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  1. HOW TO USE CSV MAKER I made a program that will help people who want to do easier about making csv. This is small guide for program. I made a small guide and lets see what program have. WHAT IS CSV MAKER/WHAT IS CSV HOW CODER/DEVELOPER/MODDER OR SOMEONE CAN ADD TO OFFICIAL OR MOD VERSION OF MYBOT? WHY DID CSV MAKER RELASE DATE IS TOO LATE?? WHAT IS ATTACK SIDE IN TOOL MENU? WHY ARE WE START CODING WITH BOTTOM RIGHT IN TOOL? SHOULD WE USE NOTE TEXT OR WHAT IS IT?? WHAT IS TRAIN SETTING? WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER PUSHING SAVE TRAIN BUTTON? AFTER START BUTTON WHAT SHOULD I DO? WHAT IS DROP AND HOW TO USE IT? WHAT IS WIDENESS? HOW TO USE IT? AND A LITLE EXPERIMENT WHEN SUFFLE OPTION WILL BE AVALIABLE? WHAT IS IT? Video will have English and Turkish Subtiltle ( I starts translating)... You can add SubTitle of your language if you want.. It is open. CHOOSING ATTACK SIDE Here you will give points to building(s) to decide your attack side. Bot slice village 8 pieces and find buildings that you give points in each piece. After this, bot calculate total points in each piece and side which has higest point will be your main side. In program, Assume that your main side is Main Side which will be showed with red arrow. Or if you want to decide your side without giving number you can choose a specific side by choosing one of them. Bot will not use Image Recognise to find your Main Side. Main side will be your choosing side. TRAIN SETTINGS If you know what troops you will use, you can set your training setting for bot. This is not a preparing for drop point in your attack. This will only set your train setting on bot if you click apply button. Remember apply button is at Mybot>>Attack Plan>> Dead/Active Base >> Attack >> Scripted Attack Usefull for newbie user to set train setting. Plus, If you choose 1 for hero bot will activate when their health is red if you choose 2 bot will activate hero after xxx sec. You can set time. if you choose 3 bot wait for both red health and time. NOTES, FILE NAME, STARTING Here if you add Notes, your notes will be showed at Script Page And You can wirte a specific name for your file. (Bot will create with NoName__ if you dont write anythin other.) NOW YOU ARE READY TO START!! Some Extra Tips : In Attack Side Option, Give points more than one building. Because bot can have problem to detect building that you give points. Some times Heros or other objects can be problem to detect. While you are adding drop points, Use Sleep option. Program automatically choose 100-120 ms for troops, 50-70 ms for spell. But if you choose sleep option each troops will be wait after droping differently. This make your csv look like human. If you want to activated your Hero even if it has more health, add it two times. First for dropping, second for activating. If you want to breake your Siege, you can add it two times too. First is for dropping. Second is for breaking. Spell circle radius is 1 and half blue drop point button approximatelly. if you click a blue drop point, you can set next spell from this size. Try not to drop corners. (Side Number = 10 )Because these drop point can be out of edge because of some other buttons in game. Especially left and bottom cornor. Rest is your logic and fun. I hope you enjoy. Have a good days. v 1.2 with RandomX_X and RANDOMY_X RANDOM X and RANDOM Y are the amount of randomness to use when dropping. For Example If you have a randomX of 5 and a randomY of 4, then the bot will drop each troop between [droppointX-5, droppointY-4] and [droppointX+5, droppointY+4]. A higher randomness amount may make the bot look more humanlike This both pictures has same drop point and first one has 5 randomness second one has 10 randomness. but this is only for spell for now.. Assume that each 12-15 pixel has 1 addtile approximetaly
  2. CSV MAKER - FOR PEOPLE WHO DOESNT KNOW ANYTHING Hi everyone.. I want to share you one program that made for people who does not know anythin about csv writing. This program will choose your attack side, will set your training setting, GUI Notes, and drop points for all type fight. there is a guide for the program you can share your all opinion and bugs.. Enjoy.. -----v1.0----- **Base Version -----v1.1----- **Castle Added. Some Minor Bugs fixed -----v1.2----- **Random X and Y pixel for Spell Vector added. -----v1.3----- **Royal Champion Added **Yeti Added **Siege Barrack Added **TH13 Training Added **Royale Champion Option Added to WAIT function **Language and Gui bugs FIXED **Scatter Shot is Added for Side Function and Drop Function on Buildings -----v1.4----- **UNDO Bug is FIXED -----v1.4.1----- **Sleep and Wait Time Bugs are FIXED. **Loading image is added with program name and version -----v1.5----- **Fixed Spell Numbers **Version History added to MAIN GUI **Discription added to Drop Functions in CSV File -----v.1.7----- **Program insert to MYBot **Gui improved (Train Gui) **Wideness INDEX added! -Random DROP Indexes in battle. **Request CC added -----v.1.8----- **Randomise Logic Problem FIXED -----v.1.9----- **Shuffle Troops in Group (soon) DOWLOAD LINK : https://github.com/ratakantez/7.8.2CSVMaker2020/archive/CSVMaker_2020_MyBot7.8.2.zip Github: https://github.com/ratakantez/7.8.2CSVMaker2020 DOWNLOAD TURKISH LINK : I will translate as soon as possible
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