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  1. We can't because it is one kind of encryption process which only known by few developer. So we can do 1. Wait for next updated version of BOT. or 2. Unchecked waiting for Warden so that bot will ignore Warden. or 3. Write your own image-search code for hero status with your own hero pngs.
  2. I need Responsible Boter for my Lvl-13 Clan Dear Friends, Hope, you are all doing well. I am the only botet and leader of my lvl13 clan with 40 member. Nowaday general member are unstable which make the clan inactive at some points. So I think now I can dedicated the clan for boter. I am continuously boting my 15 acc where 12 acc is th12( 9 is in legendary with max hero and 3 is upgrading hero) and rest 3 TH9+Th8+TH7( using for clan game). You need to be a mature adult to join the clan and also understand those word - "Integrity", "Honesty" and "Loyalty". I can give you all technical support like emulator and bot setup for farming, upgrading or trophy pushing even through team-viewer. Always get donation for your attack or use 3-5 acc with switch-acc mode to get it yourself. Need only Th12 player. If you are interested, Send me private message with details in forum acc. Thanks you all
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