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  1. Use client only for afk donation | to get more troops donated faster Hello, I was wondering if there would be an option to disable everything expect checking for donations and donate. Right now I have the setting like this: I checked the box to donate more often! and I have my settings on just attack if I am full with all my storages, If not just train more troops and donate. I am donating on my th 7 account. All the other settings like remove obstacles... are not activated. But the bot is still checking my labotory and other things, So he is spending time doing that, therefore He doesn't check the chat in that time. Iis there a better way to just run the donation/ training troops part? I really want to donate a lot troop per season to get an higher lv on my account. Or are there anytricks to disable the things I don't need in the code? Best regards, Benphily
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