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  1. Not Found The requested URL /coc/attack/ was not found on this server.
  2. I invited you to my conversation with @rbrti hope it'll work, many thanks. @AxEgoMay i ask you what didnt you like in this post and why you downvoted it?
  3. @Keridori think you are looking for a topic like @ratakantezcreated. I think you can get some ideas from this.
  4. Thanks @Malzacherbut this guy doing it regularly and there should be a solution for that. I just ignored him but i think he still can see and downvote my posts. I hope someone can help. Thanks again.
  5. Regular Downvoter Hello. I have a hater in forum who downvotes my every post regularly who not even reads my post. Is there a solution for those kind of people. He already downvoted about 10 times and he also has a multi account and downvoting from there too. His account has 50+ downvotes, he has probably some mental problems. I reported him to my language mod @F A T İ Hand also @rbrtbut they didnt do anything yet. Anyone can help me on this please? I didnt deserve those nonsense downvotes.
  6. Continue botting here my friend
  7. Nasıl yani bot kullanmadan mı ban yedin?
  8. Can you tell how is it related with emulator version and ram amount? I have the same issue and even worse, switching to wrong account after botting for long time and I need to pull all accounts from start. Yea my MEmu version is 2.5.0 and ram setting is 512mb coz of my old computer.
  9. This is not good, you need to check your settings I think
  10. I don’t believe this is an option if they really create a bot detection system as they say so noone can ever know but I hope you’re right, I really want to fail on my predictions in this situation.
  11. https://www.clashofstats.com/rankings/players/attack-wins/global/all/1 Here is some hard botters I never reach this list
  12. How do you dream of using the bot 1 month later? 1. If they ban who continue to bot than you can never bot again 2. If they ban who bot in the past too than you can never bot again and probably you’ll loose your accounts 3. If they didn’t ban anyone maybe you could but there was already a ban wave and seems they’ll continue to try cleaning high leagues in the future too and you’ll continue to wait forever so it’s not possible either
  13. Maalesef paylaştığınız fotoğraf faketi, resmî site 2 saat önce gönderdiğim şekilde açıkladı. Supercell forumunda paylaşılmadan piyasada dolaşanlara inanmamanızı tavsiye ederim.
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