanılanlar dışında bağış konusunda sıkıntı yaşanmamaktadır. Ban dalgaları başlamadan önceden beri klandayım ve şu ana kadar hiç banlanma olayı olmadı. Bu açıdan klanımızın bot klanlarından daha güv
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