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  1. hi.. can i know how much time to shift and recalc, then shift left and recacl ? btw @Samkie i'm writing csv, i can do some testing if you want

    our clan still open and we're still active botting
  3. Multiple Drop Redline

    sorry @cosote. i wasn't able to answer you properly. because i'm not with my pc only replying by phone this time i'll put some illustration to make it clear actually troops and spell are using different 'vector', of course this will also apply on drop point.. so making troops and spell using same drop point is impossible let's take example from my babylavaloon csv |VECTOR_____|SIDE_______|DROP_POINTS|ADDTILES___|VERSUS_____|RANDOMX_PX_|RANDOMY_PX_|___________| MAKE |F |FRONT-LEFT |10 |-8 |INT-EXT |0 |0 | | Haste MAKE |G |FRONT-RIGHT|10 |-8 |INT-EXT |0 |0 | | Haste |VECTOR_____|INDEX______|QTY_X_VECT_|TROOPNAME__|DELAY_DROP_|DELAYCHANGE|SLEEPAFTER_|___________| DROP |F-G |2 |1 |HaSpell |150 |0 |500 | | DROP |F-G |5 |1 |HaSpell |150 |0 |2000 | | if the attack we're using raw redline so instead of using raw redline that dropped from, what i can say is... dropped from first redpoint then making drop with external edge redline for spell is more precious and exact same spot. and because of that, we can do 'fail safe' attack, because optimizing and reducing the redundant space external edges : the most benefit when multiple drop redline really exist is ground troops let's say every redline is outer walls, then using raw redline to drop jump spell to make troops inside base so we can combine between relative drop (raw redline) (assumed) jump spell and fixed drop (assumed) rage spell or other (from external edges) hope you understand regards
  4. Multiple Drop Redline

    Thanks for replying @cosote I'm figuring out how we add it to our current bot This is my idea : ●Add "Multiple Drop Redline" option in bot (below "External Edges" option). ●Multiple Drop Redline is actually working twice detection from External Edges and Raw Redline ●Drop is fully controlled by CSV. Maybe we need to add features more than our current CSV working atm |VECTOR_____|SIDE_______|DROP_POINTS|ADDTILES___|VERSUS_____|RANDOMX_PX_|RANDOMY_PX_|___________|REDLINE| MAKE |A |FRONT-RIGHT|10 |1 |INT-EXT |0 |1 | |XTRNLED| MAKE |B |FRONT-LEFT |10 |1 |INT-EXT |0 |1 | |ORIGINL| As you can see, we can add those codes like that inside CSV This is only my idea.. Whether it will be implemented or not is up to our developers Maybe i'll makw some picture to make clear explanations. As soon as fast i can get online into my PC Regards
  5. Multiple Drop Redline

    Multiple Drop Redline Hello Bot Developer I have suggestion for bot that maybe can improve our community in the future After making BabyLavaLoon CSV, get bored and starting interest to making ground troops attack My friend @ViperZ give reference from youtube. That video is from other bot with same feature On video, bowler attack always guarantee with 2 stars or even 3. And i'm trying to copy that attack just exactly And how's the result? It is bad. I can say my attack is very difficult even reach 50% And i'm trying to inspect what's the different between my attack and video And this is what i found Spoiler for Inspecting Attack Video [BWK] : As you can see they're like using multiple drop line. External Edges and Raw Redline I know it's only assumption, but what i did see, just like that.. As clan mate say to using Raw Redline.. It won't work out This picture explain why using Raw Redline is bad for Ground Troops attack I hope you have my point and understand Regards