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  1. another one for the list @kimmo88 bluestacks and clash installed ready to go www.gamers-servers.com
  2. No there's not. But the bot is really easy to update. 1. Download the new bot 2. Copy the Profiles folder and CSV folder (if you have added attack scripts) from the old bot to the new bot folder 3. Delete old bot folder 4. Start new bot I had better just say this.... The official advice is not to copy old profiles from one bot to another and I do agree with that of course. The reason for this when things get added or removed in bot updates it can change the values of settings. So if you use an old profile it can sometimes mess things up.
  3. Hi @mytoylilred78 It can be a little confusing when you first start botting, theres a lot of settings to try and understand. The best thing you can do is spend some time reading the guides in the link in the post above and spending some time browsing the forum. Then jump in and have a play with the bot. Hit start and watch what it does, it will detect the emulator automatically and load it up. If you run into problems the bot will usually let you know whats up in the log displayed on the log tab. If you need help try to be specific and let us know what the b
  4. Yeah sorry that's my bad. I rushed out the version to try and get the zoomout issues fixed ASAP and made a couple of mistakes. You can ignore it, it makes no difference to the bot. We'll make a hotfix version shortly
  5. Please link me to where admin are saying this, I will edit or remove it. What is? Which type of attack are you using? The bot will drop based on the instructions you give it, for example what type of attack you set it to use or what CSV you tell it to follow. So if you want it to attack or not attack in a certain way, you need to set it up accordingly. Read the guide about making CSV's and pay attention to the bits that tell you how to randomize the drop points Anything else I can help with, please let me know
  6. New bot has been released, please update.
  7. can you provide logs and more information please. Which CSV, which heroes are not deploying, is it always the same or just sometimes....etc etc
  8. stop the bot and close it, make sure no bot is running. Inside the bot folder look for a folder called Profiles. Look inside this and you will see Folders with the same name as the profiles you created. Inside each of these is a file config.ini Look in that file and find these lines... ABChampionWait=1 DBChampionWait=1 change the values on both of those to 0 ABChampionWait=0 DBChampionWait=0 close and save the file(s) now restart the bot
  9. yeah I've seen that too. I generally don't use dedicated adb port I'll do some testing
  10. @Boldina the link takes me to a slack sign in page
  11. Don't worry, use this fix, just delete them and use the new files when we do the next bot release Thanks for the constant hotfixes @PoH98
  12. Start a seperate thread and give me lots of info
  13. @cocgameking you can find clan hop mod in the AIO Mod bot as part of its GTFO mod.
  14. Nytol

    Virus Alert!

  15. OK I'm not familiar with the quick train code. I'll take a look at that tomorrow.
  16. Training the archers will use the value taken from the additional delay slider under the android tab. That always worked that's why this has been missed up until now. What didn't work was if you created a function and specified the $speed parameter. That value was being overwritten by the value from the additional delay slider before executing the clicks. Its a good catch by you, easily missed. Thanks for the report.
  17. Awesome. Keep testing it as we will and if we don't find any issues between us the change will be in the next release.
  18. @Boldina give this a try and let me know please. Tested on Nox so far Android.au3
  19. What is the Shared_Prefs problem?
  20. @Boldina this report is about 'Additional Click Delay' which can be set under the 'Android' Tab right? I have just tested this on troop training and it worked as expected. Is there a specific function you noticed it not working on? Thanks
  21. ok there's a lot going on here. I need some time to look fully into all this and get a full and clear understanding of everything.
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